Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Off To A Wedding We Go!

Our friends eldest daughter, Melissa, got married on Sunday. The Alice in Wonderland theme from her bridal shower continued at the wedding and it was just wonderful. Since I am aware that not everyone likes to have their picture posted on the internet, I am trying to only post clear photos of the Facebook generation here. 

We have known Melissa since she was born, now she is a scientist, a geophysicist, beautiful, brilliant, and kind.

Her sister, Mia, is our goddaughter, a studio art major at UC Riverside, a wonderful artist, and like her sister, beautiful and kind. Our friends raised their daughters to be the best they can be and they are. I believe Mia was responsible for much of the art work and design of this Wonderland wedding.

The bridegroom's parents are from Nigeria and his relatives dressed in traditional dress. They were absolutely stunning. 

On the way to the fabulous Langham Huntington Hotel in South Pasadena, we saw much of the damage from the huge wind-storms that passed through there earlier in the week. Many traffic lights were also out.

This grand dame of hotels is truly magnificent.

With beautiful gardens, velvet lawns, and tall palm trees. 

Inside, I found tall trees of another kind. All very beautiful and I chose this one for now.

The reception was held here, outside. I was very, very cold and my husband had to go and locate the car to retrieve my winter coat. Then it got better.

The dining tables were decorated with lavender rose petals, teacups balanced on antique books, all kinds of beauty all around. I had salmon for dinner, hubby had steak.

The bride and groom dance. And soon everyone else danced too.

While I watched and chatted with this really nice guy who also, as it turned out, is a New Orleans native. 

This was a wonderful wedding. I can only hope that the bride and groom were not too tired to enjoy it. We certainly had a wonderful time in a glorious setting and we are so happy that Melissa found her soul mate.


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