Monday, June 13, 2011

Responding to Your Comments on My Brittle Bones

Welcome Jesus te ama! a new follower of Desert Canyon Living and another follower who blogs in Portuguese. 

I enjoy your comments and though I don't always address each one in my responses, I appreciate each one very much. Sometimes your comments are so interesting and helpful that I feel I need to dedicate a post to getting back to you. And so it was with the comments on my June 11, 2011 post. 

texwisgirl: In addition to being hot at 20 and not knowing it, you must have been the cutest little girl on the block. Every time I see you picture on one of the blogs we both follow, I smile. Of course, we both know what is important in life: Having a round ranch, a pond visited by birds of many colored feathers, a nice hubby, horses, dogs, and being able to record all this with fantastic photos. Believe me, you are one terrific woman.

Christine: I hope you had a nice weekend too. Thanks for understanding my whining. I hope it is over for now. I'm
working on it.

Deb: Yes, it is good it was caught early. Now I just have to figure out what to do about it.

Rosalind Adam: Thank you for the information. I'm considering all options as I don't like pills either. I love cats, they have very healing qualities. There is nothing like having a cat sitting on your chest or tummy, purring and keeping you warm, when you don't feel well.

fishducky: Wow, now you are picking up Swedish slang words! I am so impressed. Funkar is slang for fungerar, which means functions (well, that was kind of easy, I guess). Yes, Judith's books are great, thank you so much for sending them.

Farmchick: Yes, I hope I find the right treatment as some of the side effects of these drugs are pretty serious. 

Kim, Happy Belated 50th Birthday!

Kim: I saw the raven chicks when they were sort of small. The other day, they were beautiful, sleek, young birds ready to take off into the world. Hope you had a nice weekend and a wonderful birthday. 

Patti: I do agree that it is important to keep moving. Before my accidents (I had three in the last year) I moved a lot. I started back this morning, which is why this post is late. Also, thanks for pointing out that medicines may not be so bad after all, considering the alternative. I have managed until now with just my insulin, so I guess I should be grateful for that. I know people my age and younger who are not as fortunate. So thanks for those good words. 

Bobbi: I didn't say I will take Fosomax, just that the doctor suggested it. I have to talk to my second opinion doctor and do research before I decide what to do. I trust him more than the one that I saw up here. Exercise helps everything, well, most things. I'm so glad my canyon pictures make you feel good. You have no idea how much that means to me. Thanks for letting me know.

Nan: Happy 70th Birthday This Week! 

Nan: If I figured it correctly, your birthday is one week ahead of mine. As I said to Bobbi above, I haven't made any decisions about drugs yet. And I know there are terrible side effects from some of the ones that are supposed to help with brittle bones. My bones were not bad and now that my back is better, I will start working outside and walking again. I can't lift anything much right now, but that will come in time. Being a skinny Scandinavian who used to smoke and had other risk factors, I'm actually happy that I didn't encounter these problems earlier. I had a Swedish friend whom I knew since we were four. She broke her hip at age 63 or 64, then got addicted to pain meds, messed up her liver and kidneys, and died at 68. Such a waste and so sad.

Barbee: I agree that these comments are so wonderful and interesting. That's why I just had to devote this post to them. Yes, Angel is my girl. She follows me everywhere I go. She will be 13 in October and if I get up to go to the next room, up she goes. Of course, as soon as Daddy leaves, the two boys act like I'm the love of their lives. They know where their food comes from, that's all I have to say about them.

Samantha: Yes, I will do research and get my second and maybe even third opinions. Thanks for the good wishes. 

Manzanita: My friend Fran (fishducky) wanted to cheer me up so she sent me several of Judith's books. I loved the one when she was 30, back in the 1960s. I was married to my first husband back then and recognized so much stuff I had forgotten about. No wonder I forgot since the marriage didn't last, but that's another story. So she is 80 now, good for her. I'm sure her sense of humor is keeping her going strong. 

Thanks again for your comments -- I hope you enjoyed mine back at you.


  1. you are so sweet. i love it when you answer back to comments like this. and include pictures too! those purple puffball blooms are beautiful!!! and your sweet pups... love all of them.

  2. I remember the story of Angel coming to be with you... it was so special.
    This was really nice.. this blog that responds to comments. You are such a sweetheart, Inger and I also think it's so nice that you recognize new followers. I fail to do this. I need to follow your fine example :)

  3. Such a lovely post, Inger. You're soooo sweet. I thank you for the comment you left - you were the only one who figured out I'd been burning the candle on both ends.

    About bones - mine are a mess. Yep, I've got the big O. Have had it for some time. When the news came out about Fosomax, I stopped taking it. About six months later, my right hip started to pain. Got worse. I'm highly allergic to codeine...can't take and don't like pain meds. A friend who refused to take Fosomax is walking with a cane. So, I got back on the Fosomax...the pain in the hip went away after a few weeks...I don't take it every week now, about twice a month. This works for me. I wish you good health with whatever works for you.

  4. What a good idea to make a post one of replies to followers! You are so smart Inger.
    Yes I agree that we have to take responsibility for our own health....using research and any other means to find out all there is to know about meds and possible other alternative treatments.
    Do take care.

  5. I'm so glad you're being serious about taking care of yourself! I need you to stick around & keep being my friend & I'm planning on living forever. Jag alskar dig!

  6. P.S. Beautiful photos--especially the flowers (& the puppies)!

  7. We had a terribly busy weekend, Inger, so I missed your post on the 11th. But I will def. go back and read it. Seems there was a lot of "buzz" about it. :)

    Hope you are feeling better and Samson is taking good care of you.

  8. Hi Inger!!! Many thanks for your kind and thoughtful comments on my blog, and including me in your post today with birthday wishes and flowers to boot! :-))) For some reason I think of baby ravens as little characters!!

    I really enjoyed this post because I feel like I'm sitting somewhere and getting to listen to parts of several conversations--It has appealed to the nosy side of me!!

    I hope your week is off to a good start and you are feeling well!!

  9. What a nice post and loved the pictures.
    To paraphrase a comedian,"May you live to be a hundred and the last comment you read be mine."

  10. Inger,
    I've been so lax lately that I missed your blog that caused so many to repsond. I will go back and read it but I did catch 'brittle bone' disease. My niece has that and it has taken a horrible toll on her. But before I say too much I will go back and read...

  11. Very thoughtful of you Inger to dedicate this post to answering all of our comments.

  12. Terrible about your friend you mentioned to me. My sister broke her hip and was gone in a year from other complications. She could not give up smoking in her life hence the fact I have never smoked. She was 21 when I was born so I learned from watching her bad habits.

  13. Such a beautiful and caring post. Thank you. So very glad you are gaining a bit better. We are cheering for you!

  14. simple is your got me thinking now.....DO(with capital letters)take care of yourself...hear!

  15. Glad to hear you are beginning to get out more. That ought to be good for the bones and the soul!
    It will be interesting to hear what a 2nd opinion and research have to add to your choices.

  16. You have a good heart Inger, and I mean your spirit, your soul. Thats whats most important and thats what will keep you going...even when it gets ugly and tough and unfair.

    Thats why i like reading your blog, even when i dont have time to respond :)


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