Monday, November 21, 2011

Samson's Complaints and My Updates on Soldier and Me

Me: Good morning, Samson. How are you today?
Samson: Bored!
Me: You look angry, are you?
Samson: Well, I guess you forgot about us? Me, I need grooming, like every day, OK. See the mess behind my ears, hairs all stuck together. This will be painful once you get around to it. If ever! I could file for fur neglect. 

Samson: Then my breed, the proud and sweet Samoyed, was meant to roam the tundra, back there in Siberia. You forgot that, didn't you? Herding and guarding reindeer. I've never even seen a reindeer. All I get to do is go out in the rain and do my business and come right back in again. I'm not even being taken on my boring, boring walk to the mail box any more. I'm whining now, like Soldier, I know. 

Me: OK, Samson, I'm sorry, I really am. Now, let me tell you what's been going on:
On Friday, we went to Bakersfield to see an endodontist so I could get my root canal done. The actual work on my tooth was not bad, but we had to wait so long that I had to go and eat my lunch and then come back. All we could find was a McDonalds so I had probably the third McDonalds hamburger in my lifetime. Oh, well, desperate situations call for desperate measures.
Samson: Excuses, excuses, I bet I would love a hamburger, something I, of course, NEVER get. 
Me: Then the dentist sent me home with a prescription for antibiotics and also pain/anti-inflammatory medicine. No problem there, except I have to take 800 mg of Ibuprofin four times a day. You know how much that is?
Samson: No, but I see another excuse coming. I bet you'll say it's what has made you sooo tired you are totally unable to take us anywhere. Right?
Me: Yes, that's right, my mind is pretty much scrambled too and I feel really, really tired. 
Samson: So are you going to start to walk sideways, like Soldier? 
Me: You better be nice to Soldier. He's doing better and I'm cutting back on his medicines after talking to the vet the other day. I hope he'll be able to walk straight again, but he may never be.
Samson: Then what happens? Does he get to wear that fancy harness, he's so proud of, forever? I don't see me getting anything fancy to wear. Or all these snacks with medicine in them. Don't think I don't know. I know EVERYTHING that goes on around here.
Me: OK, so I guess that means you know you are whining now? Just like Gracie did and you told her off. See how easy it is to whine?
Samson: OK, you're right mommy. Sorry Gracie! I hope Bobbi lets you read this. I love you and I love my mommy and I will try to be more PATIENT!

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