Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Morning Reflections

I dedicate this post to teachers and retired teachers everywhere.

The tribute to learning is teaching. ~ Wise Saying from the Orient

Our grand-niece.
My inspiration for this post were several recent posts by Dee Ready. On her blog, this incredible woman tells how she faced some, what she interpreted to be, racist thoughts traveling through her mind in the late 1960s. What did she do? She went to teach in an inner-city school. Where she was faced with a version of English unfamiliar to her. Then what did she do? She enrolled in the University of Minnesota where she studied, among other things, linguistics, and  learned about Black English or African American Vernacular English, as it is now called.  Dee is the kind of teacher, who when faced with teaching about the Underground Railroad to an inner city class, decides to make this a real journey: Have the class draw pictures of the flora and fauna the fleeing slaves may have encountered along the way, study the stars, cryptic codes, and much, much more. You can read these posts here. Some of them were posted in late January. I was so touched by these posts, I just had to mention them here. 
Teachers everywhere, I admire you.


  1. Dee has not only led an interesting & inspiring life, she tells about it beautifully. She mekes the reader feel as if they were there with her!

  2. Thank you for directing us to Dee's posts. 2 unrelated thoughts:
    I love that precious photo of the cute, big snaggletoothed smile.
    Fishducky's name reminds me of our little four year old granddaughter who called the arborist who was working here "birdman", because he was up in the big trees. The next time she visited she remembered and looked for him. Of course, he was no longer working here.

  3. Hoppas du haft en bra dag. Här var det kallt imorse3 -24 c och på en timme blev det upp till -8. Lite latsöndag har det varit. Gått med vovvarna och tagit lite bilder.
    Nu skall det bli varmaare i hela Sverige.
    Kram från oss i Sverige!!

  4. I'll check out these posts and I too admire our dedicated teachers

  5. Hey, all this admiration will make my head swell! lol Thanks Inger.
    What a cutie in those photos. Nice captures Inger!

  6. Hello dear,
    I love your wonderful blog!!
    I used to teach English as a Second Language Overseas.
    Now, I write poetry, stories, tales, random thoughts, songs lyrics, and so on...
    I am glad to have found you in Blogland. I am pleased to
    meet you, dear.
    God bless you, and those you love!!
    Poet Starry Dawn.

  7. Wow! I will be checking Dee out! Thanks so much for the link!

  8. Dear Inger,
    When you said in your e-mail today that I'd inspired you, I had no idea that you were blogging about me as a teacher. What a surprise to get here to your blog and discover the wonder of your generosity. Thank you.

    All my life, I've thought that we all teach every day. We teach each person we meet. And our teaching may help or hinder that person on his or her journey. We need to be so careful and we need to think of ourselves as standing on holy ground.

    Thank you for your friendship, Inger. It is one of the gifts to me from the Universe this past year.


  9. Mom was a gifted teacher - retired now since 1985, she still gets her 'kids' coming up to her and thanking her saying she was their favorite teacher - she taught 4th and 5th grades ...

    Your grand niece is darling! Love that smile!

  10. Your grand niece is adorable!

  11. Having taught for 21 years... and then having worked with teachers... teaching them for 9 years.... I thank you!
    I worked in SC - racism was evident - actually most apparent in some of my black colleagues!
    Your grand-niece is adorable! I love that smile!

  12. I want to teach. I had a teaching job for a little while. The kids damn near killed me.


  13. You have an adorable grand niece. What a great smile.
    The good teachers are grossly underpaid and need recognition. Thanks for pointing out such a special one.

  14. Me too. They are so underappreciated.

  15. Hi Inger - great blog of appreciation for Dee - I must pop over and say hi ..

    We can be so cruel, and we don't seem to remember we are the same species ... look at that bright tooth-short smile .. what a great kid she'll grow into - lovely photo to see ..

    Setting examples and being kind are such essential so life .. great blog read - thank you .. Hilary

  16. Your grand niece is so sweet looking. Love, sandie


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