Friday, July 5, 2013

Feeling Better & Thank You for Good Thoughts Coming Our Way!

The dogs are better, I don't think there was anything really wrong with Soldier's stomach, except that it has become sensitive in his old age. He gets probiotics, anti-acids, yogurt, and very, very bland food. No dry dog food, just plain rice for him. He doesn't care, he'll eat anything, any time.

Please don't ask what he's doing on top of our table. He has fallen in love with it, so what's a mommy to do?

Samson's stomach upsets are much more serious because of the problems with his pancreas. So he's on antibiotics again and seems to be doing OK. We just have to monitor him closely when he gets sick like that. 

I have yet another UTI and a stomach virus too. Plus the heat (up to 105 outside), plus my injured rib, plus a temperature of up to 102 (for me), phew! But I'm feeling much better this morning. I scheduled the procedure, which I hope will provide answers to these recurring infections and perhaps get them fixed once and for all, for August 2nd.  I am really happy about it. You sort of reach a point.

Thank you so much for your birthday greetings. I'm glad you enjoyed the picnic with me. I had a great birthday.

I'm also glad you liked that picture of me, but please keep in mind that it was taken in the shade, well in the dark almost. In real life I have just as many wrinkles and sagging chins as other people my age. And I really don't care ~ as long as I'm healthy and can do things, I'm happy. I just mentioned it because after that Department of Motor Vehicle shocker of a photo, I was very pleased with it.

Hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July! I'm keeping all firefighters and others who are out there, helping to keep the rest of us safe, in my thoughts. My heart goes out to the families of those who were lost. 

All pictures, except for the one of Samson, are from my Archives.


  1. Glad you're all feeling better. Take care of yourself and hope you find out information on the cause. Not knowing is stressful.

    I didn't see the birthday bash, I'll have to look up the post. I've been having a busy time with family, lately.

    In that photo of Samson he seems to be looking at you with the message: Don't mention the table. . . it's the look in his left eye.

  2. So glad you & your furry family are doing better!!

  3. I say name the table Samson's Property and leave him alone... dogs rule...the pic of Soldier looks so much like our Max.. i do hope they can figure out why the UTI keeps coming over and over. maybe they will have some ideas. one question. do you do soaks in bubble baths? if i do that i get one. i have to shower, no tubs.. just a thought.
    virus and fever is not good and added to the HEAT yikes.. hope you feel better soon. with the views you have there they have healing powers, so hang out with S on the table and stare at the views

  4. Inger, you have to take care of yourself now that the "kids" are feeling better...PLEASE!...:)JP

  5. Hi Inger .. so pleased all are feeling better and getting things worked out ..

    The Firefighters families deserve our thoughts ... they must be suffering so much ..

    With thoughts - Hilary

  6. i'm glad you're all feeling a bit better - and hope the procedure will help you!

    LOVE the photo of samson. such a stinker!

  7. While on Vacation in AZ, I developed an UTI. I went to a health food store and bought an item which was amazing. Find it here:

    After a few days, I was so much better. I bought a larger bottle to bring home with me.

    HOpe you and yours will bet better.

  8. Oh Inger I am happy everyone is on the mend. I do hope you get fixed up real soon:) Take care keep cool and hydrated. Hug B

  9. We all know the essence of you - and - you are beautiful . . . no need for disclaimers.

    I really like the photo header with all the trees . . . Thank you for the "good report" -

    love & love,

  10. hope everyone is doing better really soon...

  11. I'm glad the dogs feel better. I love Samson's new favorite spot.
    I do hope you get answers and that you can do without the infections. Enjoy your week - I hope it cools down a bit.

  12. Glad to hear that Soldier is alright now and Samson is on medication.

    Good that you are feeling better, but don't let that UTI fool you. Take all medications. I hope they find the reason for your infections and stop them.

    I think the pic on my DL must be 15 years old. A new one would break the camera.

  13. rest up swedish goddess friend - you deserve a little r & r after all of that!!!

    and I love samson's samoyed eye hes giving you while sitting on the table - thats a typical look of a samoyed whos gone rogue "who, me?" side eye - weve seen it too often over here too LOL

  14. OK, my feral friend, you better cut this goddess stuff out or I may get too vain and turn into a troll!!

    I'm beginning to notice that Samoyed look as well. D. G. noticed it in her comment on top too.

    Sandra: No baths or hot tubs for me,both b/c of my bladder and my insulin pump.

    Susan: Thanks, I will check it out. I have had this problem all my life and I think some of will be done should fix it for a while at least.

  15. Glad you are feeling better, wish everyone was! Mom said she likes her DMV photo. Weird, huh?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  16. I don't see Samson on a table, that looks like his own private deck to view the surrounding area. Take care, no fun having a fever in this hot, hot weather. Hope you have a way to stay cool. We are supposed to have a cool down tomorrow .... 99, who'd thought 99 would be a cool down.

  17. Beautiful pictures! Hope you feel better soon!

  18. so glad you are all feeling better. praying for your upcoming procedure. enjoyed the pictures.

  19. I'm just getting caught up on some blogs... glad you're feeling better, but it sounds like you still might be pretty sick. We will keep praying!! I just read your birthday picnic post. What fun! Loved the pictures. At first, I thought you walked to your picnic spot and I was thinking -oh my, I could not do it in the heat - but then I realized you drove.
    And by the way, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! Now, please get all better! We love you!!!

  20. So glad every one is doing better!

  21. Samson looks like king of the mountain up there ...such a handsome boy. Good to see sweet Soldier.
    Hope you are all feeling better.

  22. oh they are too beautiful your photos! oh yeah if you want to learn French I'm here to help you with pleasure!! I wish you good times full of joy! and am happy to meet you!

  23. For some reason, I find being sick in the summer and its heat more difficult than the winter. Hope you and your puppies feel better soon.

  24. Så bra att ni alla är på bättringsvägen.
    Vi mår bra alla och har en fin dag idag +25 grader , härligt sommarväder.

  25. I'm really so glad to hear you're feeling better, and hope your procedure will do the trick! My stepdaughter has recently had surgery for a similar problem, and I think it's been a good thing for her. I hope you and your whole menagerie just continue to take care of yourselves! Debra


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