Monday, July 1, 2013

Samson Says: We Are All Sick ~ Except Daddy

Mommy wanted me to let you know that we are all sick here, except daddy. 

So mommy says thank you all so very much for the nice comments you left for her birthday picnic, which I didn't get to go to.....

This is what's happened: 

Mommy felt sick Saturday, yesterday she had a fever over 101.1, today it is a little better, but she still can't type and blog.  Tomorrow she sees the doctor. She also injured her rib, but that's another story. I hope the doctor will make her well.

Friday and Saturday both, Soldier threw up his dinner. Mommy had started him on the grain free too, the one I get, but he got sick from it. Except the silly boy hadn't chewed any of it. It looked just like it does in the bag, but mushier. He is so silly, yes, I know he is old, but very greedy with his food, he's not good with food like me, that's for sure. 

Then I felt sick yesterday, so mommy just gave me bland canned food and my sick to my stomach pills, Soldier gets them too, but it didn't work, cause last night, I went on daddy's new carpet. Mommy tried to clean it up this morning, but it was still a mess, so when daddy woke up, he got mad at mommy, not me. 

I thought that was unfair, but after he cleaned it up real good, he wasn't mad any longer. Then he went to Los Angeles to take care of some business and mommy, Soldier, and me went back to bed. 

So we won't post anything for a few days, OK. Soon as mommy gets better, she will. She says she can't comment either. But we'll see you real soon, OK.

Have a nice day everyone!

PS ~ You can see on my picture that I'm hot and bothered. I was supposed to have my trim tomorrow, but now we have to reschedule. Whatever........

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Dog


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