Thursday, October 18, 2012

Feeling Guilty.......

 I clicked on black and white for the above picture, just for fun. I like the way the light comes through the juniper branches. It gave me some ideas for new ways to take pictures. Something creative to work on. 

I'm feeling guilty because I haven't been visiting anyone or even opened my computer for the last few days. I was ill and on antibiotics while all this was going on with Samson and my hubby. Once I finished the medicine and was told Samson is so much better, I guess it caught up with me. 

So I took Dee Ready's advice and decided to be gracious to myself (I love that thought ~ be gracious to yourself). With that in mind, I stayed in bed for two days, reading this book called The Pursuit of Happiness by Douglas Kennedy. I picked it up at the library on Saturday, it has around 500 pages, and I finished it yesterday. Mr. Kennedy is fast becoming my favorite author for the times in my life when I just want to escape into someone else's life. Someone else's life that has some interesting twists and turn to it. This is the third book I've read by him and it did not disappoint.

I don't have time to read blogs today either because I'm off to the diabetes support group meeting. Today, a cardiologist will visit us and, hopefully, there will be no horror pictures like those we saw last month, courtesy the visiting podiatrist. 

Samson is continuing to do well and thanks all of you for your prayers and positive thoughts. He is particularly happy that, in addition to his beloved Gracie, he now has two other best doggie friends, Puddles and Sophie. He is strutting his stuff at just the thought of it.

Have a great day ~ see you soon.


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