Sunday, January 20, 2013

Samson Says: Ask a Stupid Question.......

Mommy: Samson, what are you doing on the couch?

 Samson: Huh?

Mommy: Samson, look at me when I'm taking to you. What are you doing on the couch?

Samson: Just napping, mommy (minding my own business). 

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Pup Dog


  1. :-) va härlig serie du fick till. Han säger ju verkligen så, det ser man ju.
    Här har det varit en kall helg men tyvärr ingen sol.
    Vovvarna blir fulla av snö på promenaden i skogen i förmiddags.
    Ha en fin söndag! Kram!

  2. My black lab, Ripley, does the same thing! In fact, she's on the couch, on top of MY blanket, right now!

  3. Hi Inger .. "Well I wanted some of the rug too - not fair you hog it all .... do we have hogs here - should I be outside looking for them?"

    Cheers and have a good weekend - and easier week ahead ... hugs from a snowy England .. Hilary

  4. At least Samson lefr room for you to join him, Bella and Dollar curl up on the couch and leave just enough room for me to sit down. I bought painters canvas drop cloths to cover the couch to keep off dog hair and dirt, works great.

  5. Jeez, Mommy! Can't a guy sleep?

  6. Samson looks so cute and sleepy there!


  7. I'm surprised he didn't say, "Mommy come and snuggle with me!"...:)JP

  8. I love a good nap time cuddle on the couch. Samson, you'll share with Mommy, won't you?


  9. LOL!!!!! Samson has got game...

    *and thats how Dexterdog got his own lazy boy chair*


    The second photo just slays me - its that Samoyed look LOLOLOLOL...

  10. It's okay as long as he doesn't ask you to fetch him a beer.

  11. Our pets are sprawled on the furniture more than we are.

    I see you have a multi-colored afghan, too. We have several, because that's how I use leftover wool. We call them our Polish afghans... but I suppose yours is Swedish.

  12. How can he look so innocent and at the same time just ignore the rules! It does make it hard to discipline when they are so sweet! Obstinate, but sweet! :-)

  13. There is no such a thing as a stupid question. Though, I must confess, some questions are peculiar. And some are better not asked. As Samson would explain, could he talk.

  14. I am NOT allowed on one specific sofa/couch and Daddy Jim is vehement about it...while you know who isn't so vehement. I did take charge of the leather sectional though...LOL!

  15. Awwww Samson... you look so cuddly!!!


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