Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rachael and I Visit the Monastery on the Mountain

Some of my blogger friends were surprised when I posted stories about the Zen Buddhist Center in our canyon. You may also be surprised to know that there is a Norbertine Monastery on Tehachapi Mountain. The cloistered, contemplative community of the Norbertine Sisters of the Bethlehem Priory of St. Joseph was founded in 1997; and in the year 2000, Mother Mary Augustine and four sisters moved to this location. The convent has expanded and there is now a new building where the nuns live. 

Rachael had never been there, so when she came to visit last month, we drove up the winding road, boarded on each side by Blue, Black and Live Oaks, as well as other trees and bushes. All green and fresh and wonderful for my desert dry soul. 

Unfortunately, we arrived during the nuns' mid-day break, when they close the gift shop and use the chapel for their own services. We disturbed this big dog's nap too, but he didn't seem to mind. 

We took some pictures of their garden and then drove down to the fields below and visited the goats.

Lavender grows everywhere; the nuns use it for soaps, salves, and other items that they sell in their gift shop.

When my husband and I were here in June, the goats were not at all interested in us and only the ram came up to check us out.

The rest stayed put and didn't even give us a second look.

Those of you who are familiar with Rachael and all that she does for animals, will have no doubt that she immediately became a huge attraction. Nearly all the goats came running. It's really true, and it was an amazing sight. 

This one managed to get her head through the fence and got the most attention from Rachael. Ooh, she was one happy goat, getting her ear scratched.

Rachael has a gift with animals that's a joy to watch. She's sort of an all around animal whisperer.

Agreed said this pretty goat.

After petting the goats for a while, we drove up to the mountain park where Rachael admired the Lodge Pole Pines and other tall trees.

And waited for me, while I visited the rather primitive facilities. A good day spent with a good friend. Thanks for stopping by to share it with me.


  1. that arbor is gorgeous, and i love the dog and the goats and YOU and Your Friend.. what a fun day and so beautiful.

  2. I knew from earlier posts that she is a very special person!!

  3. We were in LA this past weekend and our daughters friend took us to the Korean Friendship Bell site and the surrounding area is beautiful. The bell is neat and it made me happy.

    Hopefully one day we shall visit the Desert and the Canyon and may be see th goats too. Thanks for this post. It leaves an impression behind.

  4. Animals seem to sense people who like them. Perhaps it's their sixth sense.

    It's good to have a friend who understands and appreciates the same things. And we, the readers, get to see something new.

  5. Rachel has a lovely gift, animal whisperer. I would like to visit the monastery where the nuns live. Bless them for committing themselves to that life.

  6. rachel is indeed a good soul. :) looks like a really nice day.

  7. "rachel...the goat whisperer"

    I agree - thats an amazing gift!

    I love the sense of peace around that place - its like it has a halo of it :)

  8. She must be a special person for the goats to run up to her as a perfect stranger. They definitely sense something in her. What a neat friend to have.

  9. Wonderful pictures. Looks like a sweet place to visit. I bet the pines smelled good.

  10. Wow, you live in such a beautiful area.

  11. Such gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing. Love the area you live in.


  12. I love the goats. How cute! Rachel must be a very special person indeed.

  13. What a simple and gorgeous place.

  14. Beautiful place, what better spot to go to contemplate?

  15. Oh, thank you Inger for sharing with us!
    Too bad you missed the 'sisters'. Maybe another time.
    Your friend Rachael looks very contented with those goats.

  16. It sounds like you had a wonderful day in a beautiful place. Goats being goats, they probably didn't smell like lavender, but they sure are cute.

  17. Thanks for taking us along on the trip. It was so peaceful.

  18. Hej Inger, intressant läsning och Rachel verkar vara en mycket speciell person som kan "tala" med djuren. Det lär ju finnas sådana personer.
    Ha en fin helg !

  19. What a lovely place!

  20. Hi Inger .. looks just wonderful and what a delightful report on your visit with Rachael - talented woman too .. especially as she obviously helps so many animals .. I love it that the goats came a-calling!!

    Cheers Hilary

  21. Oh I love the pictutes ! very beautiful my dear !

    bisous from FRANCE, Marylin

  22. I enjoyed seeing the photos and had near heard of the place. I will make sure it's on my list to visit.

    Have you ever been to St Andrews Abbey in Valyermo - it's another beautiful place to visit.


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