Monday, June 6, 2011

Sweden Celebrates Its Flag While I Freeze In The Canyon

Swedish Flag Day!

Today, June 6th, Swedish Flag Day, Svenska Flaggans Dag (translation for fishducky, who is working on her Swedish), is celebrated as the national holiday in Sweden. It commemorates the day in 1523 when Gustav Vasa was elected   King of Sweden. Gustav Vasa was involved in liberating Sweden from the Danes; he established a royal dynasty (prior to that kings were elected by parliament); a bureaucracy; a protestant church; and an independent nation that has stayed that way ever since. I remember this day as a beautiful, warm, early summer day with a light night and lilacs in bloom. And, of course, our pretty flag flying in the wind across the city.

I've never thought much about this day before; once again, I find that blogging is keeping me on my toes.

Moving on to California: In Los Angeles, the month of June is for the most part cloudy and misty – they call it June gloom there. This year, June gloom seems to have spread across the state. Most of the blogs from California I read yesterday mentioned the gloomy and cold weather in the Golden state. 

Here in the desert mountains, the weather has been strange, indeed. After a gloomy, windy and cold week, it was finally nice yesterday. Cold, but sunny. Then it rained overnight and it was 44 F in the morning. Wait a minute, I plan to wash and hang some laundry on the line.

 But, of course, I still could and did because no matter how bleak and cold it is outside, laundry will definitely dry in the afternoons here. The always reliable wind that starts to blow in the late mornings will do the job, provided it doesn't rain. A little sun is out now and the gray clouds have been replaced by white, fluffy ones. I wonder what the snakes, lizards, and insects think about this weather. Just kidding, but I do tune in and think about the wild critters all the time since I moved here. 

Usually we are done with mowing and weed whacking when June comes around, but now grass and weeds are growing again. I can't mow with my back problem, so my husband will have to take that on. Fire safety clearance has to be in effect by June 15. Personally, I like this cool weather and, as I've said before, the longer it will keep the desert heat at bay, the happier I am.

Finally, my back still hurts, but is much better. I hope it is healing OK. I see the doctor on Thursday. When I called to find out the results of the bone scan, she said, via her receptionist, that she would discuss it with me when I came in to see her. I know I could have insisted on finding out what was going on, but I let it go and will find out on Thursday. Not much I can do between now and then anyway. Each little incident with this doctor makes me more determined that I will find another one here. No energy for that right now, but in time I will.


  1. Inger,
    Pain is a horrible thing to live with and I'm so sorry that you have to tolerate it. UGH! I do feel bad for you and hope Thursday brings some positive results.
    I love laundry hung out to dry; wish we could do it here but nope, they don't allow it in neighborhoods.
    Take good care of yourself!

  2. Enjoyed your nice post! I noticed yesterday in your side bar how cool your temperatures are staying. I was surprised. It is getting up to 90F for us this week. I'm sure it will be next week, too. I love cool weather, and faint in hot. Yuck! Thank you for being a good girl and taking care of yourself.

  3. oh, the idea of cool and rainy weather sounds like heaven right now to me. it's been up close to 100 for several days now and the grass is beginning to crackle under our feet due to drought. i water my lantana plants every day in hopes of keeping them alive, but the morning sun just sucks the life out of them...

    i hope your doctor appt. this week will bring good news and not more worries...

  4. I LOVE that shot of your wash on the line... blowing in the wind. How wonderful! Long Live Sweden!

  5. We would love some of your cool weather here in Oklahoma. High 90's today and tomorrow and then low 90's the rest of the week with no rain in the forecast. Very unusal for June to be this hot. This year has been very weird weatherwise. Let us know what you find out about your back. Christine

  6. Hi Inger .. hope the pain doesn't get too awful .. and you can sort it out. Thanks to fishducky for insisting on the translation being up!

    The weather is haywire everywhere .. it's been windy here with the cold that that brings from Scandinavia .. not your part of course .. but the grasscourt tennis has started - so it rains!

    Interesting that your Kings were elected prior to 1523 ..

    Look after yourself and mind that washing doesn't blow away .. but in that wind it will sure dry ..

    Cheers Hilary

  7. Lovely holiday in Sweden! Interesting post.

    No gloom here, hot, humid is 93 right now. Ugh! I could handle a little chill but think we are in summer pattern now. The rains you have will help keep the fires at bay, I worry about you with the fires and having to make a quick get away with the dogs.

    Nice picture of the wash on the line. Belongs on a card - "thought I would drop you a line". :-)

  8. Min kara Inger--Jag tala FLYTANDE svenska, men det gor jag heller. Interesting post. I didn't know kings were ever elected. Good luck at the doctor's.

  9. I LOVE your laundry line picture! It's so beautiful.
    It sounds like your having the same weather we are!
    I love the Swedish Flag. It's a pretty one:)

  10. Very interesting... June 6 is my grandson's husband has Swedish I am going to pass this info onto my grandson! Thank you!!
    Yes....we are experiencing the same type of weather as you...we had snow flurries on Saturday!

  11. I am so glad you changed your comment form. It is so easy for me now. Thanks.
    We have been in the hundreds for about a week--I'll trade.
    Do hope your appointment bears good news. If you aren't happy with her, by all means change.

  12. Thank you for sharing Sweden's history. I like the flag too.
    Sorry about the gloomy weather in California. I thought that California always had beautiful weather.
    I like the fact that you too line dry:)

  13. Love the pictures! My favorite is the laundry on the line. I've always loved pictures like this!! The sky looks so blue and the clouds so puffy... how beautiful. I hope you get a good report from the doc and will be praying for your back to feel better, Inger.

  14. Thanks for the lesson -- I love hearing about other cultures. Best of luck on the bone scan. Have had a few of those. I love the animal photos - Samson is gorgeous. I bet HE likes cool weather. I am attuned to our wildlife so I loved the wildlife shots...

  15. The Swedish flag is so cheerful & happy :) I love the shot of the laundry too!

  16. Oh, I am thinking good thoughts for Thursday. Pain is a terrible thing - it really 'colors' your day (and that color is unattractive!!).
    I hope your weather turns around and brings some warmth and sunshine!

  17. There ya go, love seeing those clothes hanging out on the line. Glad to see this is not a lost art. Nothing fun about having a sore back. I know that didn't come from those clothes on the line. Really enjoyed reading your post.

  18. I love all your comments, thank you so much. And also thanks for all your well wishes. With so much support, I will be fine no matter what.
    I love laundry on the line too. And I am so glad I could pass along some Swedish history. I love the Swedish flag. It never fails to stir a bit of homesickness in me.

  19. As you know I designed my kitchen around the colors of the Swedish flag to honor Millie, the woman friend who originally built our house... They are wonderful cheery colors to live with.. especially in the kitchen. My beautiful blue and yellow and silver kitchen tile from Thailand are a constant reminder and lovely to enjoy! Glad you are getting your test result soon... but it must be something that needs discussion.. not just a "you're OK" so don't be too mad at the doctor for making you wait... Take care of yourself... I love the the Laundry line photo!


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