Thursday, November 3, 2011

Soldier Is Injured But His Spirit Is Strong

Soldier injured his back a while ago. As he got better we took him on walks because there is nothing this dog, who had been tied to a dog house for the first seven years of his life, likes better. Then last week, he suddenly got much worse. Since he goes nuts and berserk at the vet, I needed a plan. Angel was due for her shots so I took her on Monday and discussed Soldier's situation with the vet. He prescribed anti-inflammatory medication and sedatives for when we bring Soldier in. A vet tech would then meet us outside and administer more sedatives so Soldier would be out of it while being examined and X-rayed. I was much relieved, but also devastated because I have a sense there may be no way back to health for him.

He still has his spirit, a very strong spirit, filled with joy at each new day. He wakes up with his tail wagging and wanting to go outside. His appetite is good and he has figured out how to rest and then get up again when his back legs give out. He can only walk on the carpet so we keep him out of the kitchen and he spends some of his day outside in the enclosure, some resting in the bedroom, and some with us. He is able to pee and poop, so far so good. I have medication for another week or so. Here are some pictures of our summer:

At this moment, a small hawk or falcon dove out of the sky, caught something right by us and was gone. Soldier and I were both stunned.

Soldier loves to be outside so his daddy made a shady little house for him with pillows from our ruined-by-dogs loveseat; and then, since it was so hot every day, he got a nice shower every morning. Well, as you can see, he would disagree about how nice that was.

Soldier gets excited about everything, particularly if it moves, like this toad. Every time, he forgot that the toad's defense system consists of a poisonous spray. The toad survived each encounter, while Soldier jumped around spitting and looking pitiful, and I would move the toad. Being just as forgetful, the toad would return again and again. Let me in here, he seems to say.
Since everyone else had met the cattle, Soldier wanted to as well.

Hello there, nice to meet you.

Or maybe not!

Soldier had a great summer and early fall and he contiunes to inspire me to get up, out, and walk, even if he can't come with me.


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