Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Following Blogs -- Canyon Life -- Tuesdays' Treasures Postponed

I still have treasures to share, but I'm feeling very unprepared this morning. So instead of posting a hasty treasure, I plan to read blogs for a few days. I also need to check my computer, it keeps crashing a lot. Not good, since I have no funds for a new one, not even for repairs. 

I'm on Day 2 of my Building Up My Strength and Energy project. I got up early, went outside and trimmed some weeds that hubby missed with the weed whacker. Then I trimmed some branches off my dead tree and some of those growths that pop up every spring on my other tree, forget what they are called now. 

By now, I have been outside for over an hour. Working on the yard and cleaning up after the dogs. Then I washed clothes and hung on the line, one of my favorite things to do, living this simple life. It is a glorious morning here in the canyon. It's getting hot, but it's still comfortable if you get out early. 

This morning, I printed a list of my followers. The list just shows the name of each follower, it does not provide any links. I would like to get a handle on that so I know who is who. This may not be the purpose of the Following feature, I mean what to those of you who have over 1,000 followers do? 

My blog needs some work too, I think. We'll see. Anyhow, thanks for all your well wishes for my back. And for all the information, including the scary parts. Even though my osteoporosis is not that serious yet, I need to take it very seriously. And your comments helped me understand that. I love the support I get from you guys. Thank you so very much.


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