Friday, March 20, 2020

Here's A Rollicking Puppy Post By Faith

I hope it will take your minds off these troubling times for a few minutes and cheer you up.


In the summer of 2014, Samson was five and Faith, born in April, just a few months old. That was the summer Errol first became ill and we spent a lot of time at UCLA, both in the hospital and also to get both of us qualified for a liver transplant for Errol. I had to be approved too because I would have to care for him. 

So it was left to Samson to bring Faith up and for Faith to cheer all of us up with her puppy antics and her already blossoming me, me, me/first, first, first personality.

Puppy Faith Growing Up ~ August 2014

Get me out of here! August 4, 2014

Evening playtime, August 10, 2014

I sneak up on mommy!

Then Samson gets me!

Ouch! My whole head's in his mouth!

Now he's got me by the scruff of my neck! 

I better take cover and bite him right back!

After playing hard, a puppy needs a break


On August 25, almost four months old, I'm running fast. 

I just love to pick up stuff and run with it in my mouth.

Taking a break.


We end this month's pictures on August 30, 2014, with me giving my bestest big bro a big lickety kiss.

In case you wondered: Yes, I eat white fur, I have white fur hanging out of my mouth, in my ears, over my eyes, everywhere........

Samson's getting mad now, cause he's not even in this picture, except for his big paw. 

- The End -


  1. I LOVE IT!!! so precious! would love to kiss that puppy face and kiss that grown up face now... still smiling after all these antics. we miss watching Baby and Jake play like this

  2. What a great post. Everyone who's had puppies is familiar with the high intensity around them. Don't you just want to reach in and hold them?

  3. A wonderful story in photos and words, and so uplifting in these worrying days. Have you ample supplies Inger? Down here, we can now do a script repeat by phone rather than a 35 minute drive and a wait in a room with others. Our GP is very thoughtful to offer this, and friends have offered to do groceries for us if needed. Self isolation is getting a lot of people upset, but we need to be aware of everyone around us, family, the occasional tourist, and in another 2 weeks or so, the overseas travellers should all have flown home.

  4. Puppy love for sure. These did not come in as pictures, they are little icons to click. But I saw hem!

  5. This is what we call a photo story with captions.
    Faith is beautiful and the pictures are great!

  6. Fun to see the pictures and read your captions.

  7. Dear Faith,
    I showed the photos to Franklin and Penelope and read your words to them. They think that you and Samson have a sibling relationship that is highly similar to their own, with Franklin being the boss.


  8. I'm totally in love with both of them! but Faith has a new place in my heart!
    I adore the fact that Samson has a smile always... and EVER the puppy Faith... well it's puppy love for sure!
    this is ONE GREAT POST! lol! just the medicine we all needed! xoxoxo

  9. That was just a delightful series. Thank you. Am still smiling. What an adorable pair and they do seem to be besties.

  10. We loved seeing your antics Faith and how beautifully you have grown to be. I have not been able to comment on your blog... even on my laptop it has been a problem but I am trying again after writing a very long comment and having it fail to post... here goes.. we love you all!!

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  12. That certainly was the best post for today. I am smiling ear to ear. What an incredibly cute puppy she was, and Samson is a wonderful big brother!

  13. Hi Inger - gorgeous to see both of them ... and to see you smiling at those photos and memories. Lovely - cheers Hilary

  14. AHH Love these cute photos.

    and referring to the post after this - I never read lady Chatterly's lover - ... I need to read more - fiction that is ... i use to but not so much anymore. The internet keeps me busy reading.


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