Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chihuahua Dreaming

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Samson Says: Mommy what's a Chihuahua and why are you dreaming about one? 
Mommy: A Chihuahua is a very tiny dog that comes with  very short fur.
Samson: Why are you dreaming about one?
Mommy: Cause if I had one, I wouldn't have to go through this:

Brushing, brushing, and brushing, yet not getting anywhere!

Samson: It isn't my fault you didn't brush me all winter. 

And I can't help it's all coming out now.

The way you're pulling, I might get bald before it's all over.
Mommy: I don't think there's any risk of that.

Samson: Mommy, I'm tired now and it's getting hot. Can we be done for today?
Mommy: You're tired? What about me?

I'm brushing and brushing and pulling out big chunks of fur, but it's just a drop in the bucket. 
Samson: That's not a bucket. Can I have my bone now?

Mommy: OK, Samson, here's your bone. You've been a really good dog and I wouldn't trade you for any fur-less critter in the world. But after four mornings like this, with all the fur still left to comb through, would anyone blame me for dreaming about one of these:

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Samson to himself: If she gets one of those, it will be added to my mouse and lizard count in no time.


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