Friday, November 25, 2011

A Remarkable Sunset In Northern Norway and Down By The Creek Here In The Canyon

Nordis, one of my Norwegian blogger friends, has a photo blog where she posts beautiful pictures of Norway, one of the most gorgeous countries on earth. On November 20th, the sun set on her part of the world for the last time in 2011. The sun will return once again on January 20, 2012. Please visit her blog and see the remarkable photos of that last sunset. And then imagine living without the sun for two whole months.

We stayed home for Thanksgiving and ate chicken. We'll have turkey for Christmas and since it was just the two of us and our four-footed friends, a turkey seemed like a lot to eat. Four-footed friends in disagreement with this.

The creek is dry right now, but water gushes through here after the winter rains/snow.

Today, we are doing something we have never done before: Going Black Friday shopping at K-Mart for a toaster oven. I have no idea what kind of experience awaits us.

The dry, yellow twigs are what's left over of the mustard tumble weeds. All through fall they tumble around, spreading their seeds, and getting stuck in fences, under cars, and so on.

I went on this morning and shopped for books for myself and for some Christmas presents for my hubby and also for Rachael, who is coming for Christmas dinner with us, using up the rest of my gift certificate and few dollars. (I just love these gift certificates of $100 we get from the University of California for completing, participating in, and learning about our health in their annual health surveys. Go UC!) I got two books by authors I met during the April A to Z Challenge and I'm really looking forward to reading them. 

Only this time of year does one understand why these bushes are called Gray Rabbit Brush. Oh, no, one really does not. Only the gray does one get. Rabbit, I have no idea and why call a bush a brush? I could go on and on about this thing called the English language. 

When we go to K-Mart (the only all-around store available in our town) I want to pick up winter hats for me and my hubby. He's lost his and I need one that covers my ears without popping up on top of my head, making me look like.....well, I don't know what. Not that anyone ever sees me here, except hubby, but I don't want to go completely to the dogs. (Samson Says: What do you mean? Going to the dogs! All persons should hope they'd be so lucky!)

This photo shows the dry creek meandering through the dry and wintry fields.

Thinking about winter hats brought back some memories, all of a sudden, of hats, warm, fluffy ones that I owned in the past. In the very distant past and then got rid of when I lived in Southern California. Same as all those great woolen sweaters that I thought I would never need again. May there be something to be said for hoarders of old stuff? Phew, I hope not. But I still miss the stuff now that I thought about it and only have K-Mart for convenient shopping.


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