Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Fever-Induced Google Nightmare, Updates, and Thank You All!

Thank you so much for your comments, your concerns and well wishes. And welcome to several new followers. I will not be able to catch up with you for a while yet, but I will and I will follow your blogs as well. 
I still have the flu, but am feeling a bit better, so I thought I would provide an update here. As some of you know, I am not happy with Google as far as Blogger goes. I hear that Apple and others are also upset, so maybe some changes in general will take place, but I doubt it will help Blogger. My latest Google/Blogger gripe is this: I like to keep my mouse point on the screen as I proofread (it helps old ladies like me to stay on point) and now every time this blurb pops up called Composition Editor. And covers the stuff I am trying to proof read and edit! As with the two word word verification fiasco, no one asked me if I needed a Composition Editor, whatever that is. I am a technical writer, proof reader and editor, so no thank you and please get this irritating thingy off my posts. 
I had quite a bit of a fever last week as my flu took hold and you will not believe this, but it's true. I had just watched The Tudors on BBC America, so I know why I ended up in the dungeons of the Tower of London. While there, I dreamt I saw a man turning a sort of large tube with a handle. He was dressed in white with a large Google Chrome sign on his chest. I was shocked to see that what he was  rolling up on that tube was my blog! He somehow got into the computer and was confiscating my entire blog! I could see parts of it flashing by on sheets of paper as it was being wound around this tube. I recognized the pictures! A weird dream, wasn't it? What do you think it means, if anything? (And yes, Google/Blogger spell checker: dreamt is as correct as dreamed.)

When you have diabetes and you fight any kind of infection, your blood sugar go through the roof. I had horrible pains in my feet and legs in addition to all the flu pains and I was so grateful that I had just passed my annual retina and eye  exam. I was way too sick to deal with my diabetes properly until yesterday, when I decided to just focus on reducing my carb intake and eat a lot of protein. That was a huge help with the only side effect that I am very, very hungry. 

I have felt so bad for the dogs and it has also been interesting to observe their reactions to both of us being so ill. Soldier is the same. He has no clue, he whines in the mornings because he doesn't get to walk, then calms down, and then whines for his dinner and then goes to sleep. I told him I will rename him Whiny Winny if he doesn't cut it out. Angel is concerned, she sniffs our faces, she sits and looks at us, she worries about our coughing attacks; then she tip toes to the front door, like hint, hint, can we please go for a walk. Samson has been the best! Since he is less than three years old, I am very impressed. He has been quiet, cooperative, concerned, obedient and  not made a noise. I keep telling him what a good dog he is, I think he knows. 

On another subject, I am extremely concerned about my blogger friend Sylvia. I helped with a fund raiser for her and her partner Amy, who is fighting Stage 4 melanoma. No one has heard anything after the successful fund raising ended. I wrote another comment on her blog before I got sick and just checked and there was no response. So many other people wrote back and asked her to please let them know what is going on. I will keep you informed if I learn anything.

And then it snowed and it melted and it snowed again. And there was more pogonip in the mountains. Now someone doubted we had pogonip because it doesn't get cold enough. Well, that's true, we are at 4,141 feet here in the canyon, while it's in the teens at night, it warms up pretty fast. But peaks of both Double Mountain and Tehachapi mountain are at about 8,000 feet and it gets cold enough there. The pogonip I see looking east is in the Sierra Nevada and I have no idea how tall those peaks are. Of course, I had no idea what pogonip was, never hear of it either, but fortunately we have an excellent local newspaper that has a wonderful naturalist and photographer who writes a nature piece each and every week. I have learned so much from him about the local flora and fauna and that's where I learned about pogonip. So I just wanted to share. I zoomed in on the picture above, but it is still difficult to see the high peaks in the faraway distance. 
As soon as I feel better, I will get back to blogging. I miss you all and hope you take good care and have a nice rest of the week.


  1. I am SO glad you're at least on the road to recovery! How is your hubby doing?

    Dreams can be so weird, can't they? (And so real feeling!) I must have been concerned that I was going to break (another) toe that recently I dreamed that my toes were falling off, one by one. No pain--but no toes, either!

  2. The Google nightmare...that was cute. What does it mean? That's a good one..let me know if your find out. Hope you get fully rested. Prayers for your dear friend with cancer

  3. So sorry you have the flu, it can really beat you down, you guys take care of yourselves now!

    Google... Grrrr

    I just hate these "improvements"!

  4. Oh, ugh for you. How awful to be sick like that. Your dream, though, sounds very interesting. I can just seem them rolling up your blog! Hah... we have taken over!!

    My hubby may have the flu, despite having the shot. He is miserable. Perhaps I'll put the details in a blog post.

    Get better. Get strong.

  5. I am so sorry you have been feeling so 'punk' and hope that the fact you were able to post means you are on the mend. Important though to continue to get plenty of rest. I did not know that fighting infection makes blood sugar levels go up! I haven't had too much trouble with Blogger since I've kept the old editor and at your advice I turned off word verification. Perhaps you should send them the description of your dream as a testament to how this is affecting users psyche!!

    good to see you back. Have enjoyed the photos immensely.

  6. Oh Inger, I am so sorry you have been so sick! Get lots of rest and get better soon!

  7. I'm very sorry about your illness. It must be miserable. The last time I was sick and actually incapable of getting out of bed for several hours at a time, my dogs all lay near the bed and waited quietly until Favorite Young Man arrived to help. And I HATE that composition editor thing. I will beat it up if it doesn't watch out.


  8. Take care of yourself Inger. Look forward to you being back.

  9. so sorry you've been so sick and then further complicated by diabetes issues. hadn't even considered that occurring. i am sorry you're having google issues, but your dream was pretty dang funny!

  10. Oh dear! Diabetes AND flu. Not a good combination.

    Glad you are feeling a bit better. Glad the dogs are not driving you crazy. I know they could; I'm glad they're so relatively well-behaved.

    And I hope you hear from Sylvia.

    Blessings and Bear hugs from up North.

  11. I hope you are feeling 100% soon! The snow we got yesterday looked very much like your pictures.

  12. Wow, Inger, sounds like you've been through the ringer. Hope you are well on the way to recovery. I look forward to visiting here often.

  13. Hi Inger .. sounds like a troublesome time and Blogger is just an added pain I agree.

    Good luck to all - you and hubby and the dogs .. and then Sylvia - perhaps she's moving let's hope all is well ..

    With big hugs - Hilary

  14. Hoppas du mår bättre snart! Fantastiskt fina bilder du visar, vilket storslaget landskap du har omkring dej :)

  15. I have been lacking in reading blogs over the last few days, sorry to hear you are sick. Hope you be back on your feet soon.

  16. I am glad you are getting better but hope you get to 100% very quickly. Interesting how the different dogs react to your illness.
    Hopefully Hilary is right and they are just moving. Let us know and I will keep her in my prayers.

  17. I've had limited time lately and haven't been visiting blogs as I like... I'm so sorry to hear that you and hubby are sick. You will be in my prayers. I know- dogs don't understand why routine has to stop when Mommy and daddy are under the weather.. glad Samson isn't being a whiner though.

  18. Thanks for checking in with me. I got a good night's sleep and feel better, but I still have a horrible cough. So does my hubby. I guess one sign of the flu is that you begin to feel better and then you back slide. At least that's what he has been doing. As for me, I feel I'm headed in the right direction finally.

  19. Fishducky: That's a scary dream for anyone with diabetes. Take care, promise.

  20. What a weird dream Inger.
    Sorry you're sick, hope you are up and about soon.
    The photos are lovely, makes me want to go outside & walk. Thanks!

  21. Hi, Inger --
    It's been a while since I registered as a follower, now it's time for me to try to leave a comment... especially because I want you to know that I am thinking of you and hoping that you and your husband will soon be feeling 100% well.
    I see that you have a new book on your nightstand. Do you think you will write a review of The Pale King?

  22. Poor you guys! Hope things improve for both of you!
    That dream was very funny and so relevant considering your 'blogger' fears.Probably a change is in the future for you about your blog server and you are 'preparing yourself for the change? I'll send my 'bill'! lol
    I love to read your posts Inger, they are always interesting and heartfelt. Thank you.

  23. I noticed that "composition editor" popping up as well and slipped the mouse around quickly to get rid of it...but if you use the arrow point to scroll through then I can see it being annoying...LET BLOGGER KNOW...I do when something bothers me! PS Wasn't the Tudors great! Saw it a couple years ago on CBC here in Canada..loved it! Hope your blogger woes disappear and the flu flies out the winder!!

  24. Dear Inger,
    Samson sounds like a prodigy. In fact, all three of the dogs with whom you live have endearing traits. And I so like that you have posted pictures of them on your site. Someday-when I get better with a camera and with getting pictures from the camera to the computer--I'll post pictures of Maggie, Ellie, and Matthew.

    I'm glad you're taking care of yourself and I hope you have no more google nightmares.


  25. Så bra att du mår bättre. HÄr är det förskylt in på andra veckan. Sambon har fått en släng han med. SItter hemma och jobbar resten av veckan. Idag skall vi få runt 10 grader igen och det är vårlikt i luften.

  26. I'm sorry you're so sick, esp. with the diabetes. I have a very bad cold too (no flu) and that is bad enough.

    I'm another unhappy camper with all the Blogger changes but I hadn't heard of this composition editor thing you're talking about. I'll have to pay more attention. You can turn off the word verification to get rid of the two words (maybe you have already. I will soon find out when I post this) and still approve comments. You have to do it through the old blogger interface.

    Get well soon.


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