Thursday, February 2, 2012

Traveling the Blogger World

I just finished reading all the blogs in my blog roll. I read them in alpha order from "Go West Feral Woman to Author Elizabeth Mueller, she's last in my roll because she has surrounded her entry with little hearts and stuff. I have traveled the world on this journey. I went from Nan's blog in Alaska to Liesl's in South Africa, while in Africa, I visited Graham in Namibia. I have been to Smaland in Sweden, visiting some adorable, very capable, and well trained hunting dachshunds. I've been to South America, Central America, and Canada (Hello to Sophie, the labradoodle, who's living a dog's life to the fullest there). I have been to Australia, New Zealand, and all over Europe. And, of course, I have explored almost every state in America. It was a wonderful trip that took me the whole month of January. I did it in small segments so that I could pay attention and leave comments on the blogs I visited. 

I took these pictures early this morning. I was thrilled to see dark clouds.

Some blogs just stopped with no warning. Last entry 3, 4, 6 months ago. When my blogger friends Sharon and Louise stopped blogging even for while, they left a notice and I didn't worry. But there are blogs I used to read often, where the blogger just stopped. And, you know, one comes to care for you guys, so I would feel better if I just knew why you stopped so suddenly. Has anyone else had this experience? Anyway, from now on I plan to read current posts in Google Reader and then go back to Dashboard and open the blogs there to leave comments. Seems like a lot of work, why can't you leave comments in the Reader? Like a Reader/Writer, hello Google!! This way I hope to stay current on your posts.

I get so tired of cloudless days here. Then I worried that the pictures were too dark to post.
And then, one thing lead to another and I got to take a trip down memory lane:
When I was young, I lived in London for two very memorable years (1959-1962). This was before the Beatles, Mary Quant, mini-skirts, and all that. On the action front, this was the London of Bertrand Russel's Ban the Bomb crusade, where the symbol for peace first appeared in the marches. This was the London where huge demonstrations against apartheid were held outside South Africa House in Trafalgar Square. Where I got run down by a bobby on a horse, while hugging a Jamaican. Oh, well. For me those were also the days where I was a mother's helper to a refugee Polish Countess, a very intellectual family, who were close friends of both Graham Greene and Arthur Rubinstein. They were poor though and in their house roomed an assortment of characters, refugees from the war, all enormously interesting people. I loved the little boy I looked after. His name was Kai and I wonder so what happened to him. Google, maybe? That's an idea. 

But decided to post them anyway. 

After the countess couldn't afford my help any longer, I went to work for a Vicar in Lee Green, Kent. I lived in the vicarage and looked after the baddest little 4-year old boy you could imagine. Living in an English vicarage was for me something like living in a novel. I went to church on Sundays, I met the entire community, the kids had a pet rabbit, Guinea pigs, and an orange cat, name Ginger. I went horseback riding in the lovely Kent country side with their eldest daughter, Janet. My horse was huge, so huge its name was Everest. I loved it all. It was so English, like I had dreamed it would be, reading all those novels. I also studied English, English literature, and visited all the museums, the beautiful parks, the little shops,  and all the landmarks and historical places. And then I spent a lot of time in the coffee shops and clubs of Soho. And that's where I made a blogger connection yesterday that continued this morning, as I opened the new comments on yesterday's post. ( be continued)


  1. I do admire the way you trawled through all your blog role. I've tried it many times but got distracted. I suspect people near the end of the alphabet think I'm rather sparse with my comments. But I know what you mean about visiting so many different countries. That's one of the most fascinating parts of this blog world for me. I've only ever lived in Leicester and so just seeing pictures like the ones you've posted up today reminds me how different your world is from mine (I live in a built up City in the middle of England).

    I became completely enthralled in your story so I do hope you continue it soon :-)

  2. Hi Inger! I often go through my blog-roll to try and catch up with blogs when I get behind on reading, which happens way too often for me. But I also wonder what has happened to some of the bloggers that I really enjoyed hearing from. My problem is, is that you can only follow 300 blogs, and sine I follow 300, so there are times that I have to stop following some blogs...I hate to do it, but when its been nine months or over a year, and I want to make a 'new friend' I have to stop following them and hope they find me again if they return...Speaking of finding, google your friends name or try facebook if you're there.

  3. Hi there, Inger, you'll see me in your followers list now.

    Perhaps we'll meet again in the London of our youth?
    It is all very very different from when I first lived here; I came back and married an Englishman and have been living happily ever after. But I've never had any of those adventures again. And now I live deep in the countryside where nothing ever happens.

    Getting to the end of my blog roll is difficult, because I also try and reply to every comment. There is hardly any time left for travelling. But isn't it wonderful how easily we can all meet people from all over the world?

  4. Det är så trevligt att läsa din blogg. Du har haft intressanta upplevelser det förstår jag. Min mamma ville att jag skulle utomlands som au pair men jag ville inte då, vilket jag kan ångra idag.
    Det är lite att göra att läsa sin blogglista och den verkar bli större hela tiden :-)Man skuttar runt hos andra och hittar intressanta bloggar, man får besök och kommentarer och gör återbesök.
    Här skall det bli oväder, klass 2 varning. En sk snökanon kommer mot SMålandskusten och ska ge upp till 3 dm snö, hua...
    Nu är det lite lugnt med aktiviteter i skogen. Jakten är slut men viltvård måste göras. Sedan skall lite göras i huset som legat nere nu under jaktsäsongen.
    Kram från oss alla!

  5. I use the blog roll to keep track of my favorites and if they don't post I delete them off after a reasonable time. I have another list under favorites and lots of those are no longer active. The jobs you had a so interesting I enjoyed hearing about them.
    Yes dark skies in CA means maybe rain!! We're having one blizzard after another here.

  6. So interesting, Inger!! I love all your posts. Glad that you are doing well. Take care!! ~Jeff

  7. Kara Inger--I am fortunate enough to know you (& love you!) in person. I thank you for introducing me to the blogging world where I've met so many new (& very good) friends. I can't believe how much my world has opened in less than a year of following blogs!!!

  8. Gosh you seem to have led quite a life! Loved it. So interesting - do you know what happened to that bad little boy? He'd be all grown up now.

    And I too wish when someone stops blogging if they would say what is happening - I usually get that - but when I don't I worry too.

    Love, sandie

  9. Inger, what wonderful stories you have to tell. I hope that you might found out what became of Kai. It is hard to keep up with blogs. I go in fits and starts, which of course means I probably miss some wonderful posts, but I try to let folks know I'm still interested in what they are saying. Thanks for stopping by my place too.

  10. This was a fun post to read, Inger, but you left us hanging, you tease!

  11. I always get so excited when I touch base with people in my past and you certainly have quite a big ring of friends!...:)JP

  12. I know what you mean... I often wonder what happens with some of the bloggers I really connected with and then poof,they are gone. It does take alot of time and I think sometimes people just don't have enough of it to spend on blogging.

    Enjoyed your post today -- looking forward to the "continued" part 2!

  13. I do all of my traveling through blogs and have loved every minute of it. Learned so much! And met so many fabulous people. It's hard to keep up, but I do my best.

  14. Inger, you are having such an interesting and varied life! Living in London at that time must have been life-changing for you. I was listening to a radio program interview about one of the ANC leaders, Bikko I believe, and about SA and the apartheid years. I was very interested and as active as I could be from here.
    Love your photos and glad you did post them. You can't beat the gray contrasting colours! Love it!

  15. I really hate it when a blogger just quits without word... I wonder, is everything okay?
    What stories you have to tell!! Will be coming back to read the rest of the story...

  16. I worry about bloggers who disappear, especially when I email them and receive no response. It seems you've had quite an interesting life.


  17. Oh Inger - I could sit at your table for hours listening to your life stories!!! People who have really lived LIFE are so much more interesting - and that includes you!

  18. That is such a fun idea. You've inspired me to go through my blog roll too ;)

  19. Thanks for all your comments, it is so good to hear from you. I will go to work on part two now.

  20. I agree about disappearing blogs. Have actually had two blogs I used to follow come to an end via death. Shocking, in a way, to have never met the person yet feel a loss by their passing!


  21. Dear Inger,
    What an adventurous and enjoyable posting. Now I need to find some of those blogs you follow around the world. I so admire your intrepidness in visiting all of them during the month of January. What a trooper you are!

    And, Inger, your life offers so many postings for the future. As you know, I've been posting about my quiet quest for social justice. It sounds to me as if you could do numerous postings on that from your own life. And I'm sure maybe more readers besides myself would are eager to read what you write.


  22. I love using Google Reader, although it is sometimes daunting when I tells me I have 64 blogs to read. Yes, I wish I could leave comments without opening up each blog also...


Thanks for leaving a comment.. ~~ Inger


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