Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Little Bit of This & That

Samson Says: Thank you all for leaving such nice comments about my clean and fluffy fur and about how very handsome you all think I am. I could be blushing underneath all this fur!

I Say: Thank you to Carol Kilgore, a writer I met on this year's A to Z Challenge. Carol, not realizing I don't accept them, gave me an award that meant a lot to me. I always feel honored when someone lets me know they appreciate what I'm doing here, it was just that all the work involved in accepting awards got to be a bit much for me a few years ago. You can check out Carol's blog Under the Tiki Hut, here. 

I Also Say: I can't tell you how happy I am that so many of you went over to feral woman's blog to read her posts about surviving last year's Montana fires. I just love her, she is an amazing woman. 

Samson Says: I found my place where I can oversee my domain and keep an eye on all you critters out there. 

It's so dry and boring looking around here that you can only get half-way decent looking pictures at sunrise and sunset. The weather has been pretty much unbearable, but I won't complain since it is just as bad everywhere else. At least we have very cold nights now ~ around 40 F when I wake up. In the evenings it's around 98 - 100 F!  So a bit crazy, but I love the cool desert mountain nights. 

I saw two doctor's yesterday, one was for my pre-op for the procedure I will have on August 2nd, the other was my gut doctor. All went well and between visits I had a couple of hours to spend. What did I do? Drove around looking for barns! I found a few and some gorgeous horses, Budweiser commercial material kind of horses. Why I don't remember what they are called, I don't know. Anyway, pictures will be posted later.

Tomorrow, I go to the Diabetes Support Group meeting where Eve will share what she learned when she attended the annual meeting that covers the latest diabetes research and scientific discoveries. Always one of the most informative and interesting meetings. I hope to write a post about it as there usually is lots of good information to share.

I'm very happy to report that Soldier, my old dog, who has some issues, is doing very well lately. He stays outside most of the day, I just bring him in during the hottest hours. There is a tennis ball out there that he has started to play with. He picks it up, drops it, lets it bounce, and picks it up and starts all over again. Both dogs and I are working on getting back in shape since we were sick. But I have to say one thing, when you get in your 70s and you, for one reason or another, stop exercising, you better get with it as soon as you can. I find that I much rather linger in bed, reading a book than getting up and out. But I do get up, I have to. That's one of the many good things about living with dogs. 

Talking about books, I just finished reading The Shadow Catcher, a book about photography in the early days, about Native Americans, about the desert, about family, and even about using words and pictures together, something I have become addicted to in this blog. It got four stars on amazon, I would give it five. 


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