Saturday, June 16, 2012

Desert Road Trip ~ Part 1

Another road trip with my camera. This time to visit the oral surgeon in Lancaster, where I had my check up and learned that I'm healing well. Lancaster is located in what is called the Antelope Valley, a part of the desert where antelopes roamed when the first settlers arrived. 

Those are wind turbines in the background. They are located outside the small town of Mojave, sort of at the back of the Tehachapi mountains and then spilling out into the desert at an alarming rate. While I like the clean energy provided by the wind mills, to see how they tend to take over everything is a bit appalling.  

There are many interesting mountain formations in the Mojave Desert.

A few miles outside the town of Mojave, we pass this sign.

The area is called Silver Queen and I saw some structures that looked like an entrance to an old mine. 

Which got my imagination going and I enlarged a picture. Can you see the wooden structures a bit right of center? An old silver mine, perhaps?

Some more modern structures in the area of Silver Queen. 

A flat part of the desert.

In Part 1 of our trip, I just wanted to show what the desert looks like. If you live on the East Coast, say, or in Europe, you may think it looks the same all the time. But it really doesn't.

I had not been through here in the summer for a while. We went a couple times in the winter and spring this year when bushes were green, flowers were blooming, and the desert looked so much more alive. Now the colors are mostly like those in this picture and you wonder how anyone or anything can live here. Yet lots of people do and many interesting critters as well.
I will post Part 2 next week.


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