Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Samson Update ~ Good News!

This is an asides: When my hubby got Samson, I was not happy because I worried that Samson would outlive us. Now I will take it one day at a time. I fully know the moral responsibilities I have to take care of him and I will love doing it. I will love every day I have with him and I will do my best to not feel sorry for him. Dogs don't like that mushy stuff, I know that much. 

But for now, the news is good, very good!

On Thursday, we took Samson to the vet again.  The vet believes that Samson has regained ALL his eyesight!!!  

His prednisone (steroid) dose has been gradually reduced from three pills a day to one, and after another week, he will be on one every other day. The medicine is making him very hungry and thirsty, but I hope that will get better as the dose is reduced. I think he drinks less water now and, hopefully, will have less accidents on my carpet as a result. I feed him twice a day now and that should help too.

Samson is the only dog I've ever lived with who has been ill before the age of 10. This year, at the age of three, he has had three different serious illnesses and this last one is chronic.

He still gets eye drops twice a day. You should see him, now that he knows he'll get a treat (I guess hungry as he is, he will do anything for a treat) he comes when called and sits patiently while my hubby puts the drops in. He licked the vet's face again while the vet examined his eyes. 

We have now taken him to the vet four times and he is so good. He's not afraid of going there, he sits patiently and waits, he doesn't bother other dogs, and lets people pet him.  He only thing he protests about is having his temperature taken. He is also wonderful in the Wrangler. 

Samson must be kept out of the sun for the rest of his life, so I asked about sunglasses and the vet said that would be a good idea if he will tolerate them. They have them online he said, so now I have to google goggles! One thing I know for sure: Samson would look darned cute in a pair of shades, so look out Gracie, Puddles, and Sophie!

I remember seeing a Samoyed wearing goggles and looking cool online, so I googled the breed and looked at their pictures.  

I didn't find the one I saw earlier, but I found this one and noted that the dog has lost pigment on his/her nose, a symptom of Samson's disease. 

While looking for the goggle picture, I went bananas because there were so many adorable Samoyed dogs to look at, particularly the puppies. All puppies are cute, of course, but I just had to share this one:

Source: Wikipedia


  1. Vilka goda nyheter...tänk att han fick synen tillbaka. Det är inte kul när ens vovve är sjuk. Han verkar så go....
    Vi har varit ute idag så nu sitter jag (kl 18.55) och kollar igenom lite ska ha lite mat först. Det blir älgkalvs biffar, kantareller och klyftpotatis, något gott vin till.

  2. oh, i'm so glad! will he need the drops for the rest of his life, too? i'm glad he is tolerating them well. so glad he's better!

  3. So glad to hear Samson's getting his eyesight back!

  4. So glad to hear Sampson is rising above all of this and continuing on for you. He is such a sweet dog isn't he!

  5. NAN said it all for me!

  6. I'm so glad he's doing so well :) he looks incredibly cute!

    This may sound terrible, but I feel much more sympathy towards animals than I do to people. I just love them more than enything. :) And I'm glad you've got this furry sweet thing to love :)


  7. Thank God your boy can see. I can't wait for a photo of him in goggles.


  8. So happy to hear Samson is doing better, he will be so cool in sunglasses. Give him a Big Hug for me. Today is Hug a Sheep day, but that does not mean that Samson can't have one too.

  9. Tombstone: Samson says thanks for the hug, I almost qualify for being a sheep, all the fur I've got.

    Baiba: I feel the same way about animals.

    Everyone: Thank you all so much for caring about Samson and thinking of him. He knows it too and will probably be up for writing a post about all this soon.

  10. Dear Inger, this is just the greatest news. Samson has fortitude and courage and a deep down appreciation of life. He's a sweetheart. How blessed you and your husband and Samson are to have one another. Peace.

  11. what great news.

    Microwaved carrots can help fill the need for munchies without the calories.

    The side effect of Pred is a pain, but its ability to manage a condition like this makes it priceless

  12. It is so good to read that he will only need eye drops and some medicine to keep his eye sight in line. I am sure it is a big weight off your chest.

    And yes, the foster are still with me. We don't have a proper cat shelter so I am keeping them until they find new homes. Pupa is very stoic about it but Mika Zoom Zoom is very annoyed.

  13. He will be one cool dude (dog) in sunglasses. Your loving care will be appreciated by your furry fried.

  14. Samson knows who is good to him. Amazing how dogs do tune into human energy....if it is under control or not. Sophie gets very upset around people with erratic energy, she feels she has to take over as they can't.
    Sophie is so looking forward to Samson's new 'look'!

  15. Hi's me Ho...Sophie-O!

    You are going to be the 'stylingist goggle wearer' in the west Samson. I just know you is!
    That pigment thingy...I have a dot on my that a sign?

    Sophie and Ron(who assisted with spelling)

  16. Dogs are miraculous creatures. They put up with anything and even show gratitude for what we do to them (for their own good, I mean).

    Best wishes to Samson, with or without ‘shades’.

  17. Oh, Inger, I'm so glad Samson is doing well, and that he could see fluffy Leo! ♥♥
    Bless him!

  18. That's wonderful news on Samson!
    The pup photo is so adorable.

  19. I am really glad to hear Samson is doing better! I hope he will wear the sunglasses then he could go outside? Is that right?

  20. Inger I am so happy Samson is doing so good.He is so special and well loved.I think he would look cute in sunglasses,if he will wear them.

  21. i can't wait to see Samson in his goggles, and am happy to hear he has his sight back. he is much more important that a few stains on carpet. he is so beautiful and i do hope he will be better and better each day. hugs to him and Soldier.

  22. Hi Inger - that is good news and I'm so pleased for you .. keeping him out of the sun won't be so easy - the sunglasses look crazy, but make so much sense ...

    Have a lovely weekend now things have improved .. cheers Hilary

  23. Now that is such a miracle. Yey!!!!!!!!

  24. When I read the title of your post, I got goosebumps, Inger!...:)JP

  25. Samson and I say thank you so very much for all your comments, prayers and good thoughts. Samson says he will write a post soon to let you know how he feel about all that's happened to him.

  26. Oh Inger! That is such good news!! Samson would look quite dashing in sunglasses. Those pictures are precious. Is that what Samson probably looked like when he was a pup? Oh MY GOSH! ADORABLE!!
    I am so happy that Samson can see.. and Gracie is too. I have missed you Inger, and hope to get caught up on your past posts sometime this week. It seems I get involved in reading then I am called away or have to do something and I never finish.
    SAMSON: Gracie sends xoxoxoxoxo's

  27. Yay! Wonder news and I can't wait to see a photo of Samson in his new


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