Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rachael and Sahara on Animal Planet's PETS 101 Tonight!

I'm So Excited!
I have to type in RED!
To ALERT you!
To this:
      Tonight, our friend Rachael, who runs Sydney's Legacy, an animal education program, will appear on Animal Planet's Pets 101.  Rachael's segment, titled So Creepy Its Cute, will be featured on PETS 101, Season 2, Episode 1. In most markets it will air at 8:00 p.m. tonight, but please check your local listings because here in our market Episode 2 will air at that time. 
     The following announcement appeared on our DirecTV blurb: Which garden guest can live to be 100 years old; can you teach a gold fish to play music, etc. Rachael's segment may be toward the end of the show. I am thrilled for her and I hope you will decide to watch her segment of the show -- I would love for you to see and hear Rachael as she teaches the kids about creepy, but cute animals. 
The class that appears in the show.
     Those of you who have read my blog for some time, know how much I care about Rachael who is such an animal lover and wonderful speaker and educator. I know many of you, my blogger friends, are not into animals like Sahara, Rachael's 14 ft albino Burmese Python. Many people are not, but Rachael is teaching that all animals are relevant in the ecosystem. That it is not, for example, a good idea to adopt a cute little snake of a few inches that will grow to Sahara's size and more and then dump it in the Everglades or some other place, where it, not being native to the environment, will cause havoc. 
Boys and girls alike are thrilled to meet Sahara, and

to pet and interact with this most gentle of the larger snakes.

About Sydney's Legacy:

Sydney's Legacy is a mobile animal education program with a Mission Statement of:  "Teaching the relevance of all animals in the ecosystem."  We are based in the L.A. area and do 1- hr long programs anywhere that fun and education come together -- i.e. schools, senior facilities, birthday parties, etc.  We are available for programs.  
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