Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Archive Favorites ~ Post No. 9

This is one of the photos from my second post, dated 8/25/2009. I called it:

Dog Days of Summer

I think it's easy to see why I like it so much. From left to right, the dogs are Soldier, Angel, and Princess. 


  1. Hi Inger - such fun to see your dogs ... and wonderful to have photo of these 3 together ... dogs (and cats) give us much pleasure ... cheers Hilary

  2. so sweet, I miss having 3 to play, and then 2 to play.. so much fun watching them.. Soldier reminds me of our Max, so very much. Princess reminds me of Faith and Big Boy

  3. Love that picture. I do remember Soldier but didn't get to meet Princess and Angel. The beauty of blogging is that we can pull up an old post and see our much loved pets as they were and just for a moment, all is well again. We never forget them.

  4. Great photo of dogs having fun on a summer day!

  5. Oh, yes, I understand liking that photo. Franklin loves to grab Penelope's leg and try to drag her around.


  6. I would love to hear the video version of this scene... happy playful growls all around! :D XO

  7. Watching dogs play is just as much fun for us as it is for them. Pets lower our blood pressure and give us so many smiles.

  8. It's fun to look back at our favorite photos! Enjoy your afternoon my friend!

  9. You have had so many dogs! I absolutely love it.
    I'm actually scared of the day we decide to get a house. Because it will also be the day I get my 5 dogs... and a goat... and a miniature donkey... and we still have the 3 cats...


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