Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Followup on Samson & Our Morning Walk

First, thank you so much for your caring comments from yesterday's post and thank you for your prayers and good thoughts. I wasn't going to say anything until I knew more, but then I just felt so helpless and sad that I decided to let you know. I appreciate each and every one of you and I will get back and get caught up on your blogs as soon as I can. A little here and a little there probably. You know I feel guilty when I don't. 

When we were at the vet yesterday, Samson's eyes were very red and inflamed. After only one dose of eye drops and the two medicines, the redness and visible signs of inflammation seem to be gone. The blue tint is still there, but looks a bit different as if the haziness is gone too. I don't know what this means and I will wait until we see the vet tomorrow before I get too happy about it. But it has to be a good sign. 

The vet said Samson shouldn't be out in the sun, so we left for our walk as dawn was breaking. It was about 35 F out, which is cold. I guess I forgot what cold is after this summer so I just put on my fake down vest with a long-sleeve cotton sweater and no gloves (see below). I was sooo cold, but I didn't turn around to get my gloves because I have complained about the heat since June, so I felt I had to just put up with a little cold. And I did.

I took this picture in the bathroom mirror so I could show you that the cooler fall weather has finally arrived in the canyon. Of course, you can't really see what I'm wearing, but I just love these silly pictures. I used to do them all the time when I first stared blogging.

It is difficult to believe that there's anything at all wrong with Samson. We had a fun walk, he knew where the quail were hiding in the field and tried to flush them like he always does; when a rabbit took off to hide under a juniper tree, he knew immediately that the rabbit was there. And he doesn't appear ill in any way at all. 


I took my camera this morning, thinking it would help me stay positive. It was gorgeous out. I love the early morning hours, but even though I'm up early, I usually wait until daylight. I didn't sleep well last night, but I still felt great out walking with my dog and taking pictures. 

Samson checking something out in the weeds, as alert and happy as ever. As for me, I cant stop wondering how he feels about a suddenly dark world. I know that if he will be blind permanently, I for one, will feel so much better after a while, when I know for sure that he has stopped wondering what happened to him and adjusted. Even though I'm pretty sure dogs don't think that way at all, I seem unable to stop that scenario from tumbling around in my brain.

After the sun came out, it was Soldier's turn. This picture is not clear because the old boy took off at such a speed, dragging me down the hill with him. If you look at his hind legs, you can see that he is running! His gimpy right leg is doing OK, he lifts it now sometimes when he thinks it is important to leave a REAL boy dog mark somewhere out on the land.

OK, texwisgirl, this was supposed to be another fence for  you, but now I see you can barely see it. I like the sunshine though.

I have a garden chair up by the barn, a place to go and sit a while. Soldier, of course, thinks that's a lousy idea.

I feel much better today, more hopeful. We see the vet again tomorrow at 2 p.m.

Then, of course, something else happened that I will mention here briefly just to see if it has happened to anyone else out in Bloggyland.

My girlfriend warned me to not get the added potency flu shot at Walgreens because it made her and her husband really ill. She didn't go into any details, just warned me. Walgreens give these flu shots that are about double the regular potency to people over 65. Well, I heeded her warning and got a regular shot at my doctor's office. But my husband decided to take the more potent shot because we had both been so ill last winter when he had not had any flu shot at all. So, he went on Saturday. Got the flu shot and the pneumonia shot as well. And now he is so ill, everything is wrong, like a real horrible flu. I called my girlfriend to find out exactly what happened to them. And they had the same reaction. Both of them. They were down with this for about a week. Then she had such pain in her arm afterwords she couldn't raise it for about three months. 

Has anyone else over 65 had this experience?

Thank you so much again.


  1. I went to a bbq at my boss's house this summer, they have a dog named "bumper" and I was watching the dog play and chase and look for things all evening, at the end of the night my boss asked me if I noticed anything wrong with the dog and I hadn't, then she told me that the dog was completely blind. You really didn't notice anything different with her.

  2. I am glad that you went to the vet and you area feeling better.

    I am glad you gave the advice about the flu shot - I get mine tomorrow.

  3. Hi Inger, I've only just caught up with your worrying news. I do hope Samson continues to improve. He is such a beautiful dog.

    Re the flu jab, I had a regular one the year before last and was fine all winter. Last year I didn't have one and came down with a real nasty dose of flu. Thanks for the reminder. I shall get one this year but only a normal dose.


    Thanks for the warning--Bud & I will get the normal potency flu shots!

  5. Inger, I feel so awful that I haven't been here regularly. But thanks to Sandy, we connected.

    So sorry about Samson. I'm thinking he will recover. Just a hunch. I wonder if he got into something outside that caused this? They really are like our children and because they can't tell us what's wrong, we feel so helpless at times.

    Keep us posted. xo

  6. You don't ever need to feel guilty about not visiting blogs. You and the dogs need to be your first priority -- oh, and I suppose your husband is important, too. I have a friend whose husband got the stronger flu shot. He was very, very sick.


  7. i, too, think that is good news that his eyes reacted so quickly to the medication. fingers crossed it will be so.

    sorry your husband got so sick! that is terrible! they need to give a warning for that super-dose.

    as for the fence photo, i was immediately drawn to it, then i read your note below. made me smile. the last photo w/ the crow flying is just gorgeous, too!

    i am glad you finally have some cooler temps. i bet samson was thrilled to be out early on a crisp morning!

  8. That's an excellent sign that Samson has shown improvement.
    Hans, the horse I had before Paj, was blind for the last 2 years of his life, and he was a happy and loving guy.

  9. Hope Samson has a full recovery and it is nothing serious. Keep us posted. Sorry I didn't read blogs yesterday.

  10. I hope Samson stays on the road to recovery. Thanks for the info about the super-dose flu shot. We always take the regular one.

  11. Hello Inger!! It was great to get your comment on my blog on Sunday and I came over to your blog to see if you'd posted about your boy, and you hadn't--But I'm glad I have time this evening to catch up on your news. To start, I'm sorry about Samson's eyes. But I'm glad that he's seeing an ophthalmologist because they have lots of tricks up their sleeves, and I think they'll be able to help him. As you know, I have had one dog (Tanner) that was almost totally blind, and now Sandy. I can tell you first hand that when they have these big changes in their lives, any insecurities that they feel vanis because of your positive reassurance, energy and being there for them! Sandy had to learn to trust us, and once that trust was there, it cemented our bond--You and Samson already have that and I've no doubt that with you by his side, he's going to be okay, no matter what the diagnosis is!! Let us know, and please know that I'm sending lots of good thoughts and prayers in your direction!! Take care!!!

  12. Prayers for Samson and you. I missed reading your blog yesterday so I was devastated by your post. I wish you best of luck at the Vet tomorrow.

  13. Still keeping the fingers crossed for a good diagnosis for Samson. He doesn't sound like a worrier if he's still alert to wildlife when you go walking.

    Best wishes.

  14. Thanks for letting us know how Samson is doing. Continued blessings and Bear hugs.

  15. I believe it IS a good sign that the medicine had effect so soon. So glad to see Soldier so bouncy, too.

  16. I believe it IS a good sign that the medicine had effect so soon. So glad to see Soldier so bouncy, too.

  17. goodness; the men in your house are having a tough time of it! Wishing and hoping that both recover soon!!!

    and I love your fashionable walking outfit ;) too!

  18. Oh Samson! You have the most beautiful eyes! I am still praying for you!

    Inger, I know too many people who have gotten really sick from the regular flu shot.. that I stay away from it all together. I will be praying that your hubby gets better fast.

    Thanks for taking us walking with you. I so much enjoy the peace and serenity. Your pictures are always beautiful. STILL PRAYING FOR YOU GUYS!

  19. i love this photo of Samsom looking up in your face. he is so beautiful and i am happy the eyes are a little better. please let us know when you get home from the vet today how it went. i will be asleep but will find it when i wake up. glad to see Soldier is running and the pain seems better. Jake has had a gimpy left leg for 18 months, I do hope S gets a good report today. thinking of you and both your babies.

  20. So far so good. I'm sure you will have more confidence once you have seen the vet.

  21. Oh poor Samson.I had a dog,Tess who lived for 17yrs she lost an eye to glucoma and the other eyes was covered in a blue film like Samson's is. She still managed a full life with hardly any sight and a boxer dog jumping on top of her so don't worry too much dogs are very adaptable. As for the flu shot,I've never heard of a stroger potancy one but I know when I get the normal one I and many people I have spoken to have flu symptons and sore arm and yet Drs say that can't happen as you're not being injection with a live virus,so who knows? lol

  22. it just occurred to me i did not comment on the flu shot. so sorry he is feeling bad and this is good info for others. we always get our shots a the doctor office because it is free, our insurance pays but not at the drug store. first i had heard of the double hot and i sure will not ever do that.

  23. Va bra att Samson fick bort det röda i ögonen. Han verkar pigg ändå. VIlka fina vyer från ditt hemman du visar...vackert. Fin bild på dig...du ser så svensk ut :-) har du hört det förrut over there?

  24. yes! problems with the flu shot...extreme pain in my arm that, believe it or not, after a whole year my arm still hurts, and I actually still got the flu last year very severely....

  25. Good to hear Samson is responding positively to the meds! Fingers crossed!

    Ron and I (both not quite 65) had the regular shot last year.....we both got flu-like symptoms that lasted a week. This was the first time that happened and we get these shots every year.
    This is good to know Inger and we will be careful not to get the super duper one! Thanks.

  26. Inger I don't get flu shots as I'm not prone to ever getting flu, colds, or pneumonia. I'm rather afraid of the shots for that reason. Glad you went to the vet and are working out the eye problems that is always a worry with our beloved dogs. I haven't been spending much time blogging lately, just haven't felt like it I guess, been reading a really really good book you should check it out it's called 1Q84. Nan

  27. Sounds like Samson’s eye problem may be clearing up, fingers crossed and prayers continuing that Samson will still retain good eyesight. Btw, brrr, you do look cold! Getting cold here now on the East Coast too. Nice pictures of your walk. I’ll be checking back to see how the vet visit went. I am sorry your husband and friends had that terrible reaction to the flu shot.

  28. Hi Inger - I hope yesterday went better at the vet - so your update is positive. Thankfully the body seems to adapt to changes in our lives ... and I suspect Samson will too - he knows his home and feels secure and safe ...

    Two walks - good for you - I'm not surprised the chair came in handy!

    I won't have flu jabs and my mother refused - the staff were always amazed ... nope we don't want or need ... and we didn't. I just sincerely hope your hubby gets over his reaction as soon as possible - sounds very nasty ...

    My thoughts - Hilary

  29. Oh Inger I have been catching up on your posts and I am so sorry you are having so much terrible trouble. I hope everything gets better soon.
    I have not gotten a flu shot yet but I want to to protect my Mom who I look after. I hope your husband and Samson feel better. HUGs B.

  30. Dear Inger, like you, I find myself being hopeful for Samson after reading your posting today. I'm reading these in order on Monday, October 15, so I don't know what is going to happen by the time I get to today's posting. I do so hope that the news about Samson is going to be good.

    As to the flu shot, I get one every year but I've never gotten one of "added potency" and I've never had any trouble from the ones I've gotten.

    What is that bird in your final photograph of this blog? Such marvelous wings. Peace.


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