Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Morning Reflections

Fragile as a spider's web
hanging in space 
between tall grasses,
it is torn again and again.
A passing dog
or simply the wind can do it.
Several times a day
I gather myself together
and spin it again.

Spiders are patient weavers.
They never give up.
And who knows
what keeps them at it?
Hunger, no doubt,
and hope.

May Sarton 1912-1995


  1. Good morning, Inger. A gentle, beautiful post. I'm glad I'm not a spider--too much work!

  2. i always feel terrible when i walk into a web and ruin so many hours of work!

    thank you for your comment on my amber waves of grain photo. really made me smile!

  3. Not a big spider fan here, but beautiful words!

  4. I don't care for spiders and this year we have a lot of them. Pretty prose though.

  5. I love this! It really captures what I'm feeling right now. Like the spider, my hunger and hope keep me going, even though everything I've wrought keeps crumbling around me. But I pick myself up, and I start over. Thank you for sharing.

    Do you mind if I steal this poem for my blog? As they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery!

  6. Inger spiders webs can be so beautiful ~ I once walked into one and not only did I gather the web but I also had the spider ~
    what a lovely poem ~ Ally x

  7. Years ago I read all of May Sarton's journal and became a fan. I'm not that familiar with her poetry, but as it did for Shannon, I also did for me. I tried so hard and worked so hard to get well and then, yet again,
    I got hurt and unable to do any of the spring work around here. But, like the spider, hope and hunger keep me going. Shannon, you may copy the poem, just not it is by May Sarton.
    Thanks for your comments and have a nice day.

  8. Oops, I made a lot of mistakes in my comments above. Sloppy, yes, but I just woke up from a short nap, so please bear with me. And for some reason, I can't drink coffee in the afternoons. Excuses, yes, I know.

  9. Spider webs are beautiful, especially after a nice rain. And you're so right about their diligence: if someone rips their work into a thread, they just start back at the beginning again.

  10. We should all have the perseverance of a spider.

  11. Spiders indeed are hard workers

  12. Beautiful poem. Spiders are scary when they're big, and irritating when small, but this poem helps me see that they are also beautiful:)

  13. lovely poem. Really like it. Good morning...

  14. I too have wondered and watched these amazing creatures......very meditative. I think they are so persistent because they need to be healthy and ready to lay all those eggs before they die.


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