Monday, January 14, 2013

Updates From Samson & Me & More From The Canyon

Above, Soldier and I are getting ready to head out in 6 degree weather this morning. As you can see I'm prepared and I've already walked Samson, which is why my nose is so red! Of course I know that 6 degrees is not that bad if you live in Alberta or Minnesota, but I haven't been in weather this cold since I moved to California some 40 years ago. 

Everything that normally would be washed in our washing machine, which is in our shed, is dirty because the pipes are frozen. I washed my thermals by hand yesterday and hung them on the line. This morning they were frozen stiff and icicles could be seen at their hems. I'm hoping for a bit warmer weather so I don't have to go to the laundromat. I really, really don't want to do that.

This is the week that was: 

Wednesday, I picked out the shade for the teeth on my new partial. It will come back for my approval in a week or so, then be sent back to the lab to be finalized. 

Thursday, in a snow storm, we took Samson to the vet. His illness is in remission and his eyes are doing great. As usual,  he tried to lick the vet's face as his eyes were being examined, but the vet is wise to him now and managed to duck. Samson has to stay on the eye-drops once a day and we have to monitor all skin areas, such as nose, where he has lost pigmentation, gums, paw pads, and rear end. If nothing untoward happens, we don't have to bring him back for a couple of months. Easter, said the nice vet. How great it that?

Friday, my husband drove me to Bakersfield in a wind storm. Not a lot of fun in a Jeep Wrangler. We had a great time, giggling all the way for some reason. The urologist said the CT scan showed nothing wrong with my bladder or kidneys. I will have some further tests, to see if my problems can be mitigated. After that, we drove over to the lab where I had a mammogram and also almost passed out from a bad insulin reaction. So embarrassing, but something I just can't help. I always carry glucose tablets in my jeans pocket for this very reason. After swallowing a few of those and some juice the staff got for me, I recovered and all was well. 

On the way home, I watched the reflection of the setting sun in the clouds that covered most of the eastern mountain ranges, turning them every color of pink, burgundy, gray, orange, and blue. It was one of those beautiful sunsets where, on the one hand, you wish you had your camera, but on the other, where it's so much better to just watch, enjoy, and absorb the beauty into your soul.  

Samson Says:

After a nice walk a dog get tired, falls asleep, and wakes up to this?

If I wasn't a dog, I think this would be called indecent exposure! As it is, I'm just mildly annoyed at having my sleep disturbed by pinging noises and flashing camera bulbs!

Since I found out that I'm so closely related to the wolf, I decided I had to find me a den. And I did, right here in the house. I can make myself fit all the way in if I want to. 

But you know what mommy forgot to tell you? I now weigh 77 pounds! That's 11 pounds over my ideal weight, so now I have to join the rest of this country on a diet. The vet said 10% less food, I heard him. And then he said to supplement with GREEN BEANS!!! Lots of luck with that, mommy.

I don't know why I'm upside down here, but, listen, I have a quiz for you:

What does this frying pan have in common with my snow around here?

They're both NON-STICK, heh, heh, heh!

Have a nice day everyone!

Latter part posted by Samson, the Samoyed Pup Dog

Top and much, much, much longer part, posted by my mommy.


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