Monday, November 28, 2011

A Canyon Morning

Sunday morning we got bored with walking on the road and took off for the hills. 

We followed a gully for a while, then climbed above it. 

The weather was warm with sun and a clear blue sky interrupted by a jet that we saw, but didn't hear.

We saw bear tracks, but the pictures didn't come out well, so I leave them for now. Rocks and junipers were everywhere, of course.

Soldier waited impatiently behind bars at home. I took him for another walk around the house. A bit further than last time and I noticed that he now moves his hind legs in a more normal fashion. I think he will be a special needs dog now and we have to be careful with him, not overdo anything and make sure he rests. But he is really doing very, very well. Thanks for all the good thoughts you sent his way. I know it helped him.

California dreaming on a winter's day! Indeed, when you don't have the electric dryer you need, it's great to live where you can hang laundry on the line all year round and it actually dries even in winter or late fall, like today.

While I did that, my hubby prepared brunch for us. This is an old picture, today he had a hamburger and I had eggs, grits, and toast with marmalade. I didn't notice the huge holes in the pepper shaker he used, so I drowned my grits in pepper, had a giggle fit, hubby got annoyed (he takes his cooking seriously), which made me giggle worse, so I forgot to take a picture of today's meal. Once I calmed down and removed the pepper it was really delicious. So that was our Sunday morning here in the canyon. Hope you all had a nice weekend.


  1. What a beautiful walk you guys had. Such a nice way to spend Sunday morning.
    For years I didn't have a dryer. However, after a summer of afternoon rains in SC, when our laundry literally mildewed on the line, I put my foot down and we included the cost of a dryer in a loan we were taking out on the lot we bought for our future house. Wow... that was a long time ago! Thanks for the memory!

    Soldier looks really happy :-)

  2. thanks for the laugh about the over-indulgence of pepper and your hubby getting perturbed over it. such silly men!

    yay for soldier!!!

  3. It's hard to over do it with pepper but maybe you managed to do so. I'm glad Soldier is getting around better. Your walk looked very peaceful.

  4. Such lovely country there I love it. I used to hang clothes out myself in CA for years and years but not here in Alaska. I actually have a large basement and have a line down there I use at times but mostly the propane dryer does the work.

  5. Great walk, I can nearly feel the sun! Soldier looks pretty happy, he must have some high hopes.

  6. As always--beautiful pictures & interesting post. So glad Soldier is doing better. I never learned to like grits--they taste like Cream of Wheat to me. Does too much pepper help?

  7. A friend went to Berkley California from New Zealand. There was a washing line but nobody had used it in a long time. But my friend started. A window in the apartment building went up and a head appeared. "Hey. Solar Drying" Apparently it was an eco discovery.

  8. Indeed - it appears you had a wonderful and relaxing morning. Soldier is such a handsome dog!

  9. Glad to hear solidier is doing better.

    I hung several loads out today myself on the line. I do have a dryer but am trying not to use it. It was very cool today so it took things a lot londer to dry.

  10. Oh for a canyon walk! Looks wonderful Inger. We hang our clothes out too. and use our dryer on, you guessed it,rainy days! In winter not so much but could have today.
    We had a great walk in our favourite PPP.

  11. I love your peaceful area Inger. So beautiful. I also love the clothes/towels on the line!!! It has been so rainy/cold here that hanging laundry out has not been possible for me :(

  12. Thank you, Inger, for inviting us to amble along with you. The photographs all invited me in.

    I'm not sure what food is on that plate. At the bottom right, I'm reminded of snake!


  13. Your walk looks lovely Inger.
    Glad Soldier is doing better.
    As to the clothes line, such an energy saver.
    Sorry about the pepper but I say never to much!

  14. That blue blue sky just calls for a good walk.


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