Thursday, January 17, 2013

Feeling Better and Some More This & That

Feeling better today, I decided to share this picture, just for fun. I am the girl in the white blouse and dark skirt, about a head taller than all the rest of the girls. I will come back to this picture as I write more stories. There are many here: Ingrid, the girl to the left of me, was my friend since we were about five, then we lost contact over the distances. She lived in Madrid. Then, a few years ago, I learned that she passed away. The boy in the front row, with the pained expression, died of a brain tumor soon after this picture was taken. Some of the other little brats in the front row would gang up with some older boys and bully me, because I was so much taller than they. The boy to the right in the second row, came to my rescue once that I'll never forget. After the first four years of school, I transferred to an all-girls school and life was great. I don't recall any high school dramas of the kind shown in American films. We all got along.
This and the following pictures are just some old, randomly selected ones. I just can't blog without pictures.

I called the lab yesterday and made my appointments. They wanted fasting for the abdomen and I had to whine a bit about my insulin dependent diabetes and how I just can't fast. Not entirely true, since I have an insulin pump I can do it, but I get so evil without breakfast that I try to avoid it at all cost. 

After some back and forth, I was able to get appointments for the 25th beginning at 10:30 a.m., on the condition that I ate nothing after 4:30 a.m. That will work for me, except that I donated away my cumbersome alarm clock. Since I don't trust my cell phone, I will stop by K-mart today and pick up a small travel alarm. They will do all the ultrasounds and also another mammogram. I'm beginning to really like this lab, they are both caring and efficient.

The aches from my fall are beginning to subside and I am beginning to realize that I was really lucky to get away with just a some little aches. 

Thank you all so much for your caring comments on my post of yesterday. Of course I know I can write about anything that bothers me here, but still, I hesitate. I think I hesitate because I know myself well enough and, as a rule, what bothers me one day will usually be gone the next. 

Still, the community I have found in bloggy land continues to amaze me. It's really something else if you think about it. So I am immensely grateful for the gift of having you all in my life.

Finally, on the best books I read in 2012 post, I forgot about this guy, Wesley. An absolutely wonderful book about a young woman who rescues baby barn owl and lives with him for over 20 years. I learned so much ~ about barn owls and their amazing talents, they can, for example, hear a bug crawl on a wall, and, yes, they do eat a lot of mice; but most of all I learned about love, the kind of love that is almost impossible to understand. This woman gave up so much for Wesley, but she made it clear in the book that it was all worth it ~ the love she received back from Wesley knew no bounds. A strong recommend both from me and my friend, Jane, who reminded me that I forgot to include Wesley on my list. 

I'm off to town for most of the rest of today: diabetes support group, dentist hygenist, the vet to pick up meds for dogs, and a bunch of stores. So I'll catch up with everyone tomorrow.


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