Monday, November 21, 2011

Samson's Complaints and My Updates on Soldier and Me

Me: Good morning, Samson. How are you today?
Samson: Bored!
Me: You look angry, are you?
Samson: Well, I guess you forgot about us? Me, I need grooming, like every day, OK. See the mess behind my ears, hairs all stuck together. This will be painful once you get around to it. If ever! I could file for fur neglect. 

Samson: Then my breed, the proud and sweet Samoyed, was meant to roam the tundra, back there in Siberia. You forgot that, didn't you? Herding and guarding reindeer. I've never even seen a reindeer. All I get to do is go out in the rain and do my business and come right back in again. I'm not even being taken on my boring, boring walk to the mail box any more. I'm whining now, like Soldier, I know. 

Me: OK, Samson, I'm sorry, I really am. Now, let me tell you what's been going on:
On Friday, we went to Bakersfield to see an endodontist so I could get my root canal done. The actual work on my tooth was not bad, but we had to wait so long that I had to go and eat my lunch and then come back. All we could find was a McDonalds so I had probably the third McDonalds hamburger in my lifetime. Oh, well, desperate situations call for desperate measures.
Samson: Excuses, excuses, I bet I would love a hamburger, something I, of course, NEVER get. 
Me: Then the dentist sent me home with a prescription for antibiotics and also pain/anti-inflammatory medicine. No problem there, except I have to take 800 mg of Ibuprofin four times a day. You know how much that is?
Samson: No, but I see another excuse coming. I bet you'll say it's what has made you sooo tired you are totally unable to take us anywhere. Right?
Me: Yes, that's right, my mind is pretty much scrambled too and I feel really, really tired. 
Samson: So are you going to start to walk sideways, like Soldier? 
Me: You better be nice to Soldier. He's doing better and I'm cutting back on his medicines after talking to the vet the other day. I hope he'll be able to walk straight again, but he may never be.
Samson: Then what happens? Does he get to wear that fancy harness, he's so proud of, forever? I don't see me getting anything fancy to wear. Or all these snacks with medicine in them. Don't think I don't know. I know EVERYTHING that goes on around here.
Me: OK, so I guess that means you know you are whining now? Just like Gracie did and you told her off. See how easy it is to whine?
Samson: OK, you're right mommy. Sorry Gracie! I hope Bobbi lets you read this. I love you and I love my mommy and I will try to be more PATIENT!

Posted by mommy and Samson, the Samoyed Pup


  1. Samson - don't be a whiny fuzzy hiney! :)

  2. hehehe ... tell Samson I say "Woof! Woof!"

    awww ... he's so understanding Inger ... you'll have to take him out soon ...

    Hope the tooth is better.

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  4. Samson, you'll just have to be patient with Mommy.
    Inger, I hope you and Soldier are back to top form soon!

  5. Whew, that much ibuprofin would do me in - I can't take it because I get stomach ulcers when I do.

    I will, however, take that McDonalds burger off your hands ;-)

  6. aww, hehe! you have one talented pup there ;)

  7. Samson...I thinks you have everything under control really...just make sure Momsy is OK will you...800mg can make you topsy turvy I bet...medicines are so double edged sword kind of need them to get better but feel awful when taking them...
    MacDonald's garbage is only good when super desperate so I know what you are talking about.

  8. Hey there, Samson, this is Tucker. I can so totally agree with you. My dad is on the same dose of ibuwhatever... and my mom's been tossing her cookies and moaning on the couch for two days. I've been left all on my own. Those people are so self-absorbed that they sometimes don't let me in at my very first bark!
    Tell your mom I hope her mouth feels better. I hope she can get off the ibuwhatever soon.

  9. Oh, Samson, you really aren't missing much by not getting a burger from McIckies!

    Inger, that's a lot of ibuprofen! I can't take it now, but I remember when I did :( I hope your tooth feels better soon!

  10. Oh the ole root canal!!! Had a few....and each was the worst thing I went through!!! Almost said to dentist to just pull the beggars out!!! OK now though.
    Samson, you sure know what's going on around you! Keep an eye on your Mommy especially with all those drugs!

  11. I do hope your tooth heals and you get to quit taking all those meds! Whew!

  12. Inger, I could certainly accommodate your request if I had an email address to send it.
    Mine is:

  13. Samson, don't forget that a doggie's most important job is to take care of their human.

  14. Kara Inger--I want you to feel better soon for 2 reasons. First, because I love you! And secondly, because Bud says that if Samson wants to pursue his case for fur neglect against you, he will handle his case PRO BONO!

  15. Ouch, that is a lot of pain meds. Hope they do the job and you will feel more like taking your disgruntled sweetie for a non boring walk.

  16. LOL! Oh Samson, Gracie has rubbed off on you. But I know you both are going to work on a better attitude, and that's good!!
    I have learned so much by reading this conversation with you and you mommy. I hope your mommy's root canal gets okay and there are no complications. I know having diabetes that every procedure is a serious one.
    I also hope Soldier is doing better... bless his heart!
    You are beautiful Samson, and I'm sure you will do just fine when it's time to get you groomed.. But for now, let your mama rest and take care of her. Gracie says she'll try to quit whining if you do... (somehow I doubt that she stops but we'll see... lol) XXXX

  17. "hair neglect" that could get you 5-10 in the pokey! hamburger....never

  18. LOL Samson cant help it - its the sammy code of honor to whine and/or bark at you if they think they are "even remotely not thought of" within the hour lol

    Hope your tooth gets better sooon, Inger! not fun :(

  19. Love you Samson! You are such a patient blogger dog. Big hugs to you, Angel, Soldier and Mommy. xoxo

  20. Jeg takker for besøket på bloggen min. Vi koser oss i mørketiden å tenker ikke så mye over det, det har jo alltid vær slik Jeg bor i nordnorge så det blitt lenger nord enn Stockholm. Det som er så fint er de kjempefine fargene som er på himmelen på klare dager.
    Ha en fin dag og en hyggelig adventstid.

  21. bonitas mascotas, gran paisaje, saludos desde Panama

  22. Thanks for all your comments. Samson is strutting around here, all full of himself. He's trying to figure out what Pro Bono means since fishducky's husband said he'd take his fur neglect case should he decide to file.
    gowestfearwoman: I'm so happy you are feeling well enough to read and comment on blogs. So many care about you and I am sending the very best wishes.

    Bobbi: That will be the day when their attitudes get better!

    Carmen: Welcome!

  23. Hi Inger . sounds like you're having fun despite the little niggles?! We can't win with animals can we .. I think Dr Doolittle is called for .. and a quiet chat with Samson ..

    I hope you can have a lovely Thanksgiving weekend .. with many thoughts and hope the teethlipegs keep improving .. Hilary


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