Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gate With Landscape

Our blogger friend, TexWisGirl, has recently posted so many fun and creative ranch gates from the great state of Texas.  That made me wonder if I had seen any around here. At the other end of the valley, lies the ranch that belonged to Jack Palance, and I believe I saw a high and mighty looking gate there many years ago. Then there is a place with huge horses, and statues of even bigger horses, and I'm sure they must have a cool gate, but I just can't remember. Other than that, just ordinary stuff. Looking around our place, I took this photo of one of our two gates. While I love the gate posts, I had to laugh because you can't even see the gate itself. Oh, yes, it is made of barbed wire, very simple, but it would keep some critters out if needed. And it sends a message that this is private property. 


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