Thursday, December 8, 2011

Attention All Cat Lovers And Anyone Who Has Ever Loved A Pet

Great News!
A Cat's Life -- Dulcy's Story is now available! 
     A few weeks ago, I told you about Dulcy's Story and the impact it had on me. I found it to be not only best book by a cat that I had ever read, but the best book ever. And, believe me, I have read a lot of books in my day, from the classics, to English literature, to the great Russian writers, to a lot of  memoirs, mysteries, and so on. And no other book has touched my heart the way this book did. 
     I shared my thoughts and feelings about Dulcy and her story as she told it to the wonderful writer, her obedient servant, Dee Ready, in my Wednesday's Book post on November 29, 2011. (Dulcy may not have known it, but she was lucky to have shared her life and her story with such a soulful and talented writer.) 
     I have since become friends with Dee Ready and I now read her blog regularly. Today, Dee is writing about Dulcy's Story on her blog. She tells the story of the book and the impact it has had on her and others. Please take a minute to read it. 
     The trade paperback edition of the book can now be purchased directly from Dee's blog. Also, if you own a Kindle, the e-book version is available from  Actually, for both my friend Fran, AKA Fishducky, and I, Dulcy's Story became the very first book we each reviewed for amazon. I'm willing to go out on a long, long limb for this book. You know I never plug anything on my blog, but this is such a great story that I want everyone to read it. And Christmas is coming. This is a book with a great heart and I love it.


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