Monday, February 13, 2012

Samson Gets Brushed

Samson Says:

There I was, in my corner of the hallway, minding my own business, when mommy approached with brush in hand and  lured me into the back bedroom.

No way was I in the mood to get brushed. I know I've complained about fur neglect, but when it comes down to it, brushing is no fun for a dog like me. And the longer I'm unbrushed, the worse it gets. So I tried to escape out the room.

But mommy was determined. Here she makes me sniff the brush. As if that's going to make it better. I know that brush, but I sniff it anyway to make her happy.

But that's as far as I'd go. I laid down on the floor, rolled around a few times, and bared my fangs. This did NOT go over well. Mommy grabbed me and tried to make me stop. Then she started with the brushing. 

At first I fought, I bit the brush, I rolled around, but then I decided on a different tactic. I remembered that Mr. Fishducky, who's a very important lawyer, offered to take my fur neglect case pro bono, which is Latin, which is a practically DEAD language, and means it's FREE.  Now, both Mr. and Mrs. Fishducky seem to speak in this practically DEAD language, I wonder why they do that. They are not ghosts, are they? I mean, I'm dealing with a real lawyer here, aren't I? And Mrs. Fishducky seems real enough now she has her own blog post and all. She comes on every Friday, here. She's funny, I have to admit it, you should all check her out.

Back to brushing my fur. I decided to roll over and play dead, all the time watching out to see if maybe I'd have a case for UNNECESSARY ROUGHNESS. Then Mr. Fishducky could take it pro bono and I would be sure to win and not have to pay a dime! He, he mommy, I got you now! 

This is just a little bit of the fur that came off me. She had a bag full when she was done. Trouble is, we aren't done yet. She only got my front, sides and tummy done. Then she got "tired." Happens a lot around here, someone or other is always getting "tired," so they can't walk me, play with me, or even let me play with them. That goes for Angel too. 

OK, so here I am with my front parts done. A pretty boy, I know. 

But wait! Auntie Rachael came by yesterday. She sat mommy down in the high chair and started messing with her hair. Ah, I thought, mommy is going to get it too! 

But why are they smiling so? I sat down by the back door to watch and see what's going to happen.

All that happened was that Auntie Rachael cut mommy's hair. And mommy was happy, but when she looked in the mirror she started to complain that her hair was going all white.....

Now, why would anyone complain about that? Just look at me! What's the color of my fur? And am I pretty or what? I'm only a dog, but to me, persons are really strange sometimes.
That's the end for now. I have no case, yet. But once that nasty rake comes out, then we'll see. You know the one that comes after the first brushing with a brush. And when mommy reaches my rear end and my huge and furry tail, there may be war!
Have a nice day everyone!

Posted by Samson the Samoyed pup.


  1. I think both of you look BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. samson, you are a beautiful boy, but sometimes beauty takes a bit of work. :)

  3. Oh, what a beautiful boy you are, Samson! That brush is a good friend, don't fight it:)

  4. Samson, you GORGEOUS thing, you--thanks for the plug!--fishducky

    Samson, have your secretary call my secretary--Mr. fishducky

  5. Oh, Samson, you look great. And I bet that brushing really does feel good. My poor Sammy's fur is so neglected that I bet it's going to cost me a chunk of change when I get him to the groomer!

  6. Samson, you look magnificent after the brush-up! (It could have been worse; it could have been a brush off, and you'd be out on your own.)

    I suspect you mom has got a sewing project going, and needed something to stuff a animal creation, so she decided on your hair. Seems as likely as not.

    And you mom looks pretty good too! So all's well that ends well. So to speak.

  7. Hi Inger, you both looks gorgeous ^_^ Samson is a cutie indeed. Have a great day!


  8. Vad glad Samson att matte borstar dig....jag trimmar mina taxar. Det betyder att jag rycker pälsen med fingrarna...och det 2 ggr per år. Din matte blev ju jättegfin i håret. Två riktiga snyggingar!!

  9. cute story, cute dog character, lovely photos:)

  10. Tell mommy that they make hair dye that does wonders. But I think her hair has a beautiful color to it.

  11. Dear Samson,
    You are indeed a handsome Samoyed. A true archetype of your breed. The three cats with whom I live don't like being brushed either. They have a bag of tricks to keep me from their fur and I wonder if they learned these tricks from you???????

    Thank you for including the pictures of your friends Inger and Rachel. I wonder if Rachel isn't the friend who introduced us to the owl the other day. Inger's smile is lovely. I bet she smiles at you a lot.


  12. You and your mommy look both great in white. :)

  13. Samson! You look beautiful!! Gracie can't stop staring at your picture. You should be glad.. Gracie has to be brushed with a razor-type of brush because of her coarse fur. She is REALLY hard to brush. Your mama looks so pretty. I love her beautiful smile!! Come to think of it, you have a very pretty smile too Samson.

  14. You both look beautiful now! :)

  15. You both look beautiful now! :)

  16. Well...since Samson was giving you his belly of trust I don't think he minded the brushing :) Wonderful photographs.

  17. Samson, you are so handsome, you should know beauty is hard work.

  18. White is beautiful... on you, Samson, and on mom!
    Tucker agrees with you about the brushing... not his favorite thing to do! Luckily, he comments, he doesn't have a tail to contend with!

  19. We've brought a beautiful entrance, with beautiful photographs of the dog.
    As agradfecen these brushed, he looks very happy ..
    Greetings. -

  20. Samson, I promise not to complain when my hair turns white. What could be more beautiful?


  21. Be brave. You look fabulous. I'm sure when the groupies start gathering, you will forget all about it and want your back side done also. Remember Samson,pride suffers no pain.

  22. Samson Says: Thank you all you very nice persons for telling me how nice I look. I'm sitting here imagining Gracie looking at my pictures with longing (Gracie is my internet love, she lives with Bobbi). Mommy, what's a secretary?
    Mommy: A secretary is someone who does all your work for you. Samson: so you're kind of my secretary. Mommy: Yes, Samson. Then I want to thank you for all the nice comments about my hair color. I guess I was fishing for some compliments, because I couldn't believe how white what's left of it is. And yes, this is Racahel who works with the owl.

  23. For a pup you're pretty smart. You're also a bit too aware of how absolutely knock-out gorgeous you are. I sympathise with your Mommy though. I've got two cats to brush and I have a real problem getting hold of them. No wonder your Mommy was tired. And please tell Mommy that her hair looks great. See what fabulous results you get when you sit still for the hair brush, huh?

  24. Hi Samson - Mummy does get organised doesn't she - hair dos ready for Valentine's Day .. ? I must say I don't know who looks more handsome or more beautiful .. you are both glowing with lots of love - wonderful to see Rachael with you ..

    Cheers and don't roll in the muck there's a good chap ...

    Happy week - Inger - ... Hilary

  25. Oh Samson, my dogs give me fits when I try to brush them also. I tell them that by letting me brush them they are doing their part of the housework by giving Mom less dog hair to vacuum up. Try thinking of it as helping Mom!


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