Monday, June 20, 2011

This and That From the Canyon

Welcome edu-mattos1, yet another new follower who blogs in Portuguese. I am assuming you are from Portugal, please correct me if I am wrong. The photos on his blog are incredible and will make you, and yes even me, want to go there. Please check them out here:

I know exercise is important for my bones and since I hate the pure exercise idea so much, I'm wondering if there is anywhere I could find out how pure old-fashioned work rates as exercise. This morning I vacuumed the house and mopped the kitchen and dining area floors. Not much work if you are young, I know, but it must rate as something for exercise. For the above branches, I had to stretch to cut some of them down, I had to bend to pick them up, and then push the wheelbarrow to the dump place up a hillside. It, too, must count for something and all this is work I love to do.

I also love to walk, but cut back a lot after last year's accidents. Starting again, I measured the walk to the mailboxes, using our old Ford Ranger's trip meter, there and back it came to .6 miles; for now I walk it once a day. I am starting with that and will increase it. 

Samson Says: Thank you, all you nice persons, for your comments on my poem. I have to show Angel that you think I have a romantic side. She thinks I'm just pushy, but then she's old, so that's maybe why. She just wants to be left in peace.

Me again: I got tagged! This is the first time that ever happened to me. I got tagged by Rosalind Adam, a writer, who blogs from Leicester in the UK. I will tend to that later, it should be fun. Maybe I should write my memoirs since I seem to like to talk about myself so much. Hmmm..........

My blogging project is going slowly, much because my computer was going slow and acting up, kicking me out of Google Chrome a lot. I signed up for a cleanup program 30-day trial from AOL, and I think it is working because things seem to go faster. I still have around 60 blogs to visit. 

Yesterday, I got hooked by a book, Divine Justice, by David Baldacci, and didn't even open my computer. Secret Service/FBI rouge guys and so on. A fast and fun book that one just had to finish that day. This author, whose name I have seen around but never read, was recommended to me by my friend Fran. 

My husband is coming home today. Tomorrow is my birthday. It is also the longest day of the year; the summer solstice; the first day of summer. (BTW, I have no idea where you put semicolons, I just stick them in where I think they will look good!) In Sweden it is gorgeous this time of the year with the midnight sun or at least the light nights in my hometown of Stockholm, which is further south. Those of you living in Alaska, Canada, must be so beautiful there too right now. And, I will be 71. Yet another reason to enjoy each day. Have a good one, everyone!

Hubby just called he's in the canyon, so I gotta go!!


  1. Happy Birthday Inger. I feel the same way about exercise. I do a lot of yard work and clean my own house also. That has to count for something.

  2. I rather like the photo of the desert flowers :)

  3. oh happy pre-birthday, inger - in case you decide to skip a blog day tomorrow and spend it with your hubby. 71derful!

    and i sort of stick semi-colons wherever i think they should be too!

  4. Several thoughts today--

    Of course, yard & housework (yeeck! The words left a bad taste in my nouth) count as exercise. Why do you think they call it work? (Another yeeck, sorry. I hate that word.)

    I couldn't click onto your new follower's blog. Can you give me another way?

    I knew you'd likd Baldacci's books--especially the "Camel Club" series.

    Great photos! Nice feeling in the wheelbarrow one.

    So glad your wonderful husband is there with you for your birthday!

    Last, but NOT least--Ha den a ran i dag!! Ar det sa?

    Jag alskar dig----Fran

  5. I also try to stay active with a lot of chores, as I dislike regular exercise as well. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday Eve, dear Inger. I hope you have a great day.

  7. Happy Birthday. For one month we are the same age.
    As long as you are on your feet, that is considered weight bearing and a good exercise. Go for it.
    Have a special day tomorrow.

  8. Thank you guys for hanging in with me even though I'm busy visiting the rest of my followers. Actually a whole lot of them that I follow don't follow me. Oh, well, that's OK for now. It is a fun project though and will help me find the blogs I really, really want to read.

    Fran: It is Har den aran. And it is tomorrow. Love you too.

    Thanks for the birthday greetings! Love you all!

  9. Thanks Fran for pointing out my mistake re. the link to the beautiful blog. I have now fixed it and when you see the entire name, you will perhaps forgive me for getting it wrong the first time. Please check this guy's photos out.

  10. Tack for the new address--his photos are beautiful! Happy birthday i morgon! I've decided my Swedish is as good as that of a native born--Eskimo, that is. Du van----Fran

  11. ohhh happy birthday tomorrow!!!
    I hope you have a fantastic day!

    and yes i will check out edu-mattos1 blog...


  12. Happy, happy birthday tomorrow, Inger! *sends bouquet of roses* It's so nice your hubby will be with you. I hope you have a glorious, fun-filled day.

    I think housework is a lot of exercise - lugging the vaccuum around, lifting and moving this and that, bending and stooping.

  13. I hope your birthday is just wonderful, Inger. You know, the kind of work you are doing is the best exercise there is. Anything you love that gets you moving has got the possibility of strengthening you. And, you actually accomplish something at the same time!

    I just dragged the hose around for an hour and a half, watering the gardens. I'm going to call that good exercise, too! Thanks goodness we are blessed with abundant water here.

  14. Oh Inger,
    Happy Happy Birthday a day early...I hope you have a wonderful special day with your husband home; go do something fun! and memorable.
    Keep walking because it is so good for you!

  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You commented on my blog for a post on but that is fine. the wildlife blog is about the critters around my home. The lingerawhile blog is about our boating trips and we'll be heading out again for acouple of weeks very shortly.
    I really enjoy your blog..sorry I don't comment often. I love your part of the country.

    You sure keep busy....
    hugs for your special day tomorrow:))

  17. Happy Birthday in advance to you, and I hope you and your husband have a great time when he gets back.

  18. Happy Birthday to you! Love and warmth your way.

  19. Happy happy birthday!

    I certainly count yard work or heavy cleaning as part of my exercise!

  20. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fabulous celebration.

    I checked on my weight watcher site: sweeping floors and light gardening have the same exercise value as a moderate walk! I'm with you... I prefer to be 'doing' something.. not just running on a hamster wheel. So, as long as I'm moving I figure it's exercise (well, maybe not if I'm just moving my fingers as I type this... there, I'll swing my foot, too!)

  21. Hi Inger - HAPPY BIRTHDAY .. is it's today now!! I guess some back exercises will be in order .. and some stretching .. but like you I hate doing just exercise .. and bum movement is a necessity!

    Have a lovely day today .. having hubby there & the dogs and that beautiful place .. happy days .. cheers Hilary

  22. I hope you had a very Happy Birthday!! One year older!

    I am going to be doing several posts on exercising on my blog. I have had back problems for years.... I think it stems from Perthes Disease I had when I was young. Not sure what caused it. Anyway,... Not that I have my canidida under control, I am feeling so much stronger,.. but I need to get the strength back in my arms and legs. Plus, from sitting at this computer I am having trouble with my shoulders so I am going to be doing posts on that also.

    I have a company that wants me to give away a exercise outfit while I am doing the exercise posts.... Can't wait to get started on them.

  23. Happy Birthday! Hope it's a great one! ...And if you've gotten this far without worrying about semicolons, why start now? ;-)

  24. Hi Inger ! And of course Happy Birthday !!
    It is sooo nice to read your blog. I would have signed up as a follower (I do follow for sure anyway) but something has happened with my computer so I can´t do that anymore. Not to any blog. That´s a pity, but I don´t know how to change this in the "computerworld" :((
    Snällt att du skriver på min blog också. Du får ha överseende med att jag inte skriver varje gång hos dig. I´m just a parttime bloger ! Still working.
    Have a nice birthday and the weather in Sweden is the best right now!

  25. Today is Tuesday -- and your birthday! Happy Birthday Inger!! May you have a wonderful day w/ hubby & the "kids" (dogs)! Best Wishes Always for Abundance, Happiness & Health:) The critters & I send our love.

  26. I wish you a very Happy Birthday, Inger! Hubby at home will be a precious present just like that, righ? I hope you have a good time.

    As for exercises, if anyone tells me that working is not enough, I will get very upset! Tell my achy body that I am not exercising enough. Yeah, right.

    A big hug!

  27. A very happy birthday to you -- all the long day long!

  28. Happy Birthday and may all your dreams come true. I hope that you have treated yourself with something very nice as you give us so many nice photos to look at.
    Thanks for stopping by and helping with saving nature and Dolphins. Cheers !!

  29. I love the second photo with the tree in the foreground and the path up to the fence and hill in the back - beautiful!

  30. A very happy birthday to you Inger. Wanted to mention a book I have on my blog as reading right now, Zoo Story: Life in the Garden of Captives by Thomas French. It's non fiction and written so beautifully with the descriptions of the animals and their personalities. I'm sure you would love it.

  31. Happy Birthday to Inger, Happy Birthday to Inger, Happy Birthday to Inger, Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!
    And MANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Hope you have a Happy Birthday, Inger!!

  33. Hope you had a wonderful birthday and here's a coincidence. Mr A's birthday is on 21st June too. It's obviously a good vintage.

    I'm so impressed with all that house/garden work you do. That just has to count as exercise or there's no justice in the world.

    Take care and don't worry about the tag response. You can do it whenever you're ready ;-)

  34. Happy Belated Birthday again. I was in LA on your birthday so left some early wishes on FB and even remembered to mail a card... So I guess I covered it with all the good wishes I am hoping for you. I'm glad you are feeling well enough to walk and get back to your never-ending fire break work... Hope you and your husband had a wonderful birthday together. I'm sure to cooked something wonderful for you to celebrate.


Thanks for leaving a comment.. ~~ Inger


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