Friday, December 16, 2011

Did Google Eat My Recent Followers? And Some More Stuff!

Displayed at the Huntington Hotel, Pasadena, CA

     Looking at my followers photos and avatars, I notice that the most recent ones have disappeared. I know for a fact that my old friend Amy from the UK signed up again as she has a new blog now, then there was this nice guy from New Zealand and my new blogger friend, Dee Ready, author of Dulcy's Story. And the most recent follower, who didn't have a link to a blog. I took a quick look at the list of followers by clicking on them in my Dashboard and the same thing happened there. Even more folks may have disappeared. Sometimes they mysteriously appear again, but I have no idea why or how it is accomplished. Is Google throwing them up? Ouch, that's not  a pretty picture, sorry! I have no idea what is happening and I'm wondering if any strange disappearances have occurred on any of your blogs. If anyone can offer some insight into my Case of the Missing Followers, please let me know. Their number remains the same, so that's not a problem. Just the pictures.
     The other day, I read that The Golden Eagle had some problems with Google Reader. Unfortunately, those problems went above my head, as I know nothing about Google Reader. Should I learn? So little time, kvetch, kvetch!!

A brave Soldier marching forward with his life.

    About some of your recent comments: Soldier and I want to thank you for all your well wishes. It really touches my heart when you send greetings and let me know how happy you are that he is doing better. He's one lucky dog to have so many supporters out there.
     I'm also glad you are enjoying my Swedish Christmas traditions once again. I love to read your comments about your traditions old and new, like Christine's church beginning to light a candle on the Sundays in Advent. I have been very busy with some other things involving paperwork that only I can do here and this will continue for a while, so I have to limp along with my reading, writing and commenting on blogs. At least I'm here and have my camera and my computer working, which is better than it was last summer.
     Samson Says: Excuses, excuses, so when am I going to blog again? I mean, I could be of some help here, but I guess I just don't count. At least Daddy takes me for super long walks now, while you're busy working for him on the computer. So there!
This is Suki. My dentist and his wife, Lois, belong to her.

     Finally, I went to the dentist yesterday and was greeted by my friend Suki, the most adorable dog in the whole wide world. Samson says: Hmmmm, I heard that! The temporary filling from the root canal was replaced by a permanent one. I hope this marks the end of the year of the infected tooth for me. 


  1. Hi Inger ... google blogger is doing some strange things lately .... I'm having trouble with my posts too ...

  2. I had some new followers disappear... then they came back - just as mysteriously. Ah, the little critters that runaround on the Interweb moving bits of data from here to there have a sense of humor and do funny things once in a while!
    I love the picture of Samson and Soldier. It's almost as if Samson is wanting to give Soldier a little help.

  3. yes, the follower block has been acting up for a few weeks now. sometimes if i go into dashboard and scroll forward and back, i can see the new followers. sometimes not. just google/blogger going thru their fits again, i think!

  4. Google--not I--decided a few weeks ago that I did not want to follow one particular post that I love. I re-followed up to a half dozen times a day. This lasted for about 2 weeks, but it's okay now. She says she's up to almost 100 followers--it's possible 50 of them are ME!

    I'm dabbling in Swedish & I see you're trying Yiddish. ("Kvetch, kvetch") Mazel tov!

  5. Hi
    Yes I seems to disappear from you list but you post updates did show up here as they should. So who knows. I have simply signed on again.
    As for the doggies. Here is a post including mine "Sir Buddleigh of Bannockburn" But he pops everywhere in the blog as well as for some reason whenever I point a camera he likes to be in front of it.

  6. Hi Inger! This is the first chance I've had in several days to sit and enjoy your blog...Did you know that Blogger is doing away with 'Google Friend Connect' in March because it's so unstable--The issue you and others mentioned may just be why they are. They are replacing it, with something else and in reading about it, I don't know if what they are replacing it with will transfer current followers with it, or if your 'audience' has to be rebuilt. I am trying to figure that out...

  7. Strange things happening here too, thought it was my computer for a while then I realized it was google and it's "relatives".

    What a cute Christmas village!

  8. Hejsan! Vad trevligt att du skriver om våra traditioner. Vi har varmt ännu för årstiden i södra Sverige vilket är skönt tycker jag. Då kan man vara ute i skogen med hundarna. Trevlig helg!

  9. I hope for you that the year of your infected tooth is indeed over!

    I just love these adorable dogs. Just looking at their pictures makes me feel warm all over.

    And, I stopped trusting Google some time ago, when I finally put up my WordPress blog. I only do the bare minimum now on my blogspot blog. But at least it keeps me in touch with all of my dear friends like you who are on Blogger. So it's good for something!!
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror & Other Memoirs

  10. I do hope your tooth problems are over ! I really dislike the dentist!

  11. Hi Inger .. Chuck here at NiteCruz has a great informative blogger site .. he helps out at the forum ... h

    I find following him keeps me informed .. and I know I have a reference source.

    Glad Samson is feeling better and wants to be up and posting again .. more importantly perhaps having the tooth fixed will lead to a healthier 2012 ..

    With thoughts - cheers Hilary

  12. THAT was funny! Your friends who belong to Suki! Don't we all!

    Oh Inger, those root canal fillings!!! My worst nightmare and I have one that 'surfaces' every now and again....

    As far as Google goes, we have found the same things happening off and on. I put it down to them, Google, making changes at headquarters and this temporarily mixes 'things' up for us. But usually it all comes back to where it was.
    Have a wonderful weekend Inger.

  13. Inger...I can feel a very happy new year coming on for you and your critters! As for this Google thing...I've had followers come and go too. Sometimes the whole thing has disappeared. If what Kim says is true, I sure hope they can transfer the people we already have following. Can't imagine starting over.

  14. I noticed too on my blog people's faces came and went. Don't know what is up with that but it seemed to have settled down now.
    I wish you the best at Christmas with your family and good health in the coming new year.

  15. I am also having trouble with followers. The number changes but the new pictures do not show. I understand it is a common problem. Hope they fix it soon.
    Love how Samson appears to be giving Soldier a shoulder to lean on. What a dog.

  16. So sweet Inger, my dog Red helps Lady like that too!
    Lady is getting pretty old....

  17. Inger,

    I lost my two most recent followers too. I wondered what the world was happening.

    Thanks for all the nice comments you leave on my blog!


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