Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wednesday's Book

A Cat's Life: Dulcy’s Story
As given to Dee Ready

     After 17 years together, a woman’s beloved cat dies. Then, in the midst of her sorrow, the woman hears her cat’s voice and realizes that her cat is giving her a precious gift: Her life’s story. The cat is Dulcy, the woman is Dee Ready, a wonderful writer, who also knows how to listen carefully to what Dulcy has to say about her life and their time together here on earth.
     I have read books every day since I learned to read back in the 1940s, but I have never read a book that touched my heart the way Dulcy’s Story did. Many cats have shared their lives with me and I have loved them the most, the best, and I miss them so. I know how cats are, some of what they may think, why they do some of the things they do, but then, of course, they keep so much to themselves and remain mysterious, always.
     The story of Dulcy’s life was truly given to her human. There is no doubt in my mind. I was deeply touched by her story of their life together, their ups and downs, their misunderstandings, and most of all their love for each other. I started to cry as Dulcy got old and I kept crying, wiping my glasses, putting them back on, crying some more, and on and on for the last 40 pages or so. And I didn’t cry because it was sad. I didn’t cry because it reminded me of all my cats that have passed on. I cried because I felt overwhelmed by the love contained in this slim book. This is a love story like no other --  it is a wonderful book. One of the best I have ever read.
     Dulcy left a remarkable legacy and Dee Ready was able to capture it in words. I will treasure this book forever.

About the Author:
     Dee Ready is a fellow blogger whose blog my friend Fran, AKA fishducky, discovered. I guess they wrote back and forth for a while. Then Dee sent Fran some copies of the book and Fran then sent one to me. I am so grateful, thank you Fran. Unfortunately this book is not available in print, but it is my understanding that Dee will publish it as an e-book on amazon. 
     Dee spent some time in a convent when she was young and right now she is writing about her experiences there in her blog. It is very interesting reading, please look her up here.


  1. Dear Inger,
    I'm sitting here totally bemused by your great generosity in reviewing Dulcy's book. I'm so pleased that it spoke to you of the love she and I shared.

    Toward the end of next week, the trade paperback edition of Dulcy's book will be available on Amazon. I'll be selling autographed copies there. Also, the e-book edition will be available soon.

    Your review, which has touched me so deeply, is the beginning of a new life for Dulcy's book. It was first published in 1992 and next year will be its 20th anniversary. I so want other readers to meet her sweetness.

    Thank you from both of us. Dulcy would delight in what you said about her!


  2. that sounds like a wonderful book, i'm gonna check it out. thanks for sharing. i love a great read and it sounds like it!

  3. How great to write a book about your cat, by your cat. I often wonder what goes on in their little heads. :-)

  4. A wonderful post about an absolutely wonderful book! I knew how much you would enjoy it & that's why I sent you a copy. If anyone is interested, you can read my review of the book on Amazon. Just go to Amazon, click on BOOKS, fill in the title & it will take you to REVIEWS. I cannot praise Dee enough. I LOVED THIS BOOK!!

  5. Hi Inger .. thanks for the introduction .. I've popped over to meet Dee ... Dulcy's book sounds wonderful and Dee's story of her life - lots there for us to learn from ..

    Cheers - Hilary

  6. Because of the losses we've had, I don't know that I could read this book right now, but at some point I would love too. I don't know if I've ever mentioned to you, but cats were always my first love, dogs were not, and they hold a very special place in my heart.

  7. Thanks for the review. I know how pets become so much a part of our lives. I will look for it on Kindle when it becomes an ebook.

  8. What a delightful review.. sounds like a good read for me.

    I love seeing and reading about your handsome Samson, Inger.

    be well, be happy,

  9. Takk for besøket på blogg min og takk for at du liker bildene å for alle de kjempefine kommentarene jeg får fra deg.
    Ha en fin adventstid.

  10. Wow, it sounds wonderful! Your description reminds me of this book called The Cat Who Went to Heaven that I read when I was about 12 years old. Good grief did I ever bawl - touched me more than any other book I think.

  11. This book just may 'force' me to get a cat again, by the sounds of it! We have been 'catless' for 6 years now! Why? There only one reason....we live so close to a highway and have lost a couple to it. Our last cat, Rita, was very smart not to go near it and she lived a good long life. I am afraid that another cat won't be a smart as she when it comes to cars and roads. But who knows....
    Thanks for dropping by today Inger and I am glad that you 'met' Christine! She's a hoot and really knows her stuff and doesn't mind speaking her mind either!

  12. It sounds like a wonderful book.

  13. Jim: I want a cat so badly now, but I can't have one either. Too many dogs, too small a house, and too many coyotes and bobcats outside. I would so like a senior cat to grow old with me and if my house was larger I would get one.
    Dee: Dulcy certainly spoke to me like no other animal I've ever met in a book.
    Kim: I love cats the best, if one can. I guess I love them in a different way from all other animals. You are right this book is not for you for right now. Hope you are doing OK.
    Thanks to all of you who commented. The book will be available in paperback too. My mistake.

  14. What a wonderful review! I enjoy Dee's blog and look forward to reading this book. It is on my list.


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