Monday, November 7, 2011

Looking For Bear Tracks In The First Snow

Yesterday, we woke up to the first snow, which cheered me up no end. As soon as I realized that it was really snow, that white stuff, I was up and out the door. My husband, Angel and Samson followed.

They had spotted bear tracks and scat a couple of times, so I wanted to see where. It turns out it was very close to the house. We saw no fresh tracks, but someone large had slept under this juniper tree and matted down the grass,

which looked like this when untouched under a neighboring tree. So someone slept there and I for one was glad the critter had moved on. 

Beautiful colors of fall in the canyon. 

Lichen, moss, and snow on rocks.

The short view was pretty nice too and

the long view, magnificent.

Donkeys in the snow.

Back home, my husband fixed grits and eggs with left-over seafood for brunch.

Soldier was able to get up and go outside several times during the day. He negotiated all turns without that weak leg sliding underneath and making him sit down in an awkward position. And that, of course, was the best of all.


  1. Bears scare me!

    Lovely pictures, snow already, winter is here I guess.

    Nice breakfast, nicer to have someone else cook!

    Glad Soldier is getting out w/o problems :-)

  2. This post is making me want to get out of my self-imposed house seclusion and go exploring. Thankfully no bears in my neighborhood!

  3. hurray for soldier! one day at a time!

    thanks for sharing your snowfall and colors with us! the bear - eek!

  4. breakfast looks wonderful! -- and the other pictures are beautiful too.

  5. Good news, except for the bear, but at least it did move on, and gorgeous photos, Inger.

  6. We have only about that much snow here in Homer. Expecting sunshine for a couple days then more snow, temps in the mid 20's this morning. I have to pass on those grits as I don't eat corn but the rest of it looks good to me.

  7. Beautiful photos of your first snow. Hope you are warm and safe in your place... keep that fire going!

  8. These are such beautiful photographs, Inger! I feel like I'm there in desert country where I grew up, well sort of. Salt Lake City IS a desert!

    I just read the comment you left on my blogspot blog about loving to hold a book in hand. I never thought I would like reading from an eReader, but being able to enlarge the font is very helpful for my aging eyes! Still, there's nothing that replaces that printed book! If you do read mine, I hope you'll like it. I think you will. I do that, too; gift myself a book or two at Christmas. Meanwhile, enjoy "canyon living." I think it's the best!!
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror, A Memoir of Shattered Secrets

  9. Yay for Soldier!

    Thinking there were bears outside my back door would definitely make me fearful. I guess you must be used to it. :)

  10. Nice to hear you are enjoying the snow AND that Soldier is doing well.

  11. I'm so glad you can post your wonderful photos again, Ansel Adams!

  12. This was awesome - I enjoyed the pictures and tracking bear after the first snow; how cool is that! They eat grits in the South but honestly - I prefer cream of wheat :)

  13. Hi Inger .. loved the photos and your notes - bears - around .. not sure I'd like that! Beautiful countryside as you say .. rather fancy the breakfast too .. am sure he enjoyed it - looks very delicious ... cheers Hilary

  14. Yikes, close encounter with a bear. When do they hibernate so you can feel secure?
    So glad Soldier is doing better. Wonderful news.

  15. Thanks for your comments. Believe me, I did not want to run into a bear. Cream of Wheat? Hmm, I don't remember how that tastes. I'm not too fond of grits, but my husband is from New Orleans, so I have learned to like them every now and then. I know I will enjoy your memoir, Ann.


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