Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Samson Posts An Update From The Canyon

Samson Says:

See this nice large pillow Soldier got for Christmas? It's soft like velvet and it even has a big bone sewn on it for decoration. What did I get? Nothing, nada, ingenting~that's Swedish~I don't know what it's called in Russian. But I bet I know someone who may look it up on the Internet.......
Mommy: You mean auntie fishducky, don't you?
Samson: Yes, I do, and BTW (that means: by the way) why don't you ever post her nice houses again? Like this one:

I sure wish we could live in a house like that, I could sleep on that big veranda and daddy could have a rocking chair next to me. Sweet!
Mommy: You can always dream, Samson. And I haven't because I still haven't moved all the stuff from the old computer to the new computer. 
Samson: Why?
Mommy: Cause I've been d.i.s.t.r.a.c.t.e.d!!!!
Samson: OK, OK, I was just asking. Humans.......

Mommy: Back to Christmas ~ you got lots of goodies and a big, huge bone, remember. And you got what you asked for last summer. Remember this picture? It was sooo hot, I had to pour water all over you and you asked for cold, cold weather for Christmas. And you got it, didn't you?
Samson: OK, I got that, but not from you. Back to the sleeping arrangements:

I get shooed off the couch,

I'm allowed on this chair, but what good does it do me? But I'm a smart and clever dog and when I remembered that auntie Feral Woman told me I was closely related to the wolf.......

I went and found me a den. So there, you can keep your old velvety pillow, I got built-in pillows in my fur, so I can sleep anywhere. Snug!

BTW, I'm stealing Gracie's typeface, cause she stole my moniker,she's not to be trusted that little sweet-faced Cockapoo. Now she calls herself Gracie Says and has her OWN BLOG, in addition to her OWN BOOK. And what does she do on her blog? Gives advice, she's got an advice column, can you believe it??? I'm going to go there and read it all soon. On the one paw I'm proud of my girlfriend, on the other, I worry where all this is going to end........ 

I mean if Gracie gives dog advice, can the Dog Whisperer be far behind?

Anyway, I still love my Gracie, she's nothing if not enterprising, so I will refer your dog to her advice column:

If your dog is in need of some advice, he/she can go and see Gracie here. My Gracie is very clever and I know she'll give the best advice ~ to your dog, that is. It may be some advice you humans didn't wish for. Heh, heh, heh.........

Have a nice day, everyone!

Posted by Samson the Samoyed dog.


  1. Poor Samson! Would you like me to draw you a picture of your own doggy bed (with lots of pillows!)?

    Auntie fishducky

  2. you're just in a fluff huff today, aren't you, samson?

  3. Boy, Sampson... You are one smart dog to have your own computer. Humans say I'm smart too, but no computer. I didn't get anything for Christmas, either.

  4. Speak softly please Samson. Mighty has no idea Christmas means presents for pooches. You really do have some comfy alternatives. Maybe for your birthday??

  5. Soldier looks so handsome on his pillow but you look even better on the floor, but please don't tell him i said that. and in the den you do look a lot like a wolf... but not the kind in little red riding hood, you are the Nice wolf...

  6. Oh my dear Samson! Gracie has rubbed off on you in a big way!! LOL. Gracie loves you dearly and thinks you are beautiful... I mean handsome. You have her heart always!! No need to worry, with an attitude like hers.. not many would even try to steal her away. Besides, she only has eyes for her Samson.

    Samson. Gracie here. I'm so proud of you. You do not let your mommy walk all over you and you speak your piece. This is a good thing. Don't let your humans take advantage of you and your good nature. As far as that beautiful home, you wouldn't want to be lost in all that space.. really. All you need is your den. And room enough for you and me. *giggle* Your Gracie *insert heart here* PS thank you for mentioning my advice column.

  7. You know, Sampson, here's the thing. Mommy bought Copper a new bed. Did I get one? NO! Mommy says that because I'm Shepherd/Husky and have a lot of fur, all the doggie beds she's found would make me HOT. She SAYS she's waiting for the right material...something that will keep me COOL! I think you and I should get together...what do you say, handsome?, Moon...:)

  8. OK! Why don't Gracie and Samson just get it over with!! And get MARRIED!The poor things being separated like this!!
    Is that allowed yet in California? Or Virginia? LOL!

  9. Life is good, Samson. You've got a cave! Wonderful!

    Bears have caves, too. I would invite you to come to mine, but when I settle down, I sleep all winter, so coming here would be boring.

    Blessings and Bear hugs to you and your Humans.

  10. Samson, you do wear your fluffy bed quite well!

  11. Reading - And Completely Enjoying - the book you told us about -
    "Wesley the Owl"
    Thank you.

  12. nechevo...(means "nothing" in Russian ;)

    Dexterdogs message to Samson...

    "now listen up here son. When i was a young pup your age, i was chained like an animal in a small city lot backyard with only a spa cover to chew...thats how I ended up with my adoptive parents I have now - they rescued me and gave me a new life. Look at me - going on 12 years now and I have a bed in the laundry room, and a bed in the dining room, and a lazy boy that no one wants to ever sit in now for some reason, and i even get all of my mom's old bed pillows that no longer are nice for guests but are good enough for an old dog like me to use up...but it did take about 8 years to get to this point...what im rambling to say is that you'll get your bed, son - just wait for soldier to get up ;) "


  13. Härligt inlägg, de är ju för goa dina vovvar.
    Hoppas du mår bra och allt är ok med er. Här är det mildväder nu med plusgrader o regn. snön försvinner sakta.

  14. Hi Inger .. love Samson's talking to himself tales - he's got a very sensible head on him .. and Mummy does look after her two beloved creatures ... Wolf Den - that should keep the coyotes at bay .. and then a lovely soft pillow - lucky soldier ..

    Hope you're feeling easier .. I'm working back on the posts! and Samson if you want cold - just visit my latest post toooooo muuuuch!! .. cheers Hilary

  15. Dear Inger and Samson, Matthew and Maggie often complain to me also. Ellie, however, is too much of a lady to complain. She simply looks at me with those deep, dark eyes and I scurry to do whatever she asks.

    So perhaps, Samson, you need to just sit in front of your "mommy" and look at her soulfully--she'll explain what that means. That way you, too, will get whatever you want--maybe a cushion for your den.


  16. Well, Samson just came and put his front paws in my lap to remind me that I now feed them twice a day. I tend to forget, so I better go. Then yesterday, he got a lovely virtual present from his auntie fishducky, so now he believes it pays to complain! You will see what it is tomorrow.

  17. Samson knows how to take his complaints to an audience who will be deeply concerned for his creature comforts. Of course, I really think Mommy and Daddy take awfully good care you, Samson! You are loved!

  18. Didn't realize how huge Samson is!

  19. that chair really is not big enough for Samson to stretch out on like the sofa. Glad you got good news from the doc, but that doesn't make the pain go away.


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