Saturday, November 26, 2011

Welcome Follower 200 -- In The Riff

When I first started my blog a few friends signed up to follow it. Then Barbee was the very first fellow blogger to decide to follow my blog. I was so excited to have been discovered. But then nothing happened and I was stuck on 13 followers for the longest time. This was indeed an unlucky number for me. I was wondering if anyone would ever read my blog or discover it. Or was I perhaps too non-specific, too all over the place, too eclectic? But then people found me and I found them and friendships began to grow and now I know I have some real friends out there, friends that I have never met, but who I have touched and who have touched me. 

One of the most fun things for me has been the very wide variety of people who are following my blog. People from all over the world, at latest count from 91 different countries. I now read about the lives of people from Namibia to Norway! I see the most beautiful photos of places I have never heard of. I read about adventures, journeys, and everyday lives. And I learn and grow from reading these blogs. It has been a great journey for me too. No wonder I love it so much!

For a while now I have wondered who follower number 200 might be. 200 followers, that's pretty huge for me. And now I just found out, and it doesn't get much better than this in terms of being all over the place. Follower number 200 has a blog about music as you will see from the name In The Riff. In Spanish, which I sort of understand, but can't speak, it is a blog about young people and their music. I love it! I'm honored and I want to extend a warm welcome to In The Riff: 


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