Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Waiting for the Rain and a Huge Thank You

The canyon is waiting

for the rain.

Dark clouds gather,

and the canyon is waiting.....

When the rain came, there was so little of it,

not even the old truck got clean.....

I took the above pictures and wrote the little ditty the other day, when I was hoping for a lot of rain. That didn't happen.
Thank you all for your contributions helping Sylvia reach her goal of getting a place for her and Amy. Sylvia says thanks to my followers who were so generous, thanks for everything, your messages, prayers, money, and good thoughts. In an update on her blog, Sylvia wrote that an old friend of hers saw her need and offered a matching contribution of up to $2,500. I believe this would enable them to get a house to rent until Sylvia's practice begins to generate more income. Sylvia is still keeping the Paypal button open, in case anyone else would like to contribute. Thanks again! 
Today, hubby and I are off to Bakersfield to see my ophthalmologist for my annual retina check up. Since I have type 1 diabetes, I have my eyes checked every year. As everyone, type 1 or type 2, should. I also need new eye glasses, so I will get that process started. Have a great day, everyone, and thanks again.


  1. Hi Inger dear,
    I am so happy to know that you were able to join My Journals Blog.
    I used to teach American English Overseas (to foreign learners).
    It is a real pleasure for me to meet another teacher on the way.
    You've got a wonderful blog that I plan to follow and write my comments. I hope you do the same in return. I write poems, song-lyrics, stories, tales, random thoughts, post pictures, inspirational messages, and so on. I also post lots of interesting things for the readers. I make plans to travel to New York for my dear family reunion by the Spring of 2012, if that is God's will.
    I hope I could stay with my dear family, if that is OK. for them.
    I shall be taking a long writing break as soon as I begin my journey back home.
    You can look into my older posts, if you wish. I stored many poems and stories in My Journals Blog.
    Anyway, I am so pleased to meet you, Inger. Welcome Aboard!!
    God bless you, and those you love!!
    All the best,
    Poet Starry Dawn.

  2. We had the same high hopes for rain here - lots of clouds, but very little moisture. Grrr.

  3. I'm glad that Amy & Sylvia's situation is looking up--& your photos were beautiful AS ALWAYS!!

  4. i hate that the drought seems to have move to Cali this year... i hope it will break soon.

  5. Hoppas ni får regn snart, det ser ju jättetorrt ut. Har ni djupborrad brunn eller är det risk att ni får slut på vatten? Vi har inte djup brunn och det blir alltid dåligt vid varm sommar. FUnderar starkt på att borra en ny.
    Nu är det varmare här ca -4 C på dagarna vilket känns helt ok.

  6. Hej Inger, Gillar dina kort och hoppas att Ni får lite mer regn snart, det ser ganska så torrt ut där.
    vi har omkring 4 C, mulet och råkallt.
    Ha en bra dag!


  7. I had tried to donate earlier but had problems with the button leading me to paypal, just tried it now, and it went through. :) My dad had melanoma.

  8. What a neat post! I hope more rain will come :)

    I'm heading over to Sylvia's blog now.

  9. Inger, has anyone ever told you you are like an angel...I hope so...:)JP

  10. I was finally able to donate to help Amy & Sylvia. It wasn't much and I wish I could give more. I'm going to tweet her post. I have a few followers on twitter who might be willing to help :)

  11. Those clouds sure looked ominous. Too bad they didn't bring more moisture. Maybe the next storm!
    I'm hoping that Sylvia and Amy do find a place. Sylvia sent me the nicest note.

  12. Dear Inger,
    I hope your eye appointment went well. I'm so relieved to know that you are faithful to those yearly appointments. My cousin lived with diabetes--ultimately she received a kidney. Her health was so much better than. She'd been on dialysis for about fifteen years.

    Take care of yourself. You matter to a lot of people.


  13. Indeed it does look like you will be getting some rain.

  14. I am so glad you are keeping on top of your eye care. Stay with it.
    Wonderful that Sylvia and Amy have received such a nice response. Hope they can get the house they want. They are in my prayers.

  15. Mother Nature can be a real tease! Shame on her. We got a good soaking rain while I was on vacation in south Texas. We needed it so badly. Hope you get some soon.

  16. You're pictures are nice. What a beautiful place you live!! I hope your friend gets the help she needs. Melanoma is a horrible thing... I will be praying for her. I hope your ophthalmologist appointment went well Inger!

  17. I'm deeply touched by these comments. J.P.: I'm no angel, I just do the best I can as all of you do.
    Tina, Elisa and Dreaming, thank you so much.
    We do have a deep well and we will be OK.
    As you could see, the sky was dark, but no rain, just a few drops. I think we're in for some dry times now.
    Thanks for your prayers both for some rain and for Amy and Sylvia.
    My eyes are fine, I am grateful.

  18. The sky in your two first photos looked menacing – too bad that it did not rain hard.

  19. I could send you a foot or two of snow...

  20. Glad Sylvia is getting back on her feet! It looks so dry there Inger!
    Good luck at the eye doctors.

  21. I know the feeling of waiting for the rain. We sometimes get so little it messes up the truck more rather than cleans it.


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