Wednesday, August 28, 2013

50 Years Later

Dreams realized

Nightmares continuing 

Great things accomplished

More to be done

To be free at last

We must all move forward, together


  1. and some things are better and some things are not. we have to keep trying

  2. Are we still trying? Sometimes I wonder.

    I think there are many laws that that need fixing, and many ideologies.

  3. Hi Inger .. compassion, caring, living ... we're all in this together as humans ... we're all human ...

    I hope people will think on this day and where we're at now ...

    Great post - Hilary

  4. I think that the great MLK would have thought things would be much better in 50 years. Even though we have a black President, hate is still a large part of our culture. Some things have changed and because I see a more color-blind new generation, there is hope.

  5. one step forward, two steps back, sometimes it seems...

  6. Dis was a beautiful post.
    MLK was such an inspiration to society back then, beyond his time.
    Unfortunately, like everybuddy else has said...still more work to be done but I am grateful fur what MLK accomplished.


  7. We MUST be colorblind to survive!!

  8. I wish MLK were still alive. He showed more compassion in dealing with race.

  9. Amen!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. I'm glad we have such a good president, who happens to be black, but we have so much farther to go.


  11. I just watched the special anniversary on TV. It brought back so many memories; I was a farm girl, had never ever seen a black person. I learned so much over the 50 years, and weep still at what remains to be accomplished.

  12. Right on!
    I think Dr.King realized that it wouldn't happen 'overnight'.
    Nicely said Inger.

  13. Well said!! I live pretty close to Washington DC (just about 2 hrs)and I would have loved to have gone down and been part of the events and part of the celebration.

  14. Amen! I totally agree.

  15. you know what?

    I knew I was raised right, and that I raised my girls up right - when one of them was asked to be in the Asian Club at College when they were a Freshman.

    We're not Asian. :)

  16. BTW she was on the club board for two years lol...

    I think there are many good things ahead for all, when we all treat each other with Respect...respect to understand that each single individual is different, no matter what the color of our skin, but yet we are all the same underneath that skin, with hopes and dreams and needs and wants...

  17. You know I think so many have taken his words wrong. I believe when he said Free at Last - he meant all of us to be color blind..

  18. Chatty Crone: I am absolutely certain that is what Dr. King meant.


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