Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Swedish Flag Day & An Update on Canyon Life

Today, the beautiful Swedish flag is celebrated in Sweden. Since Sweden has not been involved in any foreign wars in modern times, this date celebrates the coronation of King Gustav Vasa in 1523 and also the date of a new constitution in 1809. Gustav Vasa was instrumental in freeing Sweden from Danish rule in the early 16th century. I think Gustav was a great king for the times, but that's a story for another day.
Must confess to feeling a bit sentimental this morning. I was walking Samson, and thought about Sweden's national anthem. The anthem may mention wars, I don't remember, but I remember that the words of the first verse celebrate freedom and more than anything the beauty of Sweden. 

Celebrating Swedish Flag Day in Stockholm

Back here in the canyon, I am finally making some progress on purging, cleaning, and organizing my life. Yesterday, after voting in the California primary, I donated a lot of books to the library and I have another pile sitting here, ready to go to the thrift store.

Yesterday, the weather changed drastically to really cold and overcast after several days of 90 plus degrees. It was 50 degrees in the morning, but the wind was so strong, my hands turned blue and I was freezing in my winter jacket when I walked the dogs. It has now changed back to pleasant June weather.
Tomorrow, I'm having the root of my infected tooth removed. The procedure didn't sound very pleasant, I would hear crunching noises, said the dentist, and there will probably be a need for some stitches in my mouth. But I'll be glad to get rid of what's left of the tooth and hopefully the infection will finally go away. 

Soldier with one of the Fence Lizards he killed.

The dogs are doing fine, busy catching lizards and mice. This is the count so far:
  • Soldier -- 3 Lizards
  • Samson -- 1 Lizard, 1 mouse
  • Mommy -- 1 Lizard rescued from dogs.
That's the latest from the canyon. Have a great day!


  1. i like your varmint count. :) good luck with the root extraction!

  2. Thanks Inger - it's the first time I've heard of a country celebrating it's flag ...

    ... good luck at the dentist - it'll be over quite quickly ...

    ... good for you for rescuing the lizard ... my cats give me bad vibes when I rescue their prey from them ...

  3. Hi Inger,
    Felt the same this morning, missing Sweden a little at these occasions. The blue and yellow colors always brings a smile.
    Hope the root extraction will go well.
    Big hugs from Ireland


  4. Oh I do hope you got that tooth taken care of and are doing fine now. HUG ouch B

  5. Dear Inger, is there a video of someone singing the Swedish national anthem? If so, would you post it so we can listen to it?????

    I'm so relieved that the tooth episode in your life is going to end and that the infection will say a firm "adios!" and get leave your body.


  6. Hi Inger, I would like you to check with your friend about the badge. I'd credit the artist, if she wanted. Thanks for offering.

    It sounds like what you're having is a root canal. It's one of those things that must sometimes be endured. My sympathies.

  7. i pray you feel no pain with the root removal and that infection goes away with the root. i love your Count. Jake loves all of the above, and i do try to save as many lizards as i can, but most of the time it is to late.

  8. Ja vi har inte känt av Nationaldagen här hemma :-) Vi har haft ok väder, kunnat vara ute och fixat lite i trädgården. Det var ingen sol på kvällen men vi tog os ner till sjön och grillade korv.
    Hoppas det blir bra hos tandläkaren nu då. SKönt att bli av med det onda.

  9. Crunching noises! That sounds horrible. Good luck and I hope the pain is kept at a minimum.

  10. I know so little of Swedish history, I should read up about it. Sounds like you were very busy this week, but glad you still managed to rescue one lizard:)

    Hugs and chugs.

  11. Good luck at the dentist!!

    I found this online--you can find anything online!

    Swedish National Anthem:

    Thou ancient, thou freeborn, thou mountainous North,
    In beauty and peace our hearts beguiling,
    I greet thee, thou loveliest land on the earth,
    Thy sun, thy skies, thy verdant meadows smiling.
    Thy sun, thy skies, thy verdant meadows smiling.

    Thy throne rests on mem’ries from great days of yore,
    When worldwide renown was valour’s guerdon.
    I know to thy name thou art true as before.
    In thee I'll live, in thee I'll die, thou North Land,
    In thee I'll live, in thee I'll die, thou North Land.

  12. I hope you do well at the well as the dogs are doing with hunting!...:)JP

  13. The root extraction does not sound fun! I hope it goes by quickly and without too much pain.

  14. Flag Day in Sweden! Sounds good. I always wanted Canada to 'model' Sweden as far as politics go. We are getting there but not with this present government. But maybe in a couple of years......
    Purging things eh Inger? I am not there yet much to the chagrin of Ron! lol
    The dogs look and sound great.

  15. Good riddance to that tooth infection. I had somewhat of the same problem awhile back. It's actually painless and over in seconds. (The crunching scared me, too, but turned out to be nothing.) Great varmint count; Mommy's doing quite well.

    Happy Flag Day! After reading your A-Z posts, I understand why you're nostalgic. I would be, too.

  16. Good luck with the tooth business. We have such cold weather here this summer it has not made 60 yet!! We are sort of giving up thinking it's another cold summer like last year.

  17. Beautiful flag ;). I hope tomorrow will go well at the dentist.

  18. Our Swedish flag bit the dust a few years ago. Time to get another. So you have had same crazy temperature swings too.

  19. Thank you so much for your well wishes with my tooth extraction. Man, the friends you make on the blogs are so amazing. fishducky: Thank you soo much. You are just too much to go and find that translation, which is really so great. I have to let Dee know. She wanted a video, but I think she will greatly enjoy the words.

  20. Hoping tomorrow goes very smoothly. I just did a dance with a dentist and you have my sympathies. I can only say when everything is right again, you will so appreciate it.

  21. You're welcome. Youtube had some versions of the anthem being played, but I couldn't find anything with it being sung.

  22. Sorry to hear of the mouth problems. (There are lots of people with bad mouths, but i don't think you fit their category.) Hope the oral surgery goes well.

    I wonder a bit about your lizards. Don't they taste terrible? How can the dogs stand them?

    Blessings and Bear hugs.

  23. poor little lizards, your dog looks like part dingo? queensland or blue heeler? where is your canyon?

  24. oh I hope your toothache goes away, nothing worse than that.

  25. I'm late on reading posts. I hope the dentist went well. I don't care for those sounds that vibrate through my head when I'm at the dentist!
    Love the score for the lizards! Oh, and the mouse.

  26. Very nice Swedish holiday! I thought of you today when my grandmother's 1905 wall clock arrived in my mailbox. It is the only memory I have from her, a woman who immigrated from Sweden long ago. :)

  27. Your dogs must be quick. It's hard to catch a lizard - unless you can sneek up on them. :)


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