Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Random Stuff From The Canyon

Last Friday, I had the medical procedure to check those parts of me I really don't want to talk about in detail here. All went well; some problems were found and corrected, but nothing was seriously wrong. Hopefully, I will be free from the many UT infections that have annoyed me so these last few years. 

The photo above is the unedited version of the one below I posted a while ago. I was out looking for barns, but liked the cars better than the barn. As you can see, the trucks were all on private property, albeit very close to a main thoroughfare. 

I have a couple of old cars sitting around here too, so I really have nothing to say, except we are far from any road. One, an old towtruck, was left here with a lot of junk by previous owners.

One day, when I lived here alone, some dudes drove up in a huge truck and asked something in thick Spanish accents that it took me a while to understand. What they were looking for was scrap metal! My husband, who thinks he can find use for everything, was working/living in L.A. at the time, so I saw my opportunity. I took them to a clearing east of our house that was full of junk, most of it metal. They took everything, except old tires and some wood. A huge improvement. 

But I left the old truck up by the barn, I've kind of grown quite fond of it, actually. 

While I was recuperating from the medical procedures (and I believe I was under the anesthesia for quite a while -- I have been tired) I have been reading some good books and then then I won one! This one:

It's a mystery, a lighter side mystery, it says on the cover, which is just what I need. I won this book from Carol Kilgore's blog Under the Tiki Hut, where she hosted a giveaway for the author, Jan Christensen, who blogs here:
http://www.janchristensen.com  Thank you, Carol and Jan. I'm looking forward to reading this mystery.

Because of that tiny, one drop at a time, drip we left alone up by the garden, which created a small puddle underneath, we now have an abundance of birds to watch. Mostly small ones, but the roadrunner comes by every day now and, of course, the ravens. 

This Western Bluebird (never seen here before) doesn't look like much here, but when he spread his wings and flew away he was  gorgeous. His wings and back were an iridescent blue, a deep, deep blue that I just watched as he disappeared out of camera range. A stunning sight that inspired me to try PicMonkey for the first time. Inspired by my friend Sandra Madsnapper, of course. This is the result: 

But birds are not the only ones, deer come by at night, they have trampled in our garden, but not touched anything; chipmunks, new to us here, provide endless entertainment; and there are the rabbits, countless it seems, so cute and fun to watch as new babies appear all the time. And now we have a bobcat too. I took some pictures of him walking away, slowly, nonchalantly, after first finishing his drink. Oh, cats, you gotta love them!

Ok, that's enough rambling for now. Thank you all so much for visiting and commenting on the post about Soldier. He is an unusual dog, sort of living in his own world, sustained by his great love for his daddy, but looked after by me, something he doesn't seem to realize at all. He hates all other men and will bite any who try to approach him. He is a weird dog, one that I perhaps love more than any other I have ever known. He is very courageous and was named well by those fools who then tied him to a doghouse for seven years, and were going to take him to the pound the day after my husband came by, by chance, and rescued him. 

I'm off to town now, but I will visit everyone in the coming days. I have missed you. And I also miss all those bloggers who seem to have disappeared lately, what's that all about? Fodder for another post, no doubt. 


  1. well, glad the procedure is behind you and hopefully will help, too!

    i like your old truck. :)

  2. Glad you are feeling better and all went well! We saw a deer last night on our walkie! We NEVER saw a REAL road runner before. Did it say "Beep! Beep!"?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. would love to see photos of the old truck, more photos please, front, side, tires, whatever. i love old trucks. and i love soldier toooo.
    hope all the UT are gone for good...last year we had a bunch of junk out by the road, 2 young guys stopped with a pickup truck and asked if they could have it. bob said yes and wait i have some other things. they happily clear a lot of old junk from the garage. after they left bob found a lot more but we had no way to contact them.
    congrats on your first PicMonky play time and he is gorgeous...

  4. praying you continue to feel well.

  5. I like your photos of your home - and I am so glad you are feeling better - that is a hard road. sandie

  6. SO GLAD you're better &, as always, I LOVE your pictures!!

  7. So nice that you're providing water for some of the wildlife, Inger. Love that photo of the bluebird - first time I've seen that one.

    When one of our daughters was having trouble with UT infections, she was told to take only showers, no baths. It seemed to eliminate the problem for her.

  8. great photos. Glad you are feeling better.

  9. D.G. I know that eliminating baths can help. I have not taken a bath since I was very young as I have been bothered by this my entire life. Since I have worn an insulin pump for the past 13 years, I also don't sit in any hot tubs. So every twenty years or so, it seems like some adjustments have to be made to my plumbing and then I'm OK for a while again. There's always something, but it could be much worse.

  10. I am so glad you have had the necessary adjustments that will make you more comfortable. We do have to keep patching after a certain age.
    What a wonderful way to get rid of old stuff and make someone happy at the same time.
    You certainly have a variety of drinkers at your fountain.
    My roadrunner tickles me but I have to watch him. I saw him one day beat a red wing black bird to death. I had no idea they did that.

  11. I do hope your "adjustments" are of benefit to you. I rather like the truck myself.

  12. That bluebird is beautiful. The bobcat, too. He looks regal, as though he's strutting away slowly.

    I hope the treatment does the trick for you. Those infections are miserable.

  13. Hi Inger,
    GLad your on the mend.
    That little facet has become quite the draw for feathered friends! Love the blue bird.

  14. Inger, thanks so much for the mention of my book and showing off the cover. I hope it helps you feel much better soon.

  15. I am so glad that all your plumbing...including the dripping spigot outdoors, is working well now!

    Rest up, with that bobcat around now, we expect some more pretty photos some day of him!!

    and love how you and soldier are best buds - thats the best way to be with your 4 legged family...

  16. Hey Inger, glad the procedure went well!

    I love the old truck picture between the bushes. I think it's very American!

    I am sure the birds are more than happy to get some water out there in the desert.

  17. Hey Inger, glad the procedure went well!

    I love the old truck picture between the bushes. I think it's very American!

    I am sure the birds are more than happy to get some water out there in the desert.

  18. Good that you are feeling better now, Inger.
    Happy that you kept that truck in your 'yard'......something about an abandoned vehicle in the desert that makes it look like it belongs there. Too many movies I guess!
    And that Western Bluebird!! I bet it is beautiful in flight!

  19. Hi Inger .. glad things went off all right and I too hope those UTIs stay away ... recovering from the anaesthetics (knew I'd spell it wrong!) ... yeah corrected it with some spitting through teeth!

    Love the ramblings though .. and so pleased the wildlife appreciate the drips ..

    Cheers and have a peaceful weekend .. Hilary

  20. Hi Inger .. gosh I commented here and it took - I'd commented on the other posts I thought - done now.

    I wanted to add that I think we lost some blogs when Reader shut down ..

    hence a few dropped off the radar .. I think I've most of mine, but am sure I've lost some along the change over ..

    Cheers Hilary


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