Thursday, January 3, 2013

This & That From the Canyon

It snowed and snowed all day long on New Year's Eve, but only a trace, soon to be gone, stuck to the ground here. There's still snow in the hills across the road and in the higher mountains, so it has definitely been a much, much better winter than last year's.

My husband made black eyed peas for good luck for New Year's and I took a picture of my plate, which now cracks me up. It was a simple and really good snack dinner (my favorite) of guacamole, chicken wings, black eyed peas, and Triskets. It looks kind of funny and sparse in the picture, but believe me, it was good.

One or more small coveys of quail have been hanging around.  It's so lovely to hear their contented, chirping, noises as they peck their way, very fast, across the yard. Samson and I came across them in the field the other day and the two older ones left in one direction, the younger ones in another, but one was left behind and paralyzed with fear. I felt so bad for interrupting their morning and turned around and headed in the other direction so the scared bird could catch up with the rest of them. 

As you can see in Samson's post of January 1, he's doing remarkably well. He only gets eye drops once a day and he hasn't had a relapse. Knock on wood! He seems healthy and happy and we are both enjoying our early morning walks. It's been cold, between 15 and 20F, but as soon as the sun clears the mountains it warms up pretty fast. Soldier is getting old, it seems like once they turned into their 13th year, age hits home. And he'll be 13 sometime this year. He has trouble getting up and I'm thinking about putting the harness back on, but then he perks up and is managing again. And once he gets outside for his walk, there's nothing holding him back. All you can do is love them, but it's hard not to worry.

Then we finally hooked up my new computer. So I'm writing this on it and so far I've figured out some of the most important stuff. But I have a lot to learn and I'm really not in the mood. But it has to get done, so I will do it. I'm enjoying the picture quality and the faster speed. My satellite provider sent out something about a faster speed too, so I will check into that. Maybe that will finally bring me into the 21st century here.

I'm going to post my cliffhanger Wyoming adventure on Saturday in one post, the whole story. I haven't written anything else for the California Mission series, so I guess I will post the next one a week from Sunday.

May your New Year be a happy and healthy one! 


  1. I love your dinner plate! Looks just like a plate of food that I would eat!

  2. sweet little quail. congrats on getting the new computer up and running!

  3. We had blackeye peas, as part of Hoppin' John - with rice.

    Go, Samson - I had to laugh at the image of one petrified quail standing in the middle of the path - while the rest scatter. That could easily be a cartoon.
    Best wishes for the new year!

  4. Your dinner looks yummy--& very pretty on the yellow plate. Glad the pups are doing relatively well. Have a great year!!!!!!!

  5. You dinner looked a little smallest - no wonder you are thin. sandie

  6. May God bless you and yours during 2013.


  7. Happy New Year IngerDoodle...I've been so busy with SophieDoodle and hope that your year is starting off well.



  8. I see the snow in the hills - good place for it, LOL!

    Forgot my black-eye peas for New Years, I don't think they helped before - guess I will see if this year is worse...

    New comp have Win8 in it? I am desperate for a new one and too lazy to try to figure our what to get.

    Have a nice evening!

  9. Congrats on the new computer!!!

  10. Just hopping around catching up, Looks like you had a great Christmas or at least Samson and Soldier did. Happy New Year.

  11. Hey Inger,hope you all had a fabulous Holidays! I had trouble loading pics on my blog so had been away for awhile. Glad to see the doggies are all OK. Love the pic of your meal! xoxo Liesl

  12. Happy New Year Inger!

    ... good luck with your new Confuser ... :)

  13. Hi Inger .. so pleased the computer is up and running, Samson looking very well and Soldier doing his best as anno domini creeps up ...

    The good luck snack looks delicious ... I loved black eyed peas, guacamole et al ..

    Have a happy year - cheers Hilary

  14. Here in da south we does da black eyed peas and collards fur New Year's. They say it will bring money in da New Year...bwhahahaha...soooo hasn't helped.
    You knows, my mum has been on a mission to find replica ornaments like knows withs da Swedish look. So far, she has failed miserably.
    I am so happy Samson is on da mend with his eyeballs.


  15. Your dinner looks absolutely YUMMY! Sometimes less is better (as I'm finding out!). Hope you have a great year in 2013!

  16. i love seeing your part of the country, as in your wonderful header photo. the quail i would love to see. daddy used to love to go quail hunting with his brothers, but he could not bring them home to cook because i cried and cried. so he went hunting and let the brothers and their sons take them home. good for you leaving and letting the scared one catch up.... so happy you have speed and new things to learn. let me know how you like the nook

  17. I always love reading your posts. Glad you got the new computer connected! We're hoping for snow here in NE Oklahoma. I bought the girls a new sled last month, and they are itching to ride it!! Take care! ~Jeff

  18. Yeah new computer you will figure it out. Love the shots of you world. Take care Inger and yes I wear gloves:) Hug B

  19. It looks cold there brrr.We had a little snow this morning but it's gone.I love blackeye peas myself ,those look good,I've just about forgot what they taste like.Glad Samson is doing better and hope Soldier don't get too stiff.They seem like great dogs.

  20. Firstly Inger, the header is wonderful!! Looks like hand-tinted photo. WOW!
    Your own Quail too! A new computer I will become second nature in no time.
    We know you hate 'word verification' but one way I deal with it effectively is to keep hitting the 'refresh' button until I see something I can see. It works.
    Have a great weekend.

  21. Hey IngerDoodle.......I've dispensed with W.V. again just for you and Murphy and Stanley's Mom...however I've added an extra step for me....Hey I can handle an extra step for you!!!!!

  22. Mmmm, looks good! Beautiful post as usual. Happy that you got a new computer. My old one died completely, and our local grandson gave me one of his old ones he was not using. It took me a little while to get used to it, but here I am!

  23. Härliga bilder du visar. Men Soldier är väl rätt pigg ändå trots sin ålder??
    Kul med ny dator o snabbare uppkoppling.
    Nämnt det innan , ta ner Skype så kan vi prata via den någon gång. Du kan ju ha bra kontakt med resten av Sverige med då :-)

  24. Happy New Year, Inger -- so glad the new computer is making things better!


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