Monday, August 26, 2013

The Peace Bell ~ Mountain Spirit Center

The Peace Bell at the Mountain Spirit Center, 
Tehachapi, California, USA. 

"Living Together in Peace and Harmony" reads the inscription at the top of this magnificent bell. Below, "PEACE" in hundreds of languages encircles it and children from all over the world, wearing traditional costumes, and holding hands, dance around the bottom of the bell. Both the Peace Bell and the structure that houses it are painted by hand. 

When I posted the picture of Rachael walking toward the temple a while back, Susan Kane asked how the temple came to be in this particular place. 

I had heard that native people of this area held vision quests in the deep canyon where the center is located. And once you enter it, you just know it is a deeply spiritual place. How the Abbot found this place, I had no idea. I couldn't find their website, so I looked them up on, and according to them, the Abbot had looked for a place in the mountains for this center for many years, and he finally decided on this land because it is: "a wonderful energy point according to oriental principles of geomancy." 

The monks at the Mountain Spirit Center are very conscious of the environment; electricity is generated by solar and wind power, well water is used for irrigation, and no toxic chemicals are found at the Center. 

If anyone is interested in reading my earlier accounts of visits to the Mountain Spirit Center, here are the links:

My friend Fran, aka fishducky, said in her comment above that she'd found a poorly made video of the Peace Bell on youtube. I checked it out and it was indeed not that well made, but if you want to watch it here's the link:

Thank you, Fran, for taking the time to find the video. It has inspired me to step up close to the bell and take pictures of the children and Peace in all these languages, the next time I visit. Looking for Peace in the languages I know would be fun. 


  1. Oh my, that bell is simply stunning. I love the colors and am so impressed by the painting. It's not hard at all to imagine what a spiritual place this must be. Beautiful.

  2. i would like to hear the bell ring, it is really pretty.. and it is an odd place for it...

  3. It's so awesome in it's huge-ness. :)

    PS -- about the giveaway, the sponsor set the guidelines for entering and if you aren't on FB or Pinterest, there's no other way to enter. :(

  4. This looks like a beautiful place and the bell and intricate painting are gorgeous. When I prayer walk I remember that ALL places are holy ground, made by our Father.

  5. What a beautiful bell and a lovely place. I'd love to visit it.

  6. Dear Inger, I went back and read all your postings from last Monday on--so I got to read about the bobcat, the coyotes who chased it, the ravens who hectored it, the bear in the garden and under the tree, the tumbleweed, and the rattlesnake. So much nature there!!!

    I so enjoyed learning about the Buddhist Peace Monastery and bell. I believe that truly we are evolving as a people and that there is great possibility ahead for growth in the human spirit. And you help me believe that with your postings and your very being. Peace.

  7. Hej!
    Hur är läget? Du har inte drabbats av skogsbränderna ännu som vi ser här på våra nyheter...
    Vi har haft en kanondag o tillbringat em/kväll nere vid sjön, badat med såklart

  8. I found this video online. It's VERY unprofessionally filmed, but there are great closeups of the bell!!

  9. colorful photo of the Peace Bell -
    I didn't know it was there . . .
    My heart feels happier already.

    Thank you!

  10. I can only imagine the tranquility there.

  11. This reminds me of the Korean Friendship Bell in LA we saw a couple of weeks ago when we were in California.

  12. Abxolutely beautiful - i think your idea is a good one - please go back and get more of your pictures on this wonderful bell!

  13. it's been a LONG time. glad to see you're still blogging. things are not great for us, but LOTS better. it got much worse before better. it's so good to see your posts here. have a wonderful evening.

  14. Hi Inger .. what an amazing bell - so wonderfully decorated with love and thought ...

    Glorious and such an interesting story as to the Mountain Spirit Center's arrival ...

    The mountains and plains must resonate so beautifully to its ring - love the wood knocker ...

    Cheers Hilary

  15. What an amazing place. I understand now why it is there.


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