Monday, October 1, 2012

An Update: Mornings, Donkeys, Bees, and the Weather

I love these early mornings with shimmering mist on the eastern mountain range and the promise of autumn in the air. After I moved here in September 2006, I walked this road with Angel, Princess, and Bandit. Everything was so new then. Now I walk it with Soldier and Samson and feel like I've lived here all my life.  

I received this email yesterday:

Hi Folks, 
1. Well its the day after the event in Eden Tx. I have not heard if anyone attended to verify that the burro roping event was indeed cancelled. Since the event is over I am ending the petition. 
Thank you all for your support, Di Reese

(I removed the second paragraph about another event.)

While on the subject of donkeys, the rescue next door has now transported all their animals to Texas. The owners have obtained land leases there, where some of the donkeys and wild burros can roam free on thousands of fenced in acres. It's wonderful news for me who wrote the 10,000 Acres story about the old burro who dreamed of just such a life. The rest will live on a ranch in West Texas from what I understand. I will miss their sweet donkey faces and I will really miss the cattle. I became very fond of them and so did the dogs.

What I have plenty of here right now are bees. They love the gray rabbit brush and the air is buzzing with activity around each bush. No wonder these weeds spread so fast and take over every field in sight. I'm still wondering where the wild bees live. Where do they go each day after their hard day's work is done?

When I was in town last week, the sky was almost black with a huge flock (I'm sure it's not called a flock, more like a murder or something weird) of turkey buzzards. Since I was on my way to the doctor, I didn't bring my camera. Now, I will not leave home without it.

I have looked at the sky hoping to see them here, but no luck so far. I imagine birds of prey and vultures find it difficult to hunt in fields of rabbit brush because the bushes are so close together and provide good cover for prey animals. I'm not happy about these bushes choking the fields, but there's nothing I can do, except in my own fields. Where I will do my best to get rid of them. 

The weather is still hot, in the 90s during the day, with cool mornings, around 40 -45 F. It's supposed to get even hotter this week, which is just too much. They have issued heat advisories and fire warnings for the mountain areas. The grass crunches under my feet, it's so dry. I know this is the desert mountains, but still, it usually rains some during the summer. It rained only once this summer and very little rain or snow fell last winter. As always, I count the days to October 15. That's the date I have unscientifically deemed to be the end of summer heat. So far it has worked pretty well, but this is no normal year, so we will see. 

There's one thing that grows well in this dry weather: My wrinkles! They're thriving! I see them better now with my new glasses. Oh, well.............


  1. i am in wet heat and my wrinkles are growing like crazy... LOL
    your view down your road is awesome, i would love to walk it with you. i do hope the donkeys will be happy in Texas and that the event was canceled. we often discuss where the bees go at night, we have a tree i call the bee tree, it is our dwarf powder puff tree and it blooms year round, the tree hums when i get close to it, there is a bee or 2 or 3 on every bloom. and it doesn't hum after dark, so where do they go.

  2. Well first thing is I bet you have beautiful wrinkles my friend:)
    That is wonderful news about the donkey rodeo. I am sure you are going to miss seeing the other ones.
    I often wonder where bees go and would love to find that elusive honey tree:)
    I do hope you get rain soon Inger I truly do. Take care and be safe. I would love to have a walk with you some day. B

  3. A flock (that's the right word — though you can have a murder of crows) of Turkey Buzzards (or Turkey Vultures). I always think of them as such solitary birds. A whole flock of them would make an interesting view.

    And drier than New England humour around your place, you say. Hope you don't have a whole new grass fire season.

    And where do bees go at night? Probably to sleep.

  4. Great photos, love wide open spaces. Supposed to be 101 here today, ugh, Fair starts Wednesday for 10 days, last 2 years it has rained on one day of the Fair, hurts attendance, but I don't think it will be a problem this year .... heat may hurt attendance instead.

  5. The best thing for wrinkles, Inger is smiling and drinking lots of water.

    Thanks for the followup on the donkeys. And I try never to leave home without my camera too!

    Very nice scenery shots.

  6. From Wikipedia:

    A group of vultures is called a wake, committee, venue, kettle, or volt. The term kettle refers to vultures in flight, while committee, volt, and venue refer to vultures resting in trees. Wake is reserved for a group of vultures that are feeding.

    Now you know!!

  7. Apropos of perhaps nothing, a collection of lawyers is called a conspiracy. How particularly descriptive.

  8. Donkeys do have sweet faces, don't they! Around here, some wild bees nest in the ground. Not easy to notice their tiny little hole of a door unless we see one go in. Some helpers have gotten stung.

  9. Hi Inger .. in the thick mist that's raining down right now - my wrinkles should have been washed away ... ever hopeful I guess!!

    Ah ah .. I shall await 15th Oct - sounds like 15 July .. St Swithun's day ... when if it rains, then it continues to do so for 40 days ..not funny - we've had rather too much rain this year.

    Though you've had too much heat ..

    I await that posting! Cheers Hilary

  10. The pictures are amazing. We're definitely ready for the heat to break in our part of the desert. I love the fall and winter in the desert.

  11. Dear Bear, did you know fishducky's husband is a lawyer?
    fishducky, thank you for the information, I have to write it down somewhere. wouldn't it look funny if I said that I observed a kettle of turkey vultures over the fields? A committee in the junipers, sounds much better. Did you see what Rob-bear called a lawyer? Oh, I would love to see your comment on that.
    thank you for your comments, I am so glad you like my road. Soon, I will be able to walk in the hills. It's been too hot for that.

  12. Bear hangs head and pleads ignorance! I know ignorance is not a particularly acceptable defence in court of law, but, well,
    1. I'm a Bear, and
    2. I live in Canada.
    I don't suppose those help either.

  13. we just got 4 1/2 inches of rain this weekend, here, for which i am SO grateful. i hope it comes to your area soon!

    i hope the burros and cattle get settled into texas! :)

  14. LOL! You are so funny, Inger! I am glad you see your wrinkles better now! You sound so well and it comes through your posts.

    Good to hear about the donkey event being banned....the petition worked!!

    Now that is hot! As we would say here:"But that is a dry hot." Do you find it more manageable than say LA humidity hot?

    Yes, keep that camera handy for that flock (I think that's correct) of Turkey Vultures.....that would be incredible!

  15. Cold and rainy here today. Cannot imagine your 90 degree heat. Glad the donkey event was cancelled.

  16. It's hot here as well. I think it is supposed to cool down starting Wednesday. In the meantime... yuck.

  17. Our September was the wettest on record ever and the wettest month ever was August 1971...we live in a wet climate and would rain dance the water over to you if I could figure the correct moves. Turkey buzzards appear to be called a kettle...interesting...there are other words for it too...but kettle was kind of interesting. Our dentist has a poster on his wall of all kinds groups of animals, birds and insects. I wanted to take a photo of it the last time...maybe next time.
    Cheers Lady of the Desert!

  18. Dear Rob-bear, being a bear might just cut it, but living in Canada is no excuse. I didn't know anyone went back and read comments except on the blogs had have that comment reply thingy.
    If it's in Wikipedia it must be so, I guess, but a kettle of birds?! I've heard of a kettle of fish...
    I've never been to Louisiana, if that's the LA you referred to, Dee. But I lived in Princeton, N. J. for 12 years and that humidity just about did me in. So, yes, this is better, plus we have the desert winds, which help also. It just gets scary dry and hot this time of the year.

  19. I got another email about the donkeys, and it said the petition was continuing because the event hadn't been officially cancelled, only postponed.

    Your pictures are always so beautiful. We've gotten some much-needed rain yesterday and today, the slow, easy rain that soaks into the ground and soothes the soul.

    As for the wrinkles, removing your glasses helps. Makes your house look cleaner, too!

  20. These photos are amazing, Inger!
    Love specially road pictures.
    You live in a gorgeous place indeed. What a beautiful vegetation!

    Really it is a great news about the donkey rodeo.

  21. Supposedly they have the donkey roping because they donkeys are starving.Injuring and killing donkeys to save them? I don't get it. Why don't they work together to feed their local wild donkeys?


  22. It's cooled off here. We will get two nightime freezes this week.

  23. I know that bush is an annoyance, but it is beautiful in your photos, Inger!! So enjoy reading your blog every time I get a chance! ~Jeff

  24. We got 6-7" of rain here,roads were closed and it came down in buckets.Gonna have to cut grass this weekend.I'm glad,tired of the dry and heat,be glad to go home.I hope my pictures turn out as pretty as yours Inger!

  25. Dear Inger, thank you for your photographs and your morning reflections. Both quite beautiful. And really, are they wrinkles or laugh lines. I bet it's the latter and that says something wonderful about you. Peace.

  26. Hi Inger! I love that first picture... I almost feel like I'm walking the road with you and talking. You live in such a beautiful place. (minus the snakes, of course.. lol)

    I do not do well in the heat of summer now that I'm older. I always welcome fall and cooler temperatures but I don't like what comes after here (the W word.. ugh!)

    Yay for the donkeys! Oh, I love them.. they are some of the sweetest animals.

    I hope you're having a good week. Tell Samson Gracie sends love.


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