Monday, August 12, 2013

Soldier Has a Vet Appointment

Soldier goes to the vet this afternoon and I am nervous. He's aggressive toward men and our nice vet is a man. He will also fight to the bitter end to avoid being touched or given a shot. I have no idea what happened to him in the past, but now it is serious because of his back injury. 

You can see by the way he walks here that he is not OK. He has carried on like this for a year and nine months. On pain pills, a strong will to live, and plain old-fashioned courage. 

We have trained him with a muzzle we had left over from our Doberman days; an old-fashioned one with a cage so he can breath OK. His daddy has taken him for walks with the muzzle on for a couple of days now. Soldier panics at first, but he's getting better. This morning they were gone a long time. We'll walk him again outside the vet hospital, hoping to tire him out. Even though he's 13 years old, this probably won't happen. 

So, I guess I'm asking for good thoughts sent his way. And mine, please ~ I may need it the most.


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