Monday, December 19, 2011

Samson Updates On Soldier And Complains As Usual

Samson Says:

     Yesterday, mommy and daddy had an ARGUMENT about how much laundry you could put in the machine. The laundry bag was outside the front door and mommy was in the door opening. Soldier was inside but saw his chance. Out he went, down off the porch as if there was nothing wrong with him at all. Maybe he just faked it all this time, I'm thinking now -- to make me feel bad -- since it was supposed to be all my fault. 
    He took off at a good quip, running even! I don't know what to believe now. Mommy tried to catch him, but she's so slow, so daddy took off after him and caught him. 

As you can see, we're behind bars here, so you can't really blame him for wanting to go for a run around. 

Here he is without that contraption on his back. Mommy washed it this morning and he's getting along just fine without it. I think he misses it though. It sure made him feel important. 

Just like me, he wants out of here!

Here he is, looking really good, I must say. Soldier says thanks again to Terry for sending that contraption. I bet he'll fake it some more so he gets to wear it again. I just bet ya!

Now if I could just figure out how to open this gate.


OK mommy, which part about us wanting to get out of here didn't you understand?!

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Pup

Me: Thank you all so much for your comments regarding the problems I'm having with Google. I does not surprise me that I am not alone. I'm glad to know that my posts have shown up on the blog rolls. Sometimes when I open mine, it says I am not following any blogs and I have to get out of Blogger and back in and hope for the best. It is really annoying, but good to know I'm not alone.
Hilary Melton-Butcher left this site link, which she said helps her stay informed:
And Kim said this:
 Did you know that Blogger is doing away with 'Google Friend Connect' in March because it's so unstable--The issue you and others mentioned may just be why they are. They are replacing it, with something else and in reading about it, I don't know if what they are replacing it with will transfer current followers with it, or if your 'audience' has to be rebuilt. I am trying to figure that out...
Me: I need to find out more about that. I hadn't heard. Finally, I just love what my friend fishducky said in her comment:  Google--not I--decided a few weeks ago that I did not want to follow one particular post that I love. I re-followed up to a half dozen times a day. This lasted for about 2 weeks, but it's okay now. She says she's up to almost 100 followers--it's possible 50 of them are ME!
Me:  What a lovely thought, 50 of your little yellow duckies among this person's followers!!  


  1. Hi Inger! I haven't been reading blogs lately, but I must admit, Samson was missed. I really enjoy seeing the photos of the dogs. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. too funny!

    i think the GFC button is going away for non-blogger hosted blogs only. (like folks on wordpress that use the GFC thing as well). that's what i heard initially, anyway.

    glad soldier's doing well! keep on getting stronger, buddy!

  3. Well, at least Soldier had a good run before he got caught! :-)

    Soldier does look better, but I would keep the thingy ready.

  4. SO GLAD to hear that Soldier's doing better!

    I'd gladly refollow your post should it ever become necessary!!!

  5. Hi Inger so pleased to see the pictures of Samson and Soldier .. and glad the sling is helping - must bring some relief.

    Thanks for mentioning NiteCruz - Check is extremely well informed - and has the details re the Friend Connect.

    One last thing .. if your blog is to 'La Di Da' .. ie too much going on ... it makes life difficult for bloggers with older machines and connections ... I know I struggle with some blogs.

    We keep going and we love blogging .. Good luck with everything and a very happy Christmas and New Year - and successful 2012! Cheers Hilary

  6. Soldier made the break but he was only waiting to get caught :) I'm glad you're getting your Google straightened many changes

  7. So good to hear the news about Soldier! I am certain he was just trying things make sure they ARE in good order!! lol

  8. I love Fishducky! She is the kindest and sweetest lady. Don't tell her I said so.. Her head is big enough without knowing I'm complimenting her on other blogs.. Sigh.
    As for your dogs they are super cute. I have half horses so I wouldn't know.. lol

  9. Good thing you caught Soldier and glad to hear everything is back to normal...including the laundry!...:)JP

  10. Atta boy, Soldier. I'm so glad you had a chance to escape and have a little run. I bet it did you loads of good! I try to sneak outside now and then too!
    Best wishes, Tucker

  11. Glad Soldier got a little run around time in!

  12. That comment by Samson "being behind bars" was too funny Inger, he's such a cutie!

  13. Hi Inger!! It's so good to read your boy Soldier is doing well! I know what you mean about their unexpected mobility. Bubba is also struggling to stay on his feet, but sometimes he picks up speed and he's off to the races!!

    Enjoy your day--I'm still reading posts about how the 'friends connect' is going to work. Nitecruzr is a big wealth of information about blogger.

  14. What a relief to see Soldier more stable -- but sorry the two boys have been incarcerated! Have to keep them safe, I understand.

    Thanks for the info on GFC. I always know when Google is messing around with Blogger -- I'm having trouble bringing up posts to edit.

  15. I remember when I was trying to figure out what was wrong with my GFC, comments etc., and the post in the help section said the problem was with individual computers. Nice to know they're admitting some responsibility now. I'll be sad to see the GFC go, but oh well. :)

  16. What great news that Soldier was running. You go big guy.
    This morning my new followers showed up, right now, only the old ones. Grrrr. I keep trying to remember that it is free.

  17. It's wonderful to see Soldier naked! Glad he's feeling so good.

  18. I am new to following you and found your wonderful sweet canines. and of course your bird is sweet too. i am a dog lover and yours are so pretty and sweet, now i have to find what kind of contraption and why Soldier had it on. i just showed Soldier to my hubby, he looks just like our Max that we had from 84 to 2002.

  19. forgot to say friend connect has been having fits a lot, i do hope the new one is not worse than this one. we did not have problems with followers until after google bought blogger and starting making things "better"


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