Saturday, November 26, 2011

Welcome Follower 200 -- In The Riff

When I first started my blog a few friends signed up to follow it. Then Barbee was the very first fellow blogger to decide to follow my blog. I was so excited to have been discovered. But then nothing happened and I was stuck on 13 followers for the longest time. This was indeed an unlucky number for me. I was wondering if anyone would ever read my blog or discover it. Or was I perhaps too non-specific, too all over the place, too eclectic? But then people found me and I found them and friendships began to grow and now I know I have some real friends out there, friends that I have never met, but who I have touched and who have touched me. 

One of the most fun things for me has been the very wide variety of people who are following my blog. People from all over the world, at latest count from 91 different countries. I now read about the lives of people from Namibia to Norway! I see the most beautiful photos of places I have never heard of. I read about adventures, journeys, and everyday lives. And I learn and grow from reading these blogs. It has been a great journey for me too. No wonder I love it so much!

For a while now I have wondered who follower number 200 might be. 200 followers, that's pretty huge for me. And now I just found out, and it doesn't get much better than this in terms of being all over the place. Follower number 200 has a blog about music as you will see from the name In The Riff. In Spanish, which I sort of understand, but can't speak, it is a blog about young people and their music. I love it! I'm honored and I want to extend a warm welcome to In The Riff: 


  1. this is such a wonderful 'world' we dwell in, this Blogland. :) congrats to you, inger, for reaching 200!

  2. You deserve each and every one of those 200 followers! Congratulations.

  3. Congrats, Inger, 200 is a great number. When I first started, I begged my relatives to sign up so I'd have a few followers and my daughter and Granddaughter did do that. Bless them, for it took a while for the others. I know how much you enjoy your followers.

  4. That is super Inger, quite an international fan club!

  5. De la bienvenida #200! El blog de Inger es siempre calenta, amistose y interesante. Se que disfrutara de seguir tanto como yo hago.

    (Translation for Inger) Welcome #200! Inger's blog is always warm, friendly & interesting. I know you will enjoy following as much as I do.

  6. Congratulations on hitting 200 Inger! What's not to love about Desert Canyon Living!! I'm so glad to have found you...

  7. blogging is such a wonderful world. Congrats on 200 Inger...that's awesome. It's amazing to watch bloggers from all over the world follow and comment to your blog. Blogging has been a wonderful and eye-opening experience for me. I love it; again, a big congrats!

  8. I just bought your follower, Ann Best's memoir "In the Mirror..." on Kindle. Looks interesting.

  9. Hi, Inger. I found your comment you thought you didn't make on my blog. You thanked me for reading your very short story you wrote when you were a child, that I thought was lovely; and you talked about not knowing how to write reviews. I felt very frightened to begin with about them. But I've learned, for one thing, that they don't have to be long. You don't have to re-tell the story, just tell what you liked about it and give it the stars. I never write a review where I can't give at least four stars. Otherwise, the author gets zapped. Also, you wished me a happy Thanksgiving. Thank you. My daughter and I had a quiet day alone; my other three children had other-side-of-the-family commitments, but Jen and I didn't mind. We really didn't want to go out.

    About getting blogging friends: I guess you've discovered like I did that you have to get out and make comments on others blogs to get people to come to yours. Makes sense. And you can meet new people by going into others blogs and see who has commented. Takes time and effort, just as it does in "real" life.

    Now I'm curious about In the Riff.

    Have a great end of November and beginning of December week!
    Ann Best, Memoir Author

  10. Congrats on the 200, Inger! Isn't it wonderful to touch and be touched by so many people from around the world?


  11. Hi Inger,I LOVE blogland and the peeks into lives all over the world! I just can't believe it took me so long to find it!

  12. Hi Inger .. congratulations on 200 .. and from 91 countries - love you selected Namibia and Norway.

    As the others have said amazing world we live in here on blogland .. so much amazing information, education to learn about and just fun people ..

    Great - happy Sunday - Hilary

  13. Congratulations! Blogs are wonderful. I never would have the window on the world they provide without them. I love reading comments on my blog, but I feel so bad when I get behind answering them.

  14. Congrats on 200. Isn't it wonderful how far the web reaches. It is truly a wonder.
    Keep up being "all over the place". That is my favorite type of blog. Theme blogs usually don't hold my interest for long.

  15. Thank you so much everyone! I definitely will keep up the all over the place. I'm having so much fun with this. I appreciate all of you and I'm glad to have you in my life.
    Fishducky: I ordered Ann's memoir in real book form from amazon the other day. That's one Christmas present for me! I'm so glad you did too. She is a very nice woman. Also, thanks for your kind remarks in Spanish. I can only hope In The Riff will read it.

  16. Congrats! I echo your sentiments about how wonderful it is to have friends 'out there' who are supportive and wonderful and who we've never met face to face. It is amazing how technology has opened up our lives.

  17. Inger...I went through the same experience and feel the same way. I love all the people I have met and have learned so much! Congrats I reaching 200.

    We are currently trying to decide if we should make korv for Christmas. Do you have access to it where you live?

  18. Dear Inger,
    I add my congratulations to all those you've received on this posting. Two hundred followers! Wow! And Double-Wow!

    Like you, when I first started blogging in late May of this year, two friends signed on to follow my blog. Then slowly, over the past six months, the number has grown to forty-nine and I'm astounded by this. All these people around the world reading my meandering thoughts. It's amazing and a little humbling also.

    I can't imagine having as many followers as you do. I know in just the brief time since you first commented on my blog that you are a loyal reader and commenter and poster. Having 200 followers says a lot about you!



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