Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday's Treasures & Things & Donkeys Thank You

For a minute there I thought I had run out of treasures, but then I looked over at the bed here in the office, which is also our guest bedroom, and saw this little pillow. And I realized that I still have treasures I haven't shared. This may be small thing, but it's close to my heart. 

This pillow belonged to my mother and I brought it with me back to the U.S, after she passed away.

When my husband and I both had that horrible virus this winter, I slept in here and rested my tired right arm on my mom's pillow. It was very comforting; I felt her presence.

I like the very Swedish bedspread too. It was my sister's and another thing I packed up and brought back with me. Sweet memories.



Us donkeys want to thank all you nice humans who signed the petition to put a stop to donkey roping. Thank you very, very much!


  1. It's nice to keep things around that remind us of others, if we find them comforting.

    I have treasures like these around too, usually with some connection to a person or a moment in time.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. the pillow is beautiful and i love that spread. the donkeys are adorable.

  3. Sandra said it all... just what I was going to say.

  4. that pillow is really sweet. glad you have it.

  5. How can you not love those faces and noses? I love that picture of the donkeys at the fence.

    Love your treasures too:)

  6. Lovely pillow & bedspread, Inger!

    TO THE DONKEYS--You're welcome!!

  7. Oh that sweet guest room and the Mom's pillow so nice. Donkey roping I don't even approve of calf roping poor things.

  8. A lovely tribute to your mother--did she make the pillow, too?

    Donkeys are precious; glad you were able to keep them safe.

  9. Verkligen svenskt! Konstiga kommentarere ovan, vad är det?

  10. Dear Inger, I'm so glad--really glad--that I signed the petition and that good things happened. Thank you for making all that possible.

    Your mom's pillow and your sister's bedspread are lovely. Did either or them or both do the needle work?


  11. Some anonymous comments got through my spam control. I have also had some weird activity on my blog according to Google. Will go and investigate now.

  12. Oh that is a beautiful pillow but the comfort you get from it is more than you could ever want in anything I am sure. Special. I love the bedspread too.

  13. How wonderful that you have something of your mother's to give you comfort.
    I do hope the petition helped. Those beautiful faces deserve better.

  14. What a beautiful pillow and bedspread. Just gorgeous!

  15. NIce pillow, a treasure from you Mom, indeed.

    And those donkeys. They are cute.

  16. Inger, your pillow is gorgeous. When I read its history, my eyes misted. You've got a beautiful memory of the mother-daughter bond. And I also love that bedspread. The room looks so peaceful.

    Another day I'll e-mail you with a bit more about that Louisiana English about which I blogged. It is unique. But we're going on holiday Friday (Austria and Italy) and I'm pinched for time, yipes! There's a terrace in Italy with wifi where a lovely cup of coffee awaits, a bit of people watching and the laptop, yay.

  17. Vakkert!
    Det er viktig å samle på gode opplevelser og minner!!
    Glad for at du har så vakre minner fra din mor og ditt hjemland.


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