Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Storm, FEMA, and Your Comments on Chapter Four

My thoughts go out to all of you, my friends, my blogger friends, and the people on the East Coast. After seeing the shocking images of the Jersey shore, it's clear that it will take a very long time to restore all the affected areas to any kind of normalcy. I lived in Princeton, N. J. for 12 years. New Jersey was my first home here in the U. S. and I know the Jersey shore well. My heart goes out to all people on the East Coast and all those affected by this horrible storm. 

Which brings me to FEMA. My husband and I received some much needed help from FEMA after the 1994 Los Angeles earthquake and we were very grateful. Granted FEMA's response to Katrina was shamefully and tragically slow, but after hearing the   

president say that FEMA personnel had been positioned in critical areas pre-storm, I'm glad we still have this Federal Agency to assist in disasters of this magnitude. No state has the capacity to deal with a Sandy type storm on its own. I'm also glad President Obama cares about the rising oceans, because it means he cares about us and generations to come.

I had to mention this because it'is beyond me how some believe that individual states can handle everything, except wars, on their own. Or worse, that we should have to pay to be rescued by private companies next time a big storm or earthquake hits. 


Finally, I appreciated your comments on California Missions ~ Chapter Four. There were very few comments to the first three chapters, even though a lot of people visited the posts, so I'm very grateful to those of you who commented.  

As I said at the end of Chapter Four, I will address the treatment of the mission Indians and the Indian revolts and uprisings this coming Sunday. 


  1. nice to hear gratitude for FEMA from someone who received benefit from the agency. folks forget that FEMA has to be asked to assist by each state - they can't go in on their own. the politics involved between governments can get very mired and sometimes ugly. but i am glad when the best efforts are made by all to assist victims as efficiently as possible.

  2. I thank God we have a president who is well prepared for emergencies. I don't want to lose him.


  3. Thank you so much. My family and me are safe. It is only a distance of forty five minutes and there is so much disaster in New York and New Jersey. It will take time and God willing we will restore. Thanks again.

  4. I am thankful for FEMA as well. Although, government agencies don't always work well together, it is an essential organization. I am hopeful that they are positioned to help those in need.

  5. Yes my heart goes out the east coast US just south of us....we fared well with just winds. The US needs Obama...so everyone get out there and vote!


  6. You were spot on with your comments about aid to our citizens--& your photos were gorgeous!!

  7. Sandy has caused a real mess, and is now heading for eastern Canada. I trust my friends and family in that part of the dominion will fare well.

    Grand that you have shared your thoughts and concerns. I think this is going to be a huge mess to fix, especially in the US. New York City seems to be a real mess.

    I'm also glad that we out west missed it.

  8. i am thankful that we live in a country that has FEMA to help those that need it, most countries do not. i can't even imagine what they are going through in the NE. i love your photos today, those purple flowers are wonderful.

  9. Your fall flower shots are beautiful!
    You are right about the value of an agency to help at times like this. Until you have lived without power for a while, it is hard to imagine the challenges - and in a city like New York, there are additional challenges to be had.

  10. Yes, Inger, you're right. FEMA will step in and help along the CT coastline..it was already made public...people my daughter works with in RI lost walls, parts of their homes, etc!...:)JP

  11. The photos are beautiful.
    So glad to hear you've had good news on your lungs.
    I already mailed in my ballot - for the Pres!

  12. Dear Inger, I so agree with what you've said here about President Obama. It's him I want at the helm when disaster strikes. Peace.

  13. I think the whole country has the east coast is their thoughts and prayers. The photos are just devastating!


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