Monday, February 6, 2012

A Friend in Need -- Asking for Your Help

A long time ago now, I met on the blogs a woman who called herself Hopeful. I later found out her name is Sylvia. 
She  lived with her partner Amy in Joshua Tree, California, where they were working to get a small ranch going. They built a shed, they built a chicken coup, their chickens arrived, Sylvia  had a horse, and of course, they had several dogs. Even though Amy had been diagnosed with melanoma several years earlier, they were hopeful and their blog was about the joy of building something for a future together. It was filled with joy and hope.  

Last year, Amy got worse and has now been diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma. They had to leave their ranch and move to San Diego in order to get medical care for her. Now they live with friends and they have only one dog with them. Sylvia has opened her business in San Diego, but it will be a while before she makes any real money. Right now they have very little money and have to rely on friends for a place to stay. Yesterday, on her blog, she asked for help. Sylvia feels, and I agree, that Amy needs a place of her own, surrounded by the dogs she loves, and her familiar things. They have found a place where they can keep all their dogs. The rest of their animal family are with various friends and I think their home in Joshua Tree is up for sale. 

Sylvia has always been hopeful, she has never complained, and never asked for any help. I really wanted to help, but I could only send a small donation. In general, I don't mind not having the kind of money I used to have, but when something like this happens, I just hate not having enough to give to make a difference. 

But then I remembered how kind my blogger friends are and I thought that maybe I could do something by simply asking you to help with a donation. It will go strictly to renting this place for them. Sylvia is desperate to provide the best care and environment for Amy; she wants Amy to have her beloved dogs by her side, and be surrounded by familiar things. I could just feel Amy's joy and the joy of her dogs as they would reunite in this place Sylvia found for them. So that's why I'm asking for your help. Any small donation will make a difference. 

 If you can help, please click here. It should take you to Sylvia's post for Sunday, February 4, 2012. There is a Paypal button in the post. I know Sylvia will be grateful for anything you can do to help their situation and bring some light into Amy's life. If you cannot help with money, please keep Amy and Sylvia in your prayers and thoughts. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 


  1. Inger - I don't have enough thanks to write here. Thank you for posting and getting the word out. And, thank you to anyone who helps us out, whether by donation or prayer.

  2. Dear Inger,
    Right now I don't have any discretionary money and so I'm unable to make a donation. Like you, Inger, I've had to get used to living with less money.

    But I will keep Amy and Sylvia in my thoughts and prayers. And if, perchance, I should win Mega Millions or PowerBall this week (I do spend $2 each week on lottery tickets), then I will be sure to donate to your two friends.

    Thank you for sharing their story with us. It is another example of your generosity.


  3. Du är omtänksam du och bryr dig om människor...
    Jag hoppas det löser sig för dem och att de kan hyra någonstans att bo för tillfället. Sådan här insamlingar har gått riktigt bra i Sverige.
    Tänker på dem och deras djur att det ordnar sig.

  4. I wish I had a winning lottery ticket to give to your friend, Inger, but all I can offer right now is a wish for better days. So nice of you to post about this. :)

  5. I'll give this my prayerful consideration and decide if I can donate. If I can't donate, I'll continue to pray.


  6. I will keep Amy and Sylvia and my thoughts!

  7. I'll definately go over right now. You are so sweet for doing this.

  8. Done! I like how easy they have made it to give, even just a little. I can do without some little thing and give them even just $5.
    Prayers going their way, too. Melanoma is tough. All cancer sucks.

    I love your post. The pictures are inspiring.

  9. Thank you so much for your donations and your thoughts and prayers. I will keep this post up for a couple of days. I have read Sylvia's blog for more than 2 years and I know how scary the last year has been for her and Amy. Melanoma is a horrible cancer to have to deal with and I just hoped that if I posted this, some more help would come their way. I can't thank you enough.

  10. Keeping them both in my prayers. If you send me your address or their address, I will try to send a little something. My email addy is on the left hand side of my page. I do not use paypal.

  11. They are both definitely in my prayers. I will check the site.

  12. Hi, Inger. Sorry for the delay. I bet you already discovered Jody's blog... jodyhedlund dot blogspot dot com. :)

    I hope Amy and Sylvia are able to pull through. I can't remember if you are on could tweet a link to get more exposure for them...

  13. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers ~ Never give up hope ~ Ally x

  14. Thank you so much those of you I didn't already thank. I am not on twitter, Michelle, but I think others put the word out there and also on FB. I will visit Jody soon. I have some blogger problems right now, will try to figure that out in a few days time. Ally, so good to hear from from you. Thanks Patti, for visiting their site.

  15. I put their link on my blog. Thanks Inger for bringing it to our attention.

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