Saturday, June 18, 2011

Samson Writes a Poem for His Two Gracies

Samson Says:

Gracie and I met online
She's the cutest doggie
All fluffy and fine
Click here to see her online

This is Gracie my toy
She's fluffy and cute
Not a substitute
For my Gracie online

Gracie online has my heart
Since we're far apart
We write in our logs
And meet on the blogs

But Gracie my toy
Is my greatest joy
We play and we play
Til the end of the day

I'm one lucky boy
I will forever be true
To both Gracie One
And my Gracie Two

Have a nice day, everyone!

Written and Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Pup


  1. oh that is sweet!!! samson, you are a romantic soul!

  2. This is a shining example of having your cake and eat it too!

  3. awww, isn't it wonderful to have a friend?

  4. What a wonderful poem! You are true blue to two :-)

  5. All are adorable--the poem, Samson, Gracie the dog & Gracie the toy! Tell Samson I think he is very clever. When you write your book is he going to write one, too?

  6. How sweet. Samson, you are a gorgeous young boy, and Gracie is a smart young lady. She also posts. I wonder if she will write you a poem.

  7. She's adorable, and so are you. Who knew you were a poet?

  8. Samson is not just a pretty face. The fellow can rhyme and is a bit of a romantic.

  9. Hi Samson. I'm out of town and couldn't get Internet until just now but I hurried over to see what you had to say about Gracie.. I LOVE THIS POEM! It made me smile from ear to ear. You are quit the poet Dear Samson... And I can't wait to get home to Gracie tomorrow and share this with her. She will love that you named her toy after her and even wrote a poem. This was so very special and I know that she is going to be so honored... And your toy does look like Gracie :) SO SWEET!!!!

  10. Boy, I'll tell ya, how lucky can one Sampson be? He's Mister Right, all white and writes so eloquently. You have a little genius on your hands there, Inger.

  11. hi, ...i read a few pages here catching up. I love coming here to see the beautiful wide open spaces up there in the desert. I love where you live. Hope all is well and sorry to read about the brittle bones diagnosis...

    I've always read that some light weight lifting can be really helpful.

  12. Gracie is so lovely, oh yes, and please pop by my blog cause I've tagged you there :-)

  13. CUTE!!! Samson, you Romeo you!! What a lovely couple you make.

  14. THANKS for putting a smile on my face that I really needed! I hope you've all had an enjoyable day!

  15. Samson certainly has a way with words!

  16. Nice to read your blog.
    Edu.. Portugal


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