Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Not The Best Results, A Mishap, & Comments Back on Samson & Me

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.
 ~ John Lennon

So my doctor called and told me they saw something on my mammogram and I need to go back to the lab for an ultrasound. He said in my left breast, my cancer was in the right one. I will call today and see if I can get two ultrasound appointments on the same day, since I also have to have one for my abdominal pain. 

I'm thrilled that I just changed my insurance to Medicare with a high option plan instead of an HMO. It will give me better options for better doctors, should I need them. I'm just sorry I didn't get around to changing my primary, but I can live with him for now.

I feel sort of bad because you were so happy for the good results I just relayed. So now I'm wondering should one even talk about one's health issues on the blogs? I'm laughing about the emails that go back and forth between me and friends my age, as they are increasingly about our health problems. My mother approached old age with a great sense of humor. I'm working on it.

Of course I am worried it may be cancer, but I am not afraid of cancer. Been there, done that so I know the routine, or the basics at least. "Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood," said Marie Curie, and that's so true. Heights, excepted, I'll never get over that.

The other day, I went outside to see what my hubby was doing and, looking at him, instead of at the ground, I stepped on a rock, twisted my ankle and fell. I landed on my left arm/shoulder, the one I shattered when I fell over Soldier in 2010. Having just watched a bunch of football playoffs, I looked at my husband and said: "See, I fell just like they do on the football field." He didn't think that was funny, but we were both glad nothing serious happened. Just some aches and pains. 

Now, I must let everyone know that I love, love, love this cold weather. Since we moved to the mountains, it has never been this cold for this long here. I only wish that most of the snow had not melted. To have snow would have been perfect for me. It was 20° this morning so, it's getting warmer. (Notice the ° sign!! How cool is that, thank you Chatty Crone!)

I want to respond to the worry about my jacket being too cold. It has some fakey fur inside and I also wear a thermal shirt, a cotton turtleneck, and my fisherman's wool sweater. 

My more than 50-year old sweater.

The one I blogged about a last year that I've owned since I was 15 years old. Made in Norway, but called an Icelandic fisherman's sweater, it's sooo warm. 

My ancient socks.

However, my feet got cold so I dug out these. In Sweden we call them raggsockor. They are also wool and very ancient. 
Growing up in a cold climate, I know if you keep your ears,  neck, hands, and feet warm, you will be OK. So with my earmuffs, wool scarf, Swedish wool mittens, and now these socks in my snow boots, I have conquered the cold. 

Samson Says: OK, auntie Feral Woman, I'll show you how I guard: First I sit by the window and NOTHING escapes me. When I see something untoward,

Finally, I get upset if someone may think I overfeed my dogs. I have never had a fat dog in my life, so I react badly. I'm sorry, but I have a need to explain why Samson gained weight for those of you who didn't know. If you know, you may want to skip this, except perhaps Samson's response to Feral Woman's comment about the guarding abilities of a Samoyed. She has one too and said that Samson may lick a burglar to death. I thought it very funny, Samson, not so much, so he has a rant of his own under his photos.

Samson, being the only surviving puppy of seven, came from a bad stock. I believe the mother dog was too old. My husband took him in at seven weeks to help the person who had the mother. Before he was three, Samson almost died from pancreatitis (sp?), he was throwing up blood and cost us $1,200 at the vet. He also had an enlarged prostate, so he was neutered. Never heard of an enlarged prostate at two years old. 

I prepare myself, I put my head back and get ready to

Then last fall he became blind and was diagnosed with UDS, a syndrome most common in Akitas and other Nordic dogs, like the Samoyed. He was treated with steroids and other drugs for about two months. During this time he was extremely hungry, so I fed him twice a day. It was a bit difficult to get that right. Plus he was so sick he didn't walk very far or very much. So the pounds packed on, but he got his eyesight back and the UDS is now in remission. It's a chronic disease, so he has to be monitored.

 let out a fierce bark that scares even the baddest humans away! Of course, I've never really seen a bad human, but I will know one, they must smell bad, don't they?

He's not allowed in sunlight. I got him some dog goggles, or doggles, as they are called, but he has an ongoing fight with them and I don't feel like hassling with it, so instead we walk at dawn. A beautiful time to walk, but cold now. I found out that it takes the sun 30 minutes to clear the eastern mountain range. It rises at 7:05 in the desert and reaches us at 7:35 right now. 

I am very determined to walk him, I have reduced his food, not tried the veggies yet, but I will. I am worried about diabetes, which is always noted as a common illness in Samoyeds. And, as you know, I have some experience with that as well.

I hope this wasn't too much of a rant .....................


  1. Best wishes to you and Samson for good health in this new year and beyond!

    Love the sweater and socks. We have been cold in Colorado, too, but today is much warmer.

  2. You have every right to rant, think a little screaming at the hills might be in order too. Have at it!


  3. Hope your ultrasounds are just a precaution. Love the snow pictures and the ones of Samson, give him hugs from me.

  4. Oh Inger you are not going to worry till you have something to worry about and I am going to do the same OK.
    I am glad you are getting cold and you are ready and waiting for it to happen with the wonderful wool icelandic wardrobe from long ago I am thinking you are one smart lady holding on to that quality warmth.
    Samson is a sweetie and don't worry to much what people say they usually mean well.
    Feral is funny isn't she.Take care. HUGS B

  5. Thanks for showing us how you keep warm! Nice shots of Samson, too. Do you have any mountain cats in that area? Just wondering.

    Good luck with the tests, Inger. I've had to go back and get tests redone on two occasions. Go with the positive thinking. Stay healthy.

  6. Oh my dear, dat was was a perfect rant...when you has to rant, rant on! Furst, I is very sorry to hears your results of da mammogram. I will be thinkin' bout you and hope everything will be okays. I see no reason not to blog bout your health...heck, I blog bout some KERAZY stuffs. We care so we wanna knows.
    Second, Lady you and my mum is like 2 peas in a pod...always getting hurt...hehehe.
    Third, Sampon's weight issue or whatever you wanna call it could just be from all his issues. Maybe it has slowed his metabolism down some. When we start gainin' weight we gets green beans as treats. Cuz of our breed mum has to watch our weight gain. Usually she lets da vet say when we is too big though...hehehe.

    MANY hugs to you Inger and Samson!


  7. Doctors these days take every precaution as they should. Since you have "been there and done that", you are smart to keep close tabs. I have danced with bladder cancer for 13 years. It is notorious for coming back but regular check ups have kept it all under control.Be sure to let us know what the test results are.
    My goodness, Samson has really had some health challenges. He is so lucky you made him part of your family. Someone else might not have invested so much money and time and what a terrible waste that would be. He is such a special fellow.

  8. When I put my German Short Haired Pointer on steroids, she gained weight from the medication, Inger which was a good thing because she too was in danger. Please know that you are never "ranting" in my are, sweetheart, "human"!...:)JP

  9. Oh you have such a GREAT ATTITUDE!!! Love that 50 year old shirt!!!

  10. i have had a few overweight dogs. :(

    i do hope all will be well with you!

  11. Hoppas att du mår bra och att läkarna är bra.
    Samson har ju haft en resa han med...uj då han har det ju så bra hos er. Men det är ju att hålla igen maten o motion. Trym är ett benrangel,, han har sådan förbränning. Jag ger honom 3 ggr om dagen högenergifoder och han är ännu mager.
    Kram från oss!

  12. Hey Inger. I don't know why they don't give us ultrasounds to begin with. Where I go, you can wait for your results and I do. Last year they called me back three times and everything was ok. Just could not get a good picture. Keep us posted.

    Love your wood stove and comfy room.

    Sweet Samson...

  13. Oh Inger!!!! Hugs (((((INGER!!!!)))) maybe it is too much caffeine this time that showed up in the mammogram? I so hope so!! They say caffeine intake can show up on mammmograms
    :( ?

    Good job Samson, I can see that you do a good job of guarding your momma and poppa, i can really see that! And you are one of the best cound alarms if you are in the mood...although maybe its Dexters furry ears and loud snoring naps that prevents him from hearing the fed ex man...Anyway you Samoyeds are known for being one of the most gentle dogs too - did you know the Samoyede people would leave their babies with you guys to guard them against nasty animals? SO I do believe you are brave like Dexter! He actually chased a bear away from me and Annabel our daughter once in Wisconsin, he was very Brave (and our corgi eleroy, RIP, ran the OTHER way...tripping Annabel running PAST her...he was such a little pistol) So your breed is very noble breed, when it comes to guarding against animals...but Im still going to say that Samoyeds could possible lick someone to death...Im sopping wet after i brush Dexter...

    Inger, you are in my thoughts today, and tomorrow, and the next day, and the ones after that - I so hope that the new tests show up only annoyances that can be handled easily, nothing that you have to fight hard against - because you deserve a good rest for at least three decades for what you have already been through! hugs!!

  14. Please forgive me for my spelling errors in my other comment - but I forgot to add - once i had a terrible reaction to poison ivy, it went systemic in my system and they put me on steriods - I WAS STARVING ALL THE TIME, and boy I put on the weight by just thinking about food, even though i was active! So with Samson, I think its a metabolism thing; you are doing all the right things with what you are doing now and that should get his weight under control...Dexter is a healthy 70 lbs and is not one iota overweight; but he is a bigger boned Samoyed...Samson sounds like he is just only a little bit over the edge so i think with what you are doing right now is going to help bigtime in the long run ! :)

  15. This wasn't a rant at all. Even if you've been there, done that, and conquered cancer before, it is scary to get a suspicious mammo result. I'm sending positive thoughts your way.

  16. I know you are taking care of Samson the best way you know how--please do the same for yourself!!

  17. Best of luck with your test results. We're all thinking of you and wishing good things for you and yours.


  18. I ditto what Fishducky said.

    Your photos are gorgeous. Does the picture on the road lead to your land or is it on your land. I'd love your area because it seems so void of people. My idea of where to live.
    You dress like I do when you go out walking.
    And the pictures of Sampson are like portraits. You really caught his personalty.

  19. I want you and Samson to be well. I wish I could wave my magic wand and make it happen. Please tell Samson that I understand what it's like to take a medication that makes one feel hungry all the time. I craved carbs and sugar.


  20. Sorry to hear about the stress of having to undergo those ultrasounds. And yes, of course, it's okay to write about it. What do you think we are Fair weather friends? You can share all the good stuff, so you can sure share the less than good stuff, too. Good luck.

    Samson is very lucky to have someone like you to take care of him, but then again, I have a feeling you feel very lucky to have him, too.

  21. i love that howling shot, so beautiful and Samson does not look fat to me, he does have all that fur... just coming off a week of steroids and i know that hungry feeling well. i did manage to not gain but it was tough.
    i am so sorry to hear about the ultrasound, hope they will do both at the same time. i do know that once they called me to come back for an ultrasound after a mammo and it turned out to be nothing. i am praying now that yours will do the same thing. and the blessing you get walking Samson in the early AM or many.. sunrise is the most wonderful time of the day...

  22. Anyone that knows you Inger knows you love your kids and take awesome care of them. You just go and rant all you want -- we love ya for it.

    Hope all goes well with your tests. That goes without saying, but I said it anyway. :)

  23. You do have a lot going on there. I love your doggie - he is so pretty with all that white hair.

    And I see here you are having a few majors tests there.

    I hope and pray that they all turn out with great results.


  24. I don't think you rant at all, Inger! You express yourself very clearly, and that's fabulous. I'm very sorry for the medical concerns, and I admire your strength in being able to say that Cancer isn't the biggest've been there before and you know what to expect. I think if you're comfortable sharing with others through your blogging then it is a great way to gather strength from a community that cares for you. I really care, as do ohers, and we will be sending up prayers and supporting in any way we can. I hope that you will get an accurate diagnosis very soon, and then you can move forward! Hugs to you and Samson!! :-)

  25. Hi Inger .. your next post sounded more cheerful and things were coming together ..

    Life is tough, but somehow we come through with our families, our beloved animals and our lives as best we are able and count our blessings for each and every day ..

    I'm thinking of you .. cheers Hilary

  26. Hi Inger! I love your stories and hope that all will be well with you. And, I loved seeing your clothes! I need to get some wool socks so when we go to the Sierra my feet won't be cold! Your positive attitude will surely help you! (((HUGS)))
    Cheryl Ann


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