Thursday, November 3, 2011

Soldier Is Injured But His Spirit Is Strong

Soldier injured his back a while ago. As he got better we took him on walks because there is nothing this dog, who had been tied to a dog house for the first seven years of his life, likes better. Then last week, he suddenly got much worse. Since he goes nuts and berserk at the vet, I needed a plan. Angel was due for her shots so I took her on Monday and discussed Soldier's situation with the vet. He prescribed anti-inflammatory medication and sedatives for when we bring Soldier in. A vet tech would then meet us outside and administer more sedatives so Soldier would be out of it while being examined and X-rayed. I was much relieved, but also devastated because I have a sense there may be no way back to health for him.

He still has his spirit, a very strong spirit, filled with joy at each new day. He wakes up with his tail wagging and wanting to go outside. His appetite is good and he has figured out how to rest and then get up again when his back legs give out. He can only walk on the carpet so we keep him out of the kitchen and he spends some of his day outside in the enclosure, some resting in the bedroom, and some with us. He is able to pee and poop, so far so good. I have medication for another week or so. Here are some pictures of our summer:

At this moment, a small hawk or falcon dove out of the sky, caught something right by us and was gone. Soldier and I were both stunned.

Soldier loves to be outside so his daddy made a shady little house for him with pillows from our ruined-by-dogs loveseat; and then, since it was so hot every day, he got a nice shower every morning. Well, as you can see, he would disagree about how nice that was.

Soldier gets excited about everything, particularly if it moves, like this toad. Every time, he forgot that the toad's defense system consists of a poisonous spray. The toad survived each encounter, while Soldier jumped around spitting and looking pitiful, and I would move the toad. Being just as forgetful, the toad would return again and again. Let me in here, he seems to say.
Since everyone else had met the cattle, Soldier wanted to as well.

Hello there, nice to meet you.

Or maybe not!

Soldier had a great summer and early fall and he contiunes to inspire me to get up, out, and walk, even if he can't come with me.


  1. You & Soldier are so fortunate to have found each other!

  2. Hope he gets better. Thinking about you and sending healing thoughts and prayers for Soldier. He has a good name so he just might be a real soldier and get through it. ( we have a donkey named Trooper and he deserved that name...the same way soldier deserved his name. )

  3. Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery, Soldier! I know you can overcome this.

  4. Hello Inger! I've missed a few of your posts and am sorry to come today to see that Soldier isn't feeling well. I hope he feels better and I'm sending good thoughts and strength for both of you!

  5. Bless his sweet, brave heart. I hope that your visit to the vet's provides a way for Soldier to be more comfortable.

  6. Oh, poor little Soldier! It seems passing years and back pains go together. I feel for you, Soldier, we must about the same age. I hope many better days are ahead for you.

  7. oh, inger, i hate to hear this. having just lost my old Marigold girl, i feel your pain and dread more than you know...

  8. I hope your dog gets better...I know he has much love, care and support

  9. I do hope he improves. It does sound like you have some positive support at the vet office.

  10. Inger, I would be happy to send you a dog sling/harness if it would help Soldier. Our Clifford had a stroke and couldn't get up by himself. It was a big help.

  11. "Desert Canyon Living" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.

  12. I am so very sorry he is not able to get around as before but like us humans, when that happens, often there is a medicine that will take the pain away and give back a degree of activity.
    I do hope your vet visit will help him be more comfortable.
    Mighty has had knee surgery on both knees and is now able to run after a rabbit. I hope you find relief for such a grand dog as Soldier.

  13. Thanl you so much for your support. Terry, thank you for offering the harness. I was thinking along those lines, of getting something. FishHawk, thanks for including my blog. I'm sorry it isn't at it's best right now with so much going on here.

  14. How tough for Soldier. For me it is so hard to watch them as they want to do something, but can't figure out why they can't do it. It would be nice if his problems resolved themselves. How lucky he is to own people who take such good care of him and think about his comfort!

    Thanks for the comment on the book review. I found it very difficult to write and it took forever! (I'm finding it hard to get through even the shortest book - I save my reading until the evening, and by then my brain is frizzled and my eyes shut. It's hard to get through a book when I only manage a few pages at a time!)

  15. Sorry to hear that Soldier isn't doing the greatest. I hope the vet can ease his pain and make life more comfortable for him!

  16. Hej! Såg din kommentar hos Deano. Hälsningar från Småland till dig over there....

  17. Oh, Inger, I'm so sorry about Soldier; but I'm glad he's still with you. Like all of us when we get old/rundown, whatever, we have to move slowly through life. I see that you're making sure Soldier does!

    You just left this comment on my blog post about snowstorms and ebook pricing: "That must have been a huge surprise. I am so glad your book is selling well and I have to get it. I have no idea about e-books, do you read them on the computer? I’ll check your book out on amazon." Answer: You CAN read ebooks on the computer if you don't have an eReader. You just have to download the free Kindle application. And I would love to have you read my memoir and tell me what you think!
    p.s. I love all the animal pictures on your sidebar. Here in Virginia, we sometimes see deer, especially when we go up north to visit a friend who lives in a wooded area. They are beautiful creatures! And my other three children all have dogs. I was frightened of them, thanks to my mother, when I was young; but because of these dogs, I have learned to love them.
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror, A Memoir of Shattered Secrets

  18. Good ol' Soldier..what a sweetheart...Keeping him pain free and comfortable really is all we can do for our 4 legged friends. I hope everything goes well.

    PS you were asking Jim to ask me to help with my Dynamic View comment section. You aren't the only one Lori Skoog from Skoog Farm Journal was having a problem too.
    Hope this helps:
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    4. Success...this should work....I don't use word verification so your comment will go to my comment holding place...I will OK it and then you'll see it.

    Hope this is clearer than mud.
    Please let me know if you have problems because Blogger is getting loads of ? from me with problems I've run into. It's the beginning stages so there is bound to be a learning curve.
    My email is if you feel like using it.


  19. Thank you so much for all your comments and well wishes for Soldier. I'm going to write and post an update on him now.

  20. There are few things worse than seeing our beloved animals in pain. It sounds like you are doing all the right things for sweet Soldier - you are a wonderful doggy momma!
    Soldier, I'm wishing you a speedy recovery back to a place of no pain. Here's to future walks with the people who love you dearly!

  21. Here's hoping the vet visit goes well and Soldier finds some comfort.


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